alternative energy

Pakistan’s first clean coal power plant likely by November 2010 9

BY ALI KHIZAR ASLAM AND AYESHA NADEEM RAHMAN  Pakistan will have its first clean coal power generation facility by the end of next year, said Hillard Herzog, the CEO of a US-based energy firm Bergamo E&A in an interview with BR Research of Business Recorder. “Ours is a 544 megawatt […]

Nuclear energy a long-term alternative to Pakistan’s power crisis 1

By Chaudhry Kamran Naseer The provision of energy is considered as one of the basic elements for both economic growth and a higher standard of living. Pakistan is currently facing a big crisis in the energy sector. And due to the gap between demand and supply of energy, many fields […]

Wapda worker designs fuel-free power generation system

By Adeel Pathan HYDERABAD: A government employee claimed to have designed the first fuel-free power generation system here on Saturday. Talking to newsmen at the Hyderabad Press Club, Syed Anwar Ali, a Wapda stenographer, said Rs 3 to 4 billion, a 5-km area and 40 to 50 people were required […]

Will the Ferrari of tomorrow be fungus-powered?

A reddish microbe found on the inside of a tree at a secret location in the rainforests of northern Patagonia could unlock the bio fuel of the future, say scientists. Its potential is so startling that the discoverers have coined the term ‘myco-diesel’ – a derivation of the word for […]

LAHORE: Free solar energy for village offered 142

Associated Press of Pakistan Jawaid Tariq Khan, a senior banker and Chairman Highnoon Group of Companies, has offered to electrify a village with solar energy.