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air and water pollution

Growing pollution leads to ‘global dimming’: study

growingpollutionVisibility on clear days has declined in much of the world since the 1970s thanks to a rise in airborne pollutants, scientists said on Thursday.

They described a “global dimming” in particular over south and east Asia, South America, Australia and Africa, while visibility remained relatively stable over North America and improved over Europe, the researchers said.

Aerosols, tiny particles or liquid droplets belched into the air by the burning of fossil fuels and other sources, are responsible for the dimming, the researchers said. Read More »Growing pollution leads to ‘global dimming’: study

Islamabad Residents’ health at risk due to air, water pollution

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Noor Aftab
Elimination of the buffer zone between the industrial and residential areas in sectors I-9 and I-10 has increased the risk of health hazards for the residents, who can become direct victims of unending air and water pollution by industrial units.

In Islamabad’s master plan prepared by a Greek firm — Doxiadis Associates — in 1960, the Industrial Area (sectors I-9 and I-10) was isolated from residential areas through a buffer zone. But now residential areas have developed very close to it due to the buffer zone’s elimination by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Read More »Islamabad Residents’ health at risk due to air, water pollution