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Dear friends

Asslam O Alaikum

Current prevailing situation in our beloved country is a matter of concern for all of us, political unrest, energy crises, declining foreign exchange reserves, out flow of investments and above all, alarming increase in violence are posing a real threat to economic and social stability in Pakistan.

Our problems are deep rooted and require a lot of struggle and hardship to overcome. Here I want to start some discussions about the problems our country is facing and how we can help to overcome these problems. I have noticed that many knowledgeable Pakistani friends do visit this site frequently. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to take part in these discussions and oblige us. I myself am not highly educated and expert Pakistani but I am sure that a lot of visiting friends do have the ability and expertise to participate and share their views with other friends. I can reserve a separate domain for this purpose but let us start from here first.

First of all let us discuss about the role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan, how we can help to bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

God bless you all.

Best Regards



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145 thoughts on “Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan

  • Nasir Ahmed awan

    Dear Sir

    My name is Nasir Ahmad. Gujrat resident of Pakistan. In Saudi Arabia for 15 years in municipal day
    At hard labor in the Gujaat city full of paper which I have bought a plot.
    Influential people on my plot is occupied by the ill-fought court cases in 8 years, but no justice did not.
    Lost My blood sweat earned savings. Influential people to court because neither police nor the Department have been my help, I learn from those risks. For God will save me and my children. Help me to be orphaned and support staff. Crore which took place away
    Help me Help me Help me for God.
    Nasir Ahmad Awan
    Contact me

  • F. Haq

    I am pleased to visit your blog, I simply can feel your affection, love and ‘satisfaction abt living in Pk’ throughout the words and dedication by posting as much information to rebuild the best image of Pakistan in the OPs. I therefore want to know about that how OP women can contribute in the development of Pk. I have feelings that the young boys and girls who are educated I want them to give free education to at least one poor and uneducated child in their neighbourhood, streets or city instead of wasting time by doing nothing the whole day. At least our future generation can read and write by our present generation in this hard time.
    Thanks and Allah bless us

  • Chaudhry

    Please circulate among your friends as well

    Live TV debates in Pakistan 2013 Election among all parties.

    Why in Pakistan media is not arranging Live TV debates among all the parties before 2013 election, that if they come in power how they are going to resolve Pakistan major issues and problems.

    Pakistan major problems: —– Corruption, War on terror, Economic Policies, Employment, ETC…

    Overseas Pakistanis and Pakistanis living in Pakistan should know how these parties going to resolve these problems and what are their manifesto. There
    should be couple of debates. — We think between 5 to 10 total debates.

    We like to request each Pakistani to stand up and ask for live TV debates among all the parties.

    Tell your media start preparing about that immediately starting 2012 new year. With out that we never know which party have the talent ?


    · Television and radio stations must broadcast many debates, and this allows the public to learn more about the issues and parties. In this way, the debates help educate voters, enabling them to make more informed decisions at the ballot box. Other debates provide opportunities for citizens and representatives of advocacy organizations to speak and be heard on political issues. After debates among parties for elected office, the parties who is perceived to have given the strongest performance may experience an increase in voter support, as measured by public opinion polls.

    Overseas Pakistani youth council

    • SH

      there are already 100 or more debates on tv channels every day. but the party reps just bark at each other like dogs. they lie on TV without fear.

  • Mohammed Amin Din

    Dear Friends,

    Its wonderful to see so many concerned with the welfare of Pakistan and the development of its economy. Unfortunately the reality of this is that it is a mammoth task but we are lead by a group of self centred hypocrites who have only selfish goals at heart.

    I have worked for a charitable organisation for 15 years and for 8 of those years I have had dealings with the Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford. A government outpost run by the most incompetent people in the world. Its not the clerks its the Consul Generals these senior officers who think they live in the time of the British Raj and expect you to bow to them.

    On one occasion I wrote to one Consul General only to get a telephone reply by his clerk “How dare you write to him do you know who he is?” “He is the representative of the president of Pakistan” Well I told him that he was a public servant that is what we call them in England. ‘Awaam Ka Nauker’ he did not like it and told me not to come to the Consulate.

    Good luck to you all.



    I am working in Kuwait, the Pakistani here are suffering from so many problems but no one is taking care ,so many families were deported without any reason even they had completed all legal requirements ,the govt of Pakistan even cannot ask them about this act .Our govt only want to collect money from overseas but not taking any action .This is rather disgraceful for a Pakistani to be deported as he is legal ,i want to sue against Pakistan govt not taking care of their nationals abroad,sorry to my Govt


    I am working in Kuwait, the Pakistani here are suffering from so many problems but no one is taking care ,so many families were deported without any reason even they had completed all legal requirements ,the govt of Pakistan even cannot ask them about this act .Our govt only want to collect money from overseas but not taking any action .This is rather disgraceful for a Pakistani to be deported as he is legal ,i want to sue against Pakistan govt not taking care of there nationals abroad,sorry to my Govt

  • Molvi_Whisky

    On a practical note, remit only a small amount to keep your family, don’t build big bungalows, save the rest and buy a used plant in West and start value adding on natural resources. Remember energy is a problem in Pakistan, so do make allowance for energy generation as well.

  • Molvi_Whisky

    I was researching Coal in Pakistan saving along sites, and bumped into this one. One look told me it’s nothing usual and I didn’t even have to go further than 2 or 3 comments as I thought it’s all a blame game. But let me add my view. The biggest problem of Pakistan is “The Pakistani”.
    Of over 25 countries I’ve visited, I can pass a qualified comment, Pakistan is not that bad in terms of cost of life, availability, security even now (90% of latin america is off limits even during day time, NY subways are riskier than any spot in Waziristan anytime…)resources, climate, water resources God given factors. Back to people Entrepreneur – is only concerned with quick buck, and hoarding, Labour likes playing games – see Young Doctors, the ring leaders heard were merely doing their rotation, heck trainees. A Pakistani doesn’t follow rules – traffic, or in the que at the bank.
    When most people are not just, God sends to you what you deserve – a corrupt tyrant who is one of you. If you still think it’s bull, go to ordinary streets, and the overflowing raw sewage because instead of pooling money to fix the problem, a Pakistani would raise his whole house 2 feet, but dumb mule won’t understand he cannot avoid the street. True 40% of voter list is bogus, what abt the 60% which is genuine and votes to power the biggest thieves in the world – the old established order.
    “A million revolutions will fail, unless you let a revolutionary change happen in your skull”

  • faisal humayun

    hi we are still playing our part by sending foreign exchange to pakistan because we patriot but on other side all politicians and top beaurocrates are corrupt basically what we are reading on newspapers and media that is only smart part that corruption by politicians as well as industrialist and top officials still their are 80% things hidden.if conditions of our country are better so then why our people working abroad i have my personal plan to develop my country thats is only way we can achieve


  • Kausar A Khan

    There have been many proposals which have been floated for the last more than 50 years. But the problem is that the persons at the helm of affairs never take care and do not want to attend proposals conducive to the welfare of people and homeland. They remain busy looking after their own interests in non-permissible ways. The question is how to get good leadership. This is only possible when the God fearing, patriotic educated people admonish their illiterate friends, relatives and secular individuals whom they know, to vote for right and honest people. I think majority of voter know the individual to whom they are going to vote for. If they do not act , the situation is not going to change and more than 100 Ministers , dishonest parliament members and corrupt bureaucracy through their negative acts will lead our homeland to complete disaster.
    K A Khan


    One of the main reason for pak backwardness is its corrupt bureaucrats and govt. so Ist remove it then nxt step will be appreciated.
    Best Regard

  • Haroon

    @Usman Ali: I enjoyed your post because you know answer to every problem because like all the Pakistanis you are MR KNOW EVERYTHING. Young man every body is aware that people of Pakistan living in four Provinces do not agree regarding the share of Water Resources because of which donors are reluctant to finance. Our Sugar is expensive because under Capitalistic System a manufacturer has the right to sell his production at a price decided by him. Courts have the authority to Penalize the cartels but contrary to your feeling that now an angel is CHief Justice the judges are also from Pakistan and they are as corrupt as your Scapegoat (Politicians) or in my Opinion as Corrupt as average Pakistani. Since last so many Decades Your HERO BUGTI was getting commission for the usage of SUI GAS and always demanding more. After his death Marri Area Coal mines started working and 50,000 People got Jobs and factories started using local coal of more than 6500 K/C. But you think a great crime was committed by a Criminal and demanding death to him day and night. So I stick to my point that Pakistani nation is Corrupt and they always blame others. Corrupt would never have the honesty to accept the rtuth because they ARE CORRUPT.

    • Usman Ali

      @Haroon: No one says he knows every thing,but your post surely suggests that you think you know everything.It is just an opinion, every one has their own opinion and they have the right to express it.By your post it seems like you do not belong to Pakistan.You might be from some neighboring country. We accept the truth and our mistakes and we own Pakistan. We are the ones who will change it INSHA ALLAH.

  • khwaja Aftab Ali

    Patriotism of Pakistanis could be tested any where in the world by asking them to help their country in rainy days but what about super class of people (richest fuedals, industrialists, drug lords and above all the politicians who successfully run the highly profitable business of politics in the Pakistan. An estimated rate of profit in Pakistani politics is 1000 to million per cent, details can be calculated by politicians increasing wealth. Majority of Pakistanis living abroad are labor class and highly skilled professional. No body give them money for nothing. They have to work hard for it. Some of them are businessmen who also work very hard to earn their fortune. There is no favor or nepotism in open markets of the world. After all these hard work they should give money to the country because few people of super class have taken country wealth abroad. I have lived and worked in Middle East and visited Europe and now living in USA for last 10 years, I found average Pakistan more patriotic that upper class of the country. We are ready to come forward again and will help/ invest in the country but this upper class should be stopped to taking national wealth abroad and participate accordingly in saving and investing in the country. At present two richest group of politician in power, they should provide the biggest share instead of going for begging to the rich nations. The richest nations are not rich by begging but by hard work. The upper class should go and observe how hard Chinese are working, come to USA and observe how people work and live here.The government of Pakistan should imediatly issue foreign currency investment bond offering good rate of return still better than IMF and world Bank, We Pakistanis abroad will buy with our savings and is a great help. The bonds should be guaranteed by international authorities acceptable to investors world wide. Pray for the country where majority population is helpless in front of few exploiters of supper class of rich politicians and defense forces have no choice but to defend them in the system. All the best. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI, Advocate & I.P. Attorney

  • S.Shahid Ali

    Dear Overseas Pakistanis,

    I am working oversea since long time. I am sending all my foreign exchange to my
    bank account which convert in pakistan rupees. Please send also your money to
    your bank account, so we can help our country. Please do not exchange or send money
    via agents. They are trying to destroy our economy. Please send all foreign exchange
    to state bank of pakistan.

    Built stronger and stronger Pakistan.

  • Swabi

    Some Suggestions…

    1. All overseas pakistani should keep on sending money to Pakistan.

    2. People who study abroad should come back to Pakistan to use that knowledge for the betterment of our country.

    3. all overseas Pakistani should invest their money in pakistan by buying properties, businesses thus creating jobs.

  • Javed

    Javed Khan, the system has improved for the last three months. Now in cities payments are credited within 48 hours (excluding holidays) since introduction of Remittance Initiative Scheme. National Bank I know is the worst in Pakistan. If you can use HBL and UBL then it is better. The alternae I can suggest you is that you open a PLS account with banks life Standard Chartered, City bank etc in the country where you live and get an ATM Card. Give this ATM to your family in Pakistan they can withdraw from that account on your behalf and you keep depositing in the country of your residence.

  • Javed Khan

    I live abroad and decided to send the money to Pakistan through legal means as I heard that the Dollar reserves are getting low in the country. I am very disapointed with the customer service. I sent the money twice through National Bank and it took months to get the first payment. Second payment is stuck for over a month. If folks in Pakistan can’t help and be productive how can overseas community help them?
    There is a famous saying, God help those who help themselves.

  • Javed

    Abbasi, it affirms my and many other seniors unshakable belief that ALLAH is too kind on Pakistan, not on Pakistanis. It is evident from the fact that you tried your best to see the “Khadam-e-aala” Punjab to suggest him some very good proposals. But ALLAH saved both Khadam-e-aala as well as the Pakistan from your proposals. What proposal a frustrated person who does not have any trust on authorities or justice system and who believe there in Pakistan is only cheating fraud and no good, his proposal would be alike his frustrated delliusons.

  • Ahmad Randhawa

    Being Ex. SDO in WAPDA, i want to share n get feedback for issue of pakistan only Indus river has de capability 2 generate 80,000 MW if it is properly dammed which is more than four times of running total capacity (less then 18000 MW approx.)may b available capacity is less den 10,000 MW.
    my question is why government always prefer IPPs or rental power houses which will always depend on other countries specially for oil.resultantly electricity price will always hike.
    1. Alternatively hydal electricity is free.
    2 only initial cost required which can be managed from public share or loans.
    i think all other issues r fake regarding people suffering. now all country people r suffering very very much wid no comparison.
    China can build Three George Dam (more than 20,000 MW n a big area dere also suffered) wats de problem wid paki.

    will continue

    Ahmad Randhawa

    • Hassan

      @Ahmad Randhawa,
      My dear friend, yes your right hydro electricity is the cheapest,
      pakistan has more than abandant resources, one can get windmills near the coast where wind is allways abuandunt, so you could have:
      1, wind power for electricity,
      2, you could have solar,
      3, you could have wave power
      4, yes hydro is the cheapest and the best, for pakistan,
      the issue is not hydro, the issue is way above your or my head, or way above the people of pakistan,
      why is that, simple, you have or i should say the greedy politicians, have piled huge debts on the country hence the population of pakistan,
      so what happens simple this is how it works, keep reading you will enjoy this.
      “IMF, or usa or uk, they say you must pay us back , ohh my friends pakistanis you cannot pay why not??? ohh you have no money, ohh well we are nice people i tell you what my brother or cousin or my friend etc has a coal power station you will let him build a power station there and buy electricity from him ok”
      this is how politics work, do you understand now, they want to keep you in debt, so they can control you,
      And i can tell you now if you had the money to pay them now, it still would not work because they would not let you clear the debts, why may you ask, because they want you in debt, thats why,
      any way this was just a taster, its to much information for me to go into it would take to long, i hope you understand a little bit about how it all works,
      “May Allah (swt) guide us all to the true religion of Islam”

  • Kamran Khatti

    i do request the rich overseas pakistani to help a poor pakistani so that i can continue my study, i am doing bachlors in computer sciece but my parent cant afford to pay my annual feea kindly help me and save my future,My postal address is as under kindly send some dollars optimistically thanks.

    Kamran Khatti
    C/o Danish Electronics Quid-e-Azam road
    near OCS office Badin Sindh Pakistan
    Postal code 72200

    • George

      @Kamran Khatti,
      Dont you think you should be directing that question, to your politicians??? or to your corrupt governement officials, police ,patwari, etc, who skim and and bribes?
      They can sit with there airconditioning on, drive in there 30 lack cars, while the poor suffer,

    • John

      @Kamran Khatti,
      you maybe able to continue your studies but how are you affecting or implementing this in your society, ive visited pakistan, even in village areas, its such a mess,
      and its no point blaming the government for all the crap and shit out there, im sure if you village people got together you could clean up your villages etc, or your streets, ive actually seen people in pakistan karachi throw rubbish out of the building , it didnt hit anyone but im sure there have been occasions when it has,
      you should count yourselves lucky your not in somali or sudan, they dont even know if they will eat or get a clean drink of water, there are people who are much worse off,
      What do you think,

  • Ahmad Randhawa

    i m living in ksa.i m sending all de money dat i earn to pakistan. but i often worry ven i see de crisis situation in pakistan. the quidance i require from u is : is it a wise decision 2 send my all money to my lovely homeland where bloody corrupt rulers making it day by day more unstable n all of us waiting for its extreme .

    • Javed

      @Ahmad Randhawa,

      Ahmad, you are living in Holy land. Can you honestly and with real honesty say that there is no corruption in Saudi Arabia about which you you shy about in Pakistan. A full load of passengers were looted recently travelling to Holy Macca for performing Haj. When this happens in Pakistan people cry there is law and order in Pakistan. Are drugs not sold in Saudi Arabia. Is Police not corrupt mostly finding faults in expatriates only. Are employees/Arabs paying salary to their employees honestly in Mecca or Madina? Can you honestly say Yes?
      So why blame Pakistan.

      Coming to the point, you have gone there to earn and save. So send and do send as you can easily afford to you family in Pakisstan. Yes I will give you one advice that do not send each penny you earn, send them what easily and for good you can but also retain a little for your own old or rainy days. It is much better if you keep your such personal savings in Pakistan in secure savings. In the greed of much profit do not put your money to much advertised schemes, do not get attracted by putng your money in such schemes. You willbe sorry at the end of day. Rembeber in Pakistan savings in sound schemes are the best and in Pakistan you get higher profits than in San udi Arabia or elsewhere. Pakistan is heaven for people like you and me. Of course Europe or savings in Europens countries is much better for big people whose money is mostly black money earned within nights.

    • Hassan

      @Ahmad Randhawa, I would like to add to that, my brother, corruption is everywhere, even in USA, europe, uk, just it happens here at a higher level and not so much at the low levels,
      but its changing fast even getting into low level councils etc, any way,
      I would advise you to keep some money as javed has pointed out for a rainy day, you maybe the earner but the rest there in your family are likely to think that its your duty, and you may not find any money left when you do get back:
      And the money you do keep i would strongly advise you to buy land if you can and keep it in that, as money devalues over time, where as something solid will gain over time, money today that everyone uses realist terms has no value, but it is traded,
      as an example if the dollar crashed today, there just isnt enough gold owned by the us government to pay every one in gold, like wise its the same case with all the countries including pakistan, i dont want togo into the workings of the corrupt finacial system of the world,
      so i would say is that try to buy some land even if it residetial, commercial or agricultutre, but buy it in pakistan,
      if you had 1000 ruppes 10 years ago, today it still would be 1000 ruppes, but 10 years ago you could have bought more than what you can buy today,
      i now its a impossible task to buy property in pakistan, but if you can get your head around it, buy it there,

      any way all the best Asalam

  • John

    My my my???
    Are you people for real??? ive been saying since 1994 that pakistan will keep getting worse, until only one thing changes, but i do not see that thing changing, know what is that thing???
    Are you people for real??? do you not understand that all the politicians are the same, do you actually understand power??? its not something that can be wealded, does not matter if its zardari, nawaz sharif, or even tony blair or obama, the bottom line is there all the same, so what is the answer, so come on you lot, makes no difference even a over seas pakistani cannot solve the problem,
    First of all, what is democracy do you actaully understand what it is,
    Here is the sceanario one hand there is you lot the politicians, or land lords etc, makes no difference even the poor man on the road, your all experts you all talk about your leader is the best, and that your politics is the best, you now whats good for the people, the wholelot weather over seas or not makes no differnece, the thinking is the same, so for a start stop pointing fingers at each other,
    but ofcourse a many take money in the name off pakistan and leave the whole nation in debt, than they raise taxes and everbody suffers, hmm, why well dont worry its happening everywhere, even in the uk,
    As for money transfers, there is nothing ilegal about moving your money thru a private person as he is giving you a better rate, its your money you earend it, you should not have to move it how they tell you, (ill come back to this piont later) if i have time,
    Lets get to what needs to be done , (but i know it will not be done, why do i now that nothing will be done??? easy and simple, history tells us and shows us thats why i now)
    what is the short answer simple, Islam your religion, you do and act accordingly to your islamic religion, see its easy isnt it,
    But ofcourse nothing will be done why is that, because you have gone away from your religion, the quran says one thing most muslims say another thing, the whole thinking process of a person needs to change, ans that is no easy task,
    A simple example, honestly think about it when was the last time anyone reading this actually thought that “i will do what islam advises me on a problem or even when buying something or selling something”, what does my religion islam say on the subject,
    all your lives up bringing is all european implanted so you dont think what your religion says, with out you knowing your brain washed into western ideology, you call it islamic education but the base is western, you call it islamic schools but the base is western, your democracy ofcourse its western, you want to get married , its cultural indian western mixed, a bit like a curry, (sorry)
    but really look at it, as for the extremists we will call them that, suicide bombings are ilegal even according to islam, weather you kill yourself with a knife or a sword or a bomb, its suicide as your doing it with your hand? (but are these muslims doing it out of there free will??? i mean do they now there doing it, becuase lets face it its preatty easy to take advantage of a person, goes a bit like this “my friend my yar how are you, please give this parcel to my brother in kingdom tutu, he has no idea what in it, maybe rice, maybe drugs, as was the case with a family in saudi, or even worse ” so you see its easy to take advantgae,
    I now for the time being nothing will change, as there is only one way, and that is togo back to the fundamental teaching of islam, to see what the quran says , to do as it tells us, in a manner that the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) did approx 1400 years ago), The prophet was the best example for the muslims, we have the examples and the sayings in the hadith,
    So whats the problem its straight forward is it not, hmmm maybe not, because it means turning 99.99% of what we now on our head about our religion, yes im afraid so, the thinking must change, and by islam i dont mean just learning the quran and memorising it by heart, because :
    1, you dont now what your reading,
    2, worse still your making your own translations of it,
    3, and if you think you can just leave it to the imam of the mosque, no you cannot the imam will not be questioned about you , you will be answerable for your own actions,
    4, so make the effort learn the quran, with the translation, understand the quran with translation, implement it in your daily life,
    5, funny the only time i hear about muslims telling us about islam or bringing it up is when they want 2 wives, ??? is that not true,
    6, you have gone so far that you dont even now the islamic laws regarding many matters, probably 99.99 percent,
    7, maybe we should have the islamic republic of pakistan removed from the passports, its only fair???
    8, accept responsibilty, see whats going on,
    9, see what the quran is, study it, understand it for salvation is within it, any other way it will not work, remember im saying it again just like i said it back years ago,
    10, There is no point blaming the leaders as they come from within the people, the people are like that so the leaders are like that,
    11, “Allah will not send anyone to destroy the muslims, the muslims will destroy them selves by inner fighting”
    “MAY Allah forgive me for if i have said anything not true about ISLAM” and may we all be giuded to the truth, as it is only you who can giude us.M

    • Hassan

      your totally right, and cannot disagree with you there, I inshallah hope and pray that muslims all over the world can go back and study there religion and understand it, and live there lives by it,

      YES may Allah guide us to the true path, that of the rightly guided caliphs and companions of the prophet PBUH

    • Farid

      This is totally right. I have been reading all these comments and I believe the answer is so simple: Islam. Please brothers the answer is Islam Islam Islam. All balochis Sindhis punjabi Pathan have only Islam in common. We talk about our corrupt leaders and point fingers and yes part of the problem is that, but we never look upon our own shortcomings. Do we cheat? At a personnel level. On a exam maybe. There are many fake doctors out in Pakistan who have bought their degrees. Islam forbids cheating. Isnt,t cheating corruption. Do we lie. Is it not corruption. Do we deal interest. Do we back bite. Is it not orruption. How can we be mad at government when we partake in these haram and unlawful acts. No Imran khan or zardari can force you to help you to change or with these basic morales. They dont tell you to stop cheating and if they do, citzens won’t listen. Only Islam can help Pakistan. Because when Islam is implemented 100 percent people will stop.. willingly. And that is when corruption end. we need to go back to basics. Many won’t even realize this but nationalism is haram. Being too proud of being a Pakistani is essentially nationalism. We need to back to history and see that we are one Muslim ummahh. What is Pakistan? it is a country that was build to create a safe haven for MUSLIMS from India. The borders are sewn by Britain. Pakistan is nothing. Before we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims. But there is hope because Muhammad swt said there will be Khalifah! That unites the muslim ummah. IA we will stop worrying about Pakistan and take care of ummah. Islam brothers Islam.

  • Raheem Post author

    I have removed your contact details from the message. To publish such detailed personnel information is very risky, you must be very careful. Sorry to disappoint you but web admin is not in a position to offer you a job. Good luck

  • dua

    ASSALAMOALAKUM, respected sir,i have done my mba in finance from university of sindh
    jamshoro hyderabad.Respected sir I want to join your company so please give me a chance
    to work with your respective organization,no work experience but willing to join…

  • Engr. Shafiq Maitla

    Engr. Shafiq Maitla

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Thar Coal Reserves is the major break through for the economy of Pakistan. Thar coal has the potential to pump 25000 Bill US$ in National Economy.The exploitation of these reserves & to cycle black gold into energy will bring a major change in Pakistan. Let us work together day & night t implement this project. Dreams will become true if we are successful to shape this project properly. I am available and keen tojoin hnd to work on this projec.

    Engr. Shafiq Maitla
    Contact Person: Engr. Shafiq Maitla
    Mob. 00966505288680

    • asma maitla

      @Engr. Shafiq Maitla,

      Yes its true that working together as one and uniting is the only way we can take pakistan to the peaks of success and beyond.We need to bring in changes in ourselves first.

    • Haroon

      @Engr. Shafiq Maitla, I think Mr Maitla has sketchy information about the Coal but does not know the details. I can not say I know too Much b ut as much as I am aware that the Coal definitely is huge quantity but the Layer is thin and thus whole Tharparkar will have to be Dug. Second the coal has high Sulfur and ash Contents and Low K/Calorie Ratio. the coal is not Commercially feasible because of which it remains Unexploited. Uzbekistan has also huge coal Reserves in Ahangren but with low K/K ratio and high Sulfur. If pakistani Coal would be Commercially Viable then Millions of tons would not be imported by Cement and other factories from South Africa. I am sure many will now write that It is again the conspiracy of USA or the leaders of pakistan.

      • Usman Ali

        @Haroon, If we go by what you are saying that Pakistani Coal is not commercially viable then I think you donot understand Pkaistan.We didnot even use our own Water to generate electricity is our own water also not commercially viable or our governements donot let these things happen inorder to take commission from international companies.Why being an agricultural country we are not able to fullfill our own needs of things like sugar is it because our sugar cane is not commercially viable or it is because of that mafia which stocks sugar and smuggle it to other countries.The thar coal is not being used only because our leaders are corrupt and dishonest.If they start using our own natural resources,then who will give them heavy commisions.This is the reason why our resources were never exploited and used.

      • asma maitla

        @Haroon, I guess we are not talking about coal or economy of pakistan the main point is unity for the succeess of our sweet home country…”We are the ones we have been waiting for”.(Barak Obama)

  • Noreen Haider

    My Dear Overseas Pakistanis,


    Seeking your support for some of the projects in Muzaffarabad AJK.

    I am trying developing a model for the sustainable education of the orphan children at Sawera schools and I am working on a couple of proposals. One of my projects is to establish a COMMUNITY LEARNING AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER for Kashmiri IDPs especially the Kashmiri Women living in camps since 1990. The indigenous craftswomen of camps will be given raw material as well as training for making some handicrafts which are traditionally purely Kashmiri. This community learning center would provide a nucleus around which we will eventually build the sustainable livelihood programme as well as the next phase of development where we can design some model colony for the camp dwellers with the help of AJK government.

    The handicrafts made by the Kashmiri artisans and craftswomen will be exhibited and auctioned at fundraising dinners in London, Manchester and other big cities so as to raise the awareness among Pakistani community regarding the need for better care of the Kashmiri refugees and also for the education of their children.

    Part of the proceeds of the auction would be utilized for the education of the camp children in Sawera Schools.

    Now we would need the support of the AJK Government to provide us with two pieces of land in Muzaffarabad as well as Karika. The Center will be purpose build on that in both places.

    This is of course the medium and long term plan for the livelihood of IDPs and the education of the children. But for the short term I need funds for the immediate needs of the Trust schools. The school immediately needs our attention and the children need books, bags, uniform, warm clothing with the approaching winter. The students in the Karika school especially the girls need the toilet without delay. The Karika School also needs electricity and safe drinking water.
    There is a dire need for supplies for the schools and I am trying hard to find some help.

    Best Regards
    Noreen Haider
    Director Madadgar Trust

  • Farrukh Mirza

    Dear Oversees, if you are really intrested in development of our country, please do investment in education sector.Please sponsor the full expenditure of a child by adopting him/her. I am running an NGO named SOACH. I also adopted a student and Now he is completing MBA and i personally sponsored him for his education. I have budgetary cionstraints. If you could do this please do investment in education. you may personally find poor students and sponsor or even find people working in these area and help them to do all these.

  • Tariq

    Hello to everyone! I found this site just by chance, and like it!
    The Overseas Pakistanis have done a HUGE service to Pakistan, earning billions of dollars per year for the country. Its a different story if all this money is wasted by our friends in the Government of Pakistan by useless and unnecessary trips to foreign countries and other types of debauchery. I would say well done, and may God almighty give you more!
    The trouble with Pakistan is not its people, but the GOVERNMENT!! The Government includes the Civil and Military beaureuacracy, and the Politicians. The Governance is almost non existent; it is the Government that is keeping Pakistan and its people poor. A Federal Secretary or a General, or a Minister has a huge huge salary, a huge house, and a posse of servants like drivers, cooks, gardeners, batmen, and all this is free of cost to themselves; of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, so the money for all this comes out of taxation. But the above mentioned people do not pay any taxes either (no influential and rich person pays taxes), so the GOVERNMENT has resorted to the trick of indirect taxation, and this once again puts all the burden on the poorest and most helpless; just look at the elctricity bill, for example, where the electricity consumed maybe for 1000 rupees, but “governmant surcharges” make you pay over Rs.2000!! Again, a rich and powerful does not pay anything, but a helpless and poor will be fined, dragged to the courts, and have his/her electricity disconnected. Now, looking at another aspect, with democracy, we have thousands coming into the Parliament, with thier hordes of hangers on. However, the Parliament does NO WORK at all!! Nevertheless, people attending draw thier travelling and daily expenses, running into billions of rupees. All this money is again made up by surcharges of bills etc. The Army, because it has the gun, is another can of worms; it is the biggest burden, a back breaking burden, on the common people. It has started many wars with India, but non have been won. Imagine the expense in lives and money. It came up with the harebrained idea of training and arming militants and keeping them on its own soil, who have now turned around and the army is finding it hard to control them. The destruction in property, lives, and livelihood needs no elaboration from me. The question is, who is going to confront any of these people and ask for accountability? In my opinion, that would come from a free and fair judiciary to implement, first of all, the supremacy of the RULE OF LAW. Currently, if you have to go to the court (may God forbid), the saying in Pakistan is you should hire yourself a Judge rather than a lawyer!!The lawyers are extottionists, at least the Judge, if the payment is right, will win your case. Musharraf did some things right, like fixing the economy to a certain extent, however he totally boobed when it came to the Judiciary. Strengthening, and giving Pakistan an independent judiciary perhaps would be a first step. Many other things, like education at all levels, must follow. Unless we have the RULE OF LAW in Pakistan (dont forget we have a convicted felon as President and Prime Minister) Pakistan is doomed. Can you do it???????

  • Javed


    JAMIL form UK says that 10 years ago he built four story buklding in Mirpur Azad Kashmir for software development centre and since then he is collecting rent from shops constructed on the ground floor. He tells a wonderful story that now in the record of Mirpur Registry name of his father changed allegedly by the local administration. Vert strange and very unique case ever heard of.

    He says it is taking me years to put my own land back on to my name. He says if Mirpur is developed it could be turned by Mirpur origin UK nationals as Dubai.

    What a wonderful story that he is getting the rent while the alleged mafia has only got the piece of land transferred in their name. The mafia was only interested in transfer of title and not in taking possession of the property and getting regular income namely rent payment.

    • Jamil

      The land Mafia can not take physical possession of my land because I will not let them. The real mafia in Pakistan is the political parties and the government of Pakistan, that alter the land registry records. What I could not understand is why people in Pakistan even vote for these people, do they not have any one better in their country. When Pakistanis leave Pakistan they are very successful. Here in Bradford where I live, most of the property is owned by people of Mirpuri origin. We also have a lot of large businesses and could set up factories in Pakistan, if they let us. But every time we do so, they try to rip us off, thinking we are stupid (which we are not!) In the 1960 we set up Banks in Azad Kashmir and Butto, so called Nationalised them, i.e. took our money and gave it to his friends i.e. calling it nationalisation. How could you do business in such an environment.

      Pakistan has great potential if the people chose honest people to govern them. It has access to the sea and even the chinese are willing to build rail roads and motor ways through Pakistan so that they could export goods from factories in Eastern China via Pakistan. The Central asian states also want access the the sea via Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of rivers and rainfall for agriculture and a lot of natural resources and resourceful people, if only they used their brain when they visit the polling stations.

      When ever I visit Pakistan, I am shocked by the way the so called richer Pakistanis look down on the poor people in their country. That is the real source of your problems. When there is injustice there is violence and when the poor are oppressed they will rebel. When Pakisan was created, they should have taken way the lands of the big land lords like the Buttos, who got their lands because of their work for their colonial masters. Now these people print currency and take that money, take the tax money, take the import duties and take bribes from the US for killing innocent people in the North West of Pakistan.

  • Javed


    According to the newspaper reports last month 48 years old record of Board of Intermediate & Second Education Hyderabad “got” burnt in the fire. For the last two three years fires in government offices in mysterious timings eg in National Shipping twice on Sundays only, have become a routine on which eye brows of intellectuals have rightly arisen. Destruction of record is the most easiest way to save the nation from waste of expense on any NAB, Ehtisab Cell, NRO etc.

    An illiterate hotel waiter working abroad in a small Pakistani restaurant approached Overseas Pakistanis Foundation seeking its help on the matter of a plot he purchased from a private developer. The story was allured on newspaper advertisement two hotel waiters paid full money to the advertiser but when they visited Rawalpindi they found the scheme was doubtful. They sought OPF assistance. The OPF acknowledged the receipt of the complaints but did not later forward any progress or results. The poor hotel waiter as is usual with the help of someone who could write applications for him kept writing OPF seeking progress but never got response. After about 7-8 years continuous chasing through reminders over reminders the OPF last year came up with a marvelous reply that as per policy five years old record was destroyed hence write a new complaint (to be destroyed in next 5 years?). How sweet and wonderful remedy (Amrat Dhahra) – after 5 years destroy all records and if any court, NAB, Ehtisab, Ombudsman or any parliamentary enquiry seeks any comments just slab on their face “5 years old record destroyed” and take a deep sleep with peace. Like OPF I suggest every government department provincial or federal particularly like CDA, KDA, Customs etc each should have an internal section called “5 Years Record Section” whose duty should be every day to destroy all those files/papers which reached 5 years age on said day.

  • Javed


    She requests all Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) to vote in every election and be ready to vote through Pakistan Embassies. She further says we have to select righ persons and get rid of these political con artists.

    I do not understand when one does not have the proper knowledge of anything why to indulge in advising others. Shahana does not have the basic knowledge that Overseas Pakistanis have no right of vote as such how can they vote through Embassy. The Embassies have no arrangements to hold. In Pakistan history only once OPs participated in Refrendum during Musharraf regime.

    My sister thus in other words perhaps advises all the Overseas Pakistani to spend at an average Rs. 60,000 minimum travel expense from Middle East for a trip to ensure cast vote in Pakistan and at an average Rs. 180,000 from USA/Europe to prove one a truly civic minded Pakistani.

    Her advice to OPs is on the plea that that OPs would select right people and thus get rid of “political-con-artists”. My first question to my sister is are the OPS not from the same general society who select the “political-con artists”?

    There was a general belief that since mostly uneducated politicians comes from feudal lord families hence they do not pay any attention for the betterment of the masses and indulge themselves into misrule. It was believed when the lower middle and educated class will come in power they would do eathe real good goverance. This belief died when the real educated and lower middle class MQM came into power. Not doubt it did not come in exclusive power nevertheless what performance it showed the hope and belief of middle class and educated ones died.

    Then another belief got generated that since Oversesas Pakistan had seen good governance abroad when they would come into power they will run the country with rationale policies for the betterment of the masses and the country. In the last assembly more about 20 parliamentarians were Overseas Pakistanis settled abroad. Their performance was the worst than feudal uneducated or doubtful degree holder traditional politicians. Take the educated OP of Senator Tareq Azeem seeing him the belief on OPs too had long died.


    MIHAS through his post above advises someone to tell Pakistani authorities that while country is begging Overseas Pakistanis bring more foreign exchange on the other hand with his hands full of foreign currency bank drafts of huge amounts he is unable to open an account in Lahore as each bank is hesitant opening of account and want to know source of his income. He is dealing online shares transaction hence his inability.

    In response to it Mr. OVERSEAS (Post 34) sends Mr. Minhas’s complaint to State Bank of Pakistan. However Overseas wish to know from Minhas which Bank in Lahore he tried to open his new account as SBP may ask for further information. Overseas wants to know which banks Minhas went who refused to which Minhas replies “HSBC and Habib Metropolitan Bank”.

    I have full sympathies with Minhas and can feel his pain in not getting his account opened but I would also at the same say that before being critical to the country, nation or institutions one must be clean to himself too. Mr. Overseas has taken the story of Minhas at par as written whereas I can not take his story fully as it definitely has some fishy smell in it.

    Minhas went to Banks in Lahore with huge amounts bank drafts in his hand or hand bags. The Banks refused opening of the account and they did it legally and rightly. Since this blog is of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs), I am sure Mr. Minhas must himself is or had been an OP before coming back to Lahore. However that does not matter much. I may increase the knowledge of Minhas as well as alike him who feel everything in Pakistan is black that today if I go to London with my hand full of Bank drafts in pound sterling or to Canada with Bank draft in Canadian dollars or anywhere else no bank will open my account like Banks in Lahore did unless I satisfy them with “documents” my recognized source of income. Since 9/11 the world has agreed to keep a watch on deposits, transactions and dealing of big amounts. All such transactions are properly recorded. For example any of my relative sends me Pak Rs. 10 lacks or above from the middle east the Bank there will not issue the Bank Draft unless my relative fills up a special Form now designed identifying himself as well as showing the purpose of sending money and what is his source of income. Likewise under universally agreed practice when I will deposit the same bank draft in my account in Pakistan the SBP would too require a similar declaration.

    Minhas says he is dealing On Line Shares business. Here it is smelling foul. On Line Shares business is a legal business and thousands and thousands are earning their livelihood through this modern gadget. But payment to such people come through established channels. Minhas has not established his own Stock Exchange. He is doing On Line Business through some stock trading company (On Line). Minhas is not selling or busying shares physically directly from registered seller but through some stock trading company. Hence all transactions are through that stock company through which he is dealing as such all payments though debited/credited in Minhas’s account but through the company. Hence any physical payment through a Bank Draft or through electronic transaction (through a bank not directly) will come from that stock trading company. And such a bank draft thus does not come just lying in a post envelope but with a covering letter. Why Minhas is not giving those documents to the Bank enabling it to open the account. In simple words the huge amount bank drafts are coming to Minhas from some people – Minhas just needs to apprise the bank with documents who these people are and why they are sending huge amounts – simply he can do is take a letter from the stock trading company through which he is dealing certifying that he is doing online trading and deposit it with the Bank. The matter will finish.

    ALLAH has given the man an item called “use the brain”. To every problem there almost exists a solution. It is generally said the tougher the laws or difficult the technology invented, people use their brain to over come the problem. Due to space and limit of posts in these columns I will quote one example to understand. In 1986-88 I invested Rs. 2000 or perhaps Rs. 2500 with National Savings in Karachi. Being a person employed on a clerical post this was a big amount for me. The National Savings (NS) rules advertised stated investment is transferable from one place to another”. The NS Centre was at about 6 miles from my home. With the development of area after one year a new NS Centre opened near my residence in Karachi. I applied for shifting of my transfer to new centre which was refused on the ground that one place to another meant from one city to another city and not within same city. I took up the matter with the Federal Ombudsman when the National Savings submitted a very non sense that transfer within same city was risky while from one city to another risk free. The National Savings also submitted that however if a specific request is made the Department sympathetically considers within the same city.

    Anyhow instead of making a specific request (other words special humbly begging) I used my brain. Using the brain I “deliberately used via Bathinda for some special purpose to make my point which is not the subject here. I applied for transfer to Lahore. In transfer application my address still remained the same as of Karachi. When the account was transferred to Lahore, I applied for its transfer to Sialkot from there to Islamabad and then to Faisalabad where I have never gone in my life. From Faisalabad I applied for transferred to the new centre near my home. This all exercise was to make a point at some forum which is not point here.

    Minhas use the ALLAH given brain. Pakistanis living abroad as well as residents in Pakistan under the law are today allowed to keep foreign currency accounts. Ask any relative to send you a 1000 dollar bank draft as “gift”. Open an account with it. Later keep depositing you “huge drafts” if those are not black money.

    To every problem there should be some sort of solution but that does not come just in frustration criticizing unnecessary the country.

    Last but not the least, I am not aware if Minhas is from that breed like our most of politicians, bureaucrats etc whom huge money keeping coming in from different directions or is a commoner like me. If he is from the class whose eyes does not catch any unexplained deduction on the bank statement of US$ 10, US$50 etc then he can go ahead with any bank top standard banks he named in or like The Money Dollars Bank Limited, The Elite Crore Pati Bank Ltd. Etc but if he has hard earned money then my best advice is to opt National Bank of Pakistan or Habib Bank Limited. Do be brinked by glamour of fully air conditioned bank buildings with superb sofas but opt for real banking service.

  • Yamin Khan

    Role of Pakistan embassy in Vienna Austria

    our embassy in vienna is just make problems with pakistanis,some times we think why they behave in a such a way like shoodars.Mr Zardari says overseas pakistanis may help pakistan,how come we could help pakistan,when pakistani diplomats are not sincere to pakistan,Mr Khalid accepts EURO´S in private contacts and official fees are ignored.this kind of mentality creates a lot of hurdles for pakistanis,and they dont care abt how much we are sacrificing for pakistan.pakistani diplomates are not interested for pakistanis just to make money,then they try to take asylum in european countries.our government is live in just slogans.
    Where is FOZIA WHAHAB PPP´S info:secretry,why cant open her mouth in this case.

    we can pray only for our Pakistan & for our country men.

  • Javed


    Dr. Farooq Sattar after taking over as Minister for Overseas Pakistanis in his first statement stated that remittances from Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) will increase as the government was taking steps to achieve it including sending more workforce abroad. His statement surely is based on summary prepared by the bureaucracy which is expert in drawing such beautiful green garden designs sitting in air conditioned offices over coffee and free phone chat on office expense.

    2. Under the title “Indians being to return from as the Gulf dreams crash”, Siddhartha Kumar in Business Recorder of 18 February 2009 writes that the construction companies in Dubai have booked planes next month to fly 20,000 to 30,000 workers back to India while white collar Indian professionals and technicians are facing the axe from UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. Business Recorder 19 February 2009 in its article “Remittances from South Asians in Gulf drops by 9%” says that the Pakistan with 56% of its remittances coming from the Gulf is expected to be hit in the second half of 2009. The whole world knows there is no more scope at least at present and in the very near future of any large scale foreign workforce employment in the middle east.

    3. Our governments always plan high profile schemes like last week’s one for providing the Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) tele banking whereas the normal banking has become hard for them. Our own resources due to the unfortunate law and order situation mainly created by outside forces can not afford us such schemes for OPs which involve spending of national money where even a common service like the ATM is not available to all in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad. Dr. Farooq Sattar fortunately belongs to a real educated class not merely a certificate holder and more particularly from 120 sq.yds residents lower middle class. I am also resident on a similar 120 sq.yds in the same Federal B Area of Karachi which is the birth place of MQM. Dr. Sattar with present set up I very much doubt can practically deliver anything to the OPs. Raising big slogans of providing this and that, making Karachi a Hong Kong only suits other parties like PPP not to educated people like that of MQM. Dr. Farooq Sattar and MQM taking the opportunity of its presence if can do two very simple things will be as big as that of getting the whole Kashmir annex to Pakistan. The first one is taking advantage of its majority hold in Karachi City Local Government, it saves the 1975 established Mehran Town Housing Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis situated in Korangi from the hands of encroachers and gets it officially declared as a small cottage industrial area. According to JANG and The News at present anyone without any fear can sit on any plot in this Scheme the only thing needed is to erect a bamboo flying “a” political party’s flag over. Every government claimed that OPs were very dear to it. Nawaz Sharif sloganed that the OPs whether holding Pakistani passports or foreign were Pakistanis, Pakistan was their home and they belonged to one family. He further stated that they can any time come their home Pakistan and do whatever they wanted. But same Nawaz Sharif after taking form their pockets for Qarz Uttaro immediately created a separate National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis/Pakistan Origin Card only and only to fetch and generate more money. Dr. Farooq Sattar/MQM taking its presence can well do if it takes up seriously that those OPs who after having served abroad for 20 or more years when come back permanently as endorsed on their Passports by the Pakistan Embassies, are treated as pensioners and are allowed to join National Savings pensioners scheme. This is a minor thing but elite bureaucracy would not like to do it as this idea does not involve any expense from the national exchequer and this bureaucracy likes only those schemes on fetch huge expense. Those Governments who can not do such small things needing no task force, no expenditure etc how can their words be trusted.

  • Javed


    The Sindh Government web home page displays an item dated Feb 13, 2009 entitled “Government mulling legislation to allocate seats for Overseas Pakistanis in NA”. It narrates brief of a Dubai held a conference about Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) attended by H.E Pakistani Ambassador at Large, H.E Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad, H.E Dr. Farooq Sattar Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, the Honourable Karachi City Nazim Mustafa Kama. Amongst many other usual things the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis stated that the OPs would be given a status of a VIP when they come back.

    After getting pockets of OPs emptied through emotional slogan of “Qaraz Uttaro”, Nawaz Sharif raised a new slogan that Overseas Pakistanis whether holding Pakistani passports or of other nationality were our family members and their home (Pakistan) was open for them all times. For allowing these “family members” to come to their home (Pakistan) he then immediately introduced a Pakistan Origin Card on a huge cost. Thus he showed his inner by imposing a sort of heavy tax without payment of which a Pakistani origin was barred to come to Pakistan. Then in the same series of love for OPs, a new income generating technique was invented namely separate ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis on cost of which the above Conference also showed its concern and desired to reduced its fee. It was perhaps Nawaz Sharif rule, if my memories are not misguiding me, when the Gold and Silver Remittances Cards were introduced during the Budget Speech in the National Assembly. Some incentives were announced for those who remit Rs. 150,000 or above through banking channels. Most of those incentives looked very beautiful in the book as except for a free passport there was nothing practically useful for majority of Pakistanis. The free passport incentive is about Pak Rs. 400 per year (Rs. 2000 passport valid for 5 years). One incentive attached with the Gold Sliver Cards was VIP treatment to such card holders on arrival in Pakistan and would be VIP guests in all gathers in Pakistani Embassies abroad. Has any Pakistani, I mean an ordinary OP like me ever seen or heard of any VIP treatment to anyone on arrival, let alone VIP treatment to himself. That invisible incentive namely VIP was only for those who held Gold or Silver Card which, as appears reading the Governor House website, now the Honourable Dr. Farooq Sattar is going to extend everyone irrespective holding a card or not.

    The then Budget Speech of the Federal finance Minister announced these incentives including Card holders to be the VIP Guests in all functions in Pakistan Embassies abroad. I was then working abroad and held the Gold Card. The fact is I had earlier been invited by the Embassy there on 23 March Pakistan Day Receptions but as far as I remember when I got my first Gold Card since then I was never ever got an invitation. After about 6-8 years of introduction of these Cards, I raised the question with the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation when I received a very shameful response. I was informed that though this incentive VIP Guests in functions was announced in the budget speech but later the concerned Ministry did not agree to it. The point was as to why the incentive was announced at the first hand without first getting the approval. Secondly if it was later not approved then as to why it was not made public and was not this effect announced with same fanfare as its introduction was announced. Sometime in 1995-96 OPF released a press huge advertisement both in Pakistan and in foreign papers with its own, Ministry of Labour monograms etc announcing Beach City Housing Scheme in Karachi. The advertisement advised applicants to send OPF Islamabad Rs. 200 (then it was a big amount) for application form. Many of us sent. The third day on announcement of these two senators in the senate raised voice that the Government will not be allowed to establish a “Ayashee Ka Adda” in Karachi in the name of Overseas Pakistanis. The then OPs Minister who was also Chairman of OPF Board then and there clarified that he was not aware of any such scheme. At this the OPF who had got our bank drafts got en-cashed, came out with a usual hanky phpanky that the private company without first informing it released the advertisement. It be noted the address for sending money was that of OPF with its and government monograms.

    The ordinary Pakistani worker does not meet any VIP treatment etc. His needs are very minor and limited having no financial repercussions. For example instead of arranging VIP treatment, Dr. Ishrat Ul Abbad will do good if he ensures that his own office gives proper response if any OP contacts him, Chief Minister’s office or any other Sindh Government Department with any problem. Not more. His Excellency the Governor, His Excellency Dr. Farooq Sattar, the Honourable Mustafa Kamal can deliver much better if they protect the Overseas Pakistanis housing scheme “Mehran Town” situate in their own city Karachi which is as per press report has started with much speed being encroached upon.

  • Javed


    There are only two columnists in Pakistan whom I respect from deep inside of my heart and sometime I practically include their names in my prayers. They, since I started properly reading newspapers late 60s have written voluminous which as usual felt on deaf ears for whom those were pen down but at least in this “munafiq” society generally we live in both had the courage and a real ALLAH’s fear that they always speak what was right in their conscious. And these respected are Honourable Mr. Irshad Ahmad Haqqani and Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee. With later one sometime I little differ when he writes in his own style about Islamic values and about our army. Ardeshir Cowasjee has an advantage over the other viz that even in his this old age and despite tremendous dangers he not only keeps writing about land mafia but at his own cost keeps with a little group of his alike the Courts moving.

    In his column on 22 February 2009 while reserving on third of his column space for references of amenity plots and places under mafia occupation through different sweet schemes, he wonders if the “silent majority” will become ashamed of its own apathy and act (of silence).

    He has many a times earlier cried over masses apathy but he never told as to how today’s helpless ordinary man can move. Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee has resources of all sorts. ALLAH may give him more. What an ordinary man has? He should at least guide the common man whom he shames. In his above titled column he also enlists ” Mehran Town ” under mafia encroachment. This is a housing scheme established by the Karachi Development Authority in 1973 in Korangi exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis (OPs). KDA as it claims developed the land which developed was washed away by 1978 floods in Karachi. Since 1978 lots of floods/heavy rains came in Karachi, many new roads, new bridges, complexes were made, got damaged in these rains, repaired and again got destroyed but Mehran Town’s fate has only one reply from the KDA namely the “1978 flood destroyed it”. This senior citizen can not remember that during the last more than 10 years how many dozens and at what places like each new President, each new PM, each new Minister, Public Account Committee, NAB, Senators, Sindh Ombudsman etc he wrote on huge expense and time. To my all these addresses I pleaded one specific issue that an independent committee be constituted comprising Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee, Ms. Yasmee Lari etc which may on my expense visit the site, take random soil samples, get these laboratory tested to determine if its digestion system had practically digested all what KDA financial files show having been consumed by this soil from 1975 to date. No body ever even acknowledged me. With the defunct Ehtisab Bureau some other Overseas Pakistani filed a complaint on Mehran Town as I read in the newspapers but later that complain file disappeared.

    The scheme since long under the active patronage of KDA, area police, Revenue Department is being encroached upon. Even duplicate allotments deliberately were issued by the Sindh Revenue. Last year news appeared that KDA were again issuing duplicate allotments. Concerned circles have long raised the voice that since this scheme today was not worth inhabitation for the human being it be declared a cottage industrial area. With induction of new government last year both the Overseas Pakistanis Weekly Bladi of serious Daily Jang and daily The News International a few months back published features with photographs saying today anyone without any fear but with a party flag can sit on any plot in the scheme. Since appearing of this press report even in this old age with my only single eye having 25% reading visibility only I address by name HE the President and many others drawing their attention to these encroachments as reported by the press but never got any response. Only HE the Prime Minister Office responded asking to Chief Minister Sindh to look into and report back but for obvious reason but to no surprise to this senior citizen, the CM Sindh Secretariat sat on the egg. On the web online complaints Sindh Governor and Sindh Chief Minister I raised the issue with no acknowledgement at all. Even last year I addressed the much praised by Mr. Ardeshir The Sheri which also did not respond.

    Recently I addressed a complaint to the Sindh Ombudsman complaining that the concerned Sindh Government Departments had not responded my complaints which is an act of mal administration. Though it has been observed the Sindh Ombudsman for the last 3-4 years did not care generally giving response but fortunately by chance a new Director General took note of and responded me with a line that a three page report on the matter was already mailed to me and that he was mailing me the “proof of dispatch of that”. Since then through my unaccountable emails I have informed this kind new DG that neither the 3 page report nor the proof of its dispatched “having been mailed” has so far reached me requesting him a re-copy of that “proof of dispatch” so that in light of that I may take up the matter with postal authorities but no response is coming.

    In these circumstances will the noble Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee advise what further course of action is left for this old man and hundreds of other affected OPs who almost all today are senior citizens. Many having died. How important is this issue can be judged from the only fact that about 10 years back the senior intellectual Mr. Irshahad Ahmed Haqqani who takes up serious national issues only under the title “I can not remain silent on in this injustice” wrote two weekly successive columns for the ill fate affecttee OPs. On appearing of his first column same evening the then Federal Secretary Information met Haqqani at his residence assuring him that the government will take note of, also requested Haqqani not to use his pen any more on this ill fated housing scheme. For the information of Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee since then we had not entered into the list of top honoured nations, had not earned 12 billion reserves and had not inducted in abundance the good governance in our government departments hence the then Secretary did read the article and at least tried to console. Today we are honoured nations and living in peoples democracy hence if my address to today’s even Minister of Information has not brought any acknowledgement is not a surprise at least to this old man.

    • Haroon

      @Javed, I may not agree fully with the contents but would acknowledge one thing that I am your companion in One sense that I also grew up reading articles in dawn by Justice Retd Ardeshir Cowasjee and one of His admirer. I also do not agree with him fully but atleast admire his intellect and boldness. For the Information of the readers Zoroastrian Religion took birth and prospered in the Land now Comprises of uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has allot of sites where still the marks of great Civilization are visible.

  • Javed


    The PPP before coming into power in its election manifest including welfare of Overseas Pakistanis. Accordingly it has after coming into power many a time showed its intent to do welfare of Overseas Pakistanis and introduce new schemes for their benefit. For this welfare the OPF increased its membership fee from Rs. 900/- to Rs. 2000/- benefiting its coffers. Now the new Federal Minister Dr. Farooq Sattar immediately on his taking charge has announced that the speedy steps would be taken for the welfare of Overseas Pakistanis like giving them quota in assemblies etc. As a first step towards this the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation is now sending a circular letters to Overseas Pakistanis abroad. With this circular letter is a three page Application Form for registration of Pakistanis for some “Fund”. In Urdu it reds “Behbood Fund” and in English “Welfare Fund”. The Fee for Registration is Rs. 2000/-. By signing the Form the applicant agrees that he has understood the membership conditions. And these conditions are applicant should be of 18 years, should provide proof of his stay or employment abroad. However this Form is totally silent to tell what this Fund is? The question is “is there any Behbood Fund” existing or now planned in OPF? The Form does not indicate what is the advantage of this Fund to the members. A fund is universally created for some specific purpose and it is clearly stipulated how the fund would be operated and what would be the benefit for the members. Would the registered member after registration needs continuing contributing some fixed amount say monthly or quarterly to the Fund and how would he in return get benefited at some stage. All these things are silent even on the OPF website. Last month the most leading Daily arranged a seminar. The participants mostly the Overseas Employment Promoters unanimously viewed and questioned “quote any one single scheme OPF has ever prepared for the collective benefit of Overseas Pakistanis”.

    Last month Pakistan Embassy Riyadh warned Pakistanis working there to be careful and not to become prey to unscrupulous telephone calls originating from Pakistan congratulating recipient Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia that they had won a Riyal 5 million or 10 million award. Last week another Gulf country through its national press warned Pakistanis working there to be careful from similar telephone calls coming from Pakistan conveying Pakistani having won huge fortunes.

    What is this Behbood Fund/Welfare Fund? So far no one from amongst the friends I spoke knows if OPF had ever any specific particular Welfare Fund? The OPF I am aware gives some financial assistance in case of death or disability (permanent?) of an OP but technically that is a different thing than what impression “Welfare/Behbood Fund” brings to the mind. Will OPF highlight the salient features of the Welfare/Behbood Fund” or it is just normal OPF membership Form and the word “Fund” is just an attraction. On March 5, 2009 a column appeared from well known Fasi Zaka entitled “Hell-fire banking” pointing out the advertisement tricks used by Banks that market Sharia compliant banking in which he says it is like playing with the emotions of the ordinary citizens in general and trying to profit from people’s religious sentiments.

  • Javed


    Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) now a days is sending Forms for collecting data of Pakistanis working abroad. Keep in mind it is addressing through emails. The purpose as OPF wants us to believe is “to serve“ the OPs community in a better way after collection of data.

    Many of our independent intellectuals do not believe on Government’s data work. At least twice in recent month our hero Dr. Adbul Qadir Khan has repeated he did not believe on government data or figure work which according to him is mostly incorrect and serves no practical purpose. There needs to be no other comment or view when we see the figure work of the government highlighting how daily prices have come down, how life of common man is getting styled compared to what situation we see today in our continuously shrinking kitchens. Is any one including that of OPF really interested in collection of true data? The National Assembly Public Accounts Committee a few years back remarked the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, the OPF etc have no interest with the Overseas Pakistanis. The self explanatory answer in itself lies in the very simple thing that OPF is sending this data collection Form through emails. How many OPs are literate and have email facility more particularly in the Middle East that OPF would through this mode have access to them?. I might still have years old two press clippings. One was in the early morning newspaper of 30 June of that year saying the CBR was short of so and so million reaching the targets. I do not remember the figure but as usual it was too big. Next morning 01st July early morning newspapers had that the CBR had crossed the target by so and so millions/billions. Overnight? How much energy or time I take playing with figure work.

    Ministry of Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis, or Overseas Pakistanis Foundation or for that matter the Government never had nor has any real interest in collection of such data. I worked in a foreign country for more than 25 years. In speeches by our Ambassadors or functionaries there sometime they gave one figure about number of Pakistanis working there and next time totally a different figure. In fact they never had any true figure because the Embassy never had any interest in collection of such a data nor ever really interested in knowing this. I despite being just an ordinary worker there knew almost the correct figure time to time but our Embassy did not know as to how simple it was go get this figure. Sometime our authorities post staff on our airports questioning arriving Pakistanis from where they came, when they will go back on work etc purpose of which is only to prepare data and claim how many people “we sent” abroad on employment.

    If there is any honesty in any effort then the no job is ever difficult. For example. When separate National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis was introduced claiming that the foreign governments require this the intellectuals protested on it that this was unnecessary and this only appeared to be a money generating new idea. On this NADRA came up with an explanation that in addition to NICOP a requirement of the foreign governments, it will also enable the Government of Pakistan to have updated data about Pakistanis working abroad (OPs). NICOP was introduced I think more than 10 years back. During these 10 years every Pakistani working abroad had at least once changed his passport with new one, infants became teenagers fetching their own independent passports, every Pakistani during these 10 years at least once attended the Embassy for any attestation jobs. For all these services though not required under any written law but the presentation of one’s NICOP is illegally a must hence every one had got his NICOP. During the last 10 years no worker came abroad unless he possessed his NICOP and registered with OPF. So almost 95% data of these OPs is already with the NADRA/OPF so why this need of wasting money on a futile exercise of collection of data? Can through merely email contacts full data be obtained? The other day in a speech it was said that Pakistan Embassies can not work fully without the help of Pakistanis in those countries. Three years back our one Ambassador in a Middle East country used to often say lifting his arm in the air that his level of status was to that height while of those the community leaders in the Pakistani Club was too low. No OPF, no NADRA or no Embassy to this senior citizen having remained abroad for 25 years can collect best authenticated data of Pakistanis abroad without seeking and requesting the active help from Pakistani community associations, clubs abroad but this help seeking request needs to be based recognizing due status of these community clubs/associations and not those foreign government registered bodies as subordinate to Pakistani embassy bureaucracy.

  • Javed


    Mr. Iqbal seeks information about National Savings while the “Overseas” helps Iqbal saying that in foreign countries there are no Branches of National Savings and that Iqbal should trust any relative and friend in Pakistan to buy certificates.

    It is quite right that National Savings (NS) have no sales outlets abroad. There is no need of such extravaganza keeping Branches abroad as it would be waste of money for affording some favourtee staff abroad.

    What Iqbal should do is that first he decides depending upon his requirement and suitability in which scheme he wants to invest. Then he down loads an Application Form from the website. Then he should select the name of the Centre/City where he wish to invest. But he must ensure he has proper official name of the Centre and not merely from the location of the centre.

    He then completes the Form. My advice is he should prefer “Joint B” Option – namely in banking language Either or Survivor to avoid later difficulties. Completed Form together with a Bank Draft for investment amount and copy(s) of National Identity Card he registers to the National Savings concerned.

    There is an option on the Form enquiring if the Certificates be sent to the investor, or his authorities representative or retained. My best advice is he should opt for retaining of the Certificates. Thus the Certificates after issuance would be retained in safe custody of the Centre and a Receipt of the same will be issed to iqbal. Iqbal is abroad, he does not need to encash these certificates so often, as such the best is he keeps the certificates in the custody of the National Savings. This is most safest to the Overseas Pakistanis.

    Another advice is that where ever possible prefer to open an account rather than purchasing and possessing certificates. You are abroad, keeping original certificates there is not advisable. If these get lost in home, during transaction or get fired getting duplicates is cumbersome hence open an account in which there is no such threat.

  • Javed

    A Pakistani has approached the Court praying for allowing him to donate his kidney to a Saudi national. Dr. Farhat Mozam, Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (SUIT) Karachi commenting on it has raised two issues. The first he rightly doubts that this is a “donation” case to which I fully agree with him. This is purely a sale and purchase transaction. His second comment is that Saudi Arabia has “superbly trained physicians” and well established transplant services hence why should the Said Saudi prefer Pakistan.

    Unfortunately we the Pakistanis including Indians are a nation psychologically feeling ourselves inferior and West and wealthy as superior mostly due to their glamour. I have lived Middle East for 26 long years. There is no doubt Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait etc have marvelously large network of Hospitals, area wise large health centers not at far distance from living place. The hospitals are modern, 6 months a year unnecessary renovation keeps going on in the name of upgrading but actually in interest of suppliers and contractors. Hospitals are fully air conditioned. There is no concept of load shedding in hospitals. Waiting rooms are with comfortable chairs. High tech latest ultra modern hospital equipment is there. In 90s in children wards of Bahraini hospitals the kitchen cabinets remained full with different type of baby milk powder free for attending mothers. General treatment till mid 90s was mostly totally free and in few categories subsidized which now is limited only to consultation plus basic medication free. However Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries lacked and still lack “professionalism” and “expertise”. There existed nor exists true professionalism or expertise which is available in Pakistan and India etc. This is the reason well paid Arabs run to UK/USA for treatment while lower middle average people to India. It is only we the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi nationals who are clamored from air conditioned hospitals and never are tired of praising their efficiency and skills because medicines are mostly free.

    Apart from dubious “donation” point as far as question why a Saudi should come to Pakistan for transplant, I may remind the learned Doctor that he needs to see the record of his own facility (SUIT) now internationally acknowledged. He would find that patients from developed countries including USA and UK have come to get transplant in SUIT. Were they mad? We can still find in the streets of Dasgir, Nazimabad, “Lalookhiath”, Burns Road, the doctors with one two rooms rented premises who still check you only with stethoscope and pulse and give you medicine mixing three four colors mixtures and tables wrapped in newspaper piece and you get cured in 2-3 days. Their diagnose is 99% without any tests or Xrays and further tests. In Saudi Arabia, middle east a doctor is afraid of prescribing you any medicine unless he feels himself safe on strength of tests over tests. That skill, expertise professionalism I referred to above is almost no where in Saudi Arabia or other middle eastern places. Any good real professional doctor hardly goes to middle east country. First half of 70s I do remember there was a Heart Specialist Dr. Aslam in Cardiovascular Hospital Karachi. His nephew was working with us. One day he told us that his uncle had got a very fine offer from Saudi Arabia. We were happy that when uncle is settled there, through nephew friend we may also get employment opportunity in Saudi Arabia. Soon nephew disappointed us telling us that uncle has declined the offer saying if only money is to be earned he can earn much more practicing in Pakistan but he does not want to live like a second grade citizen in an Arab country. It is naked fact living or working with Arabs as a Doctor or as an accountant in senior positions one is always second grade citizen having no real respect amongst the working colleagues as far as Asians are concerned. If some Doctor, some Engineer says he has same respect as he gets working such prestigious posts in Pakistan or UK, he is bluffing.

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    Emails and mobile phones are fastest and best medium for communication but when it comes to business, land line and complete address are essential to prove the authenticity of the advertisers, otherwise it is very risky to deal with the advertisers.


    • Javed

      Dear Admin/Adminstrator of the site. Please do not allow such types of commercial oriented replies {IN FACT ADVERTISMENTS). Please remove it.

  • punjabi

    i live abroad and i think really what pakistan needs is good none cruppt government and it needs to keep the exchange of the rupee down and make more jobs for the people.also the peroblem are arising becus too much power is in hands of two parties pml and ppp who are both cruppt. pakistan has somuch gold and other resources in its land that if explord pakistan can become like usa but also we need to have a good turist borad that will raise pakistan in excess of 100billion dorrals a year cus the size of he country and alos pakistan needs to install wather treament plants on the coast and use that water to irragate the land and firtalize the land that gets less wather.

    Karachiite Says:
    It seems, for better of for worse, that our people are very emotional and religiously influenced. The mullahs seem to hold strong influence over the masses. Perhaps the moderate mullahs can help by fostering a sense of national unity. But to be honest, I don’t trust them either. It is truly a bleak picutre for Pakistan with not a single capable civilian leader who can be trusted. Maybe Imran Khan — IF he can keep the mullah’s in check. I don’t know

    to keep these people in check we need to buy the land from iran the blouchistan area and from afgniostan the phtan area that will end the conflict all together but the other option is to buy greenland and put them on there and they can fight among them self as green land has a price tag of 70000000 million dollards. to keeps them in check you take out the army from there part and make pakistan into smaller provinces and fewer districts. also the next prsident should not be related to any party and all th epolitical parties should be ban untill they can provide the proof that they are no longer full of cruppt officials.

  • Karachiite

    Many people have already mentioned Pakistan’s list of problems, including lack of education, infrastructure and rule of law. As we all know, the root cause of these problems is the utterly inept and corrupt government, both at the federal and local levels. I don’t know how we solve that problem, but until we get a stable, non-corrupt government, nobody (including myself) is going to invest a single dollar in Pakistan. I don’t care if it’s a civilian democracy or a military dictatorship. The most important thing is stability, non-corruption and rule of law. If India, Malaysia and Turkey can do it, why can’t we?

    Part of the problem with electing bad governments is that we do not have a strong sense of national identity. There is a lot of ethnic division within Pakistan that is all too easily exploited by unscrupulous leaders. Everybody pays lip service to being Pakistani, but when the chips are down, people vote as Punjabi, or Sindhi, or Muhajir or whatever.

    I am originally from Karachi but I am part of a tiny ethnic minority. I am neither Punjabi, Sindhi, Muhajir, Pashtu, Balochi, Bengali, etc., so I can speak frankly about this matter. The fact is that, for the first 20 years, we mistreated the Bengalis so badly that they separated East Pakistan into Bangladesh (with India’s help). Similarly, we have been ignoring Balochistan and Sarhad for the last 60 years. There is little or no economic and infrastructure development in these two provinces. Every federal government ignores them and focusses on Punjab or Sindh. Now Balochistan is openly talking about secession (allegedly with India’s help), and Sarhad is all but lost to the Taliban.

    It seems, for better of for worse, that our people are very emotional and religiously influenced. The mullahs seem to hold strong influence over the masses. Perhaps the moderate mullahs can help by fostering a sense of national unity. But to be honest, I don’t trust them either. It is truly a bleak picutre for Pakistan with not a single capable civilian leader who can be trusted. Maybe Imran Khan — IF he can keep the mullah’s in check. I don’t know…

  • Ammad

    Overseas pakistanis can play there role in the development of pakistan by establishing there businesses here in pakistan. But unfortunatelly most of the overseas pakistanis invest there money to bult villas in there villages they are destroying there capital in realestate. My advise to them is this that investing 30 million in house doesnot contribut to your country but if u invest 1to4 million in regular businesses it will contribute in your national income every year and u can multiply it various time

  • Moodi

    I wish to remind you all that we are Muslims and is supposed to think as Muslims, right? We are trying to find a solution of our problems for many years. We are completely unaware of what is happening, we are waisting our time on discussions and opinions.

    Just try to focus what I am trying to say, please, please. The only solution for Muslim is with Hazrat Mehdi, no matter what we do this chaos will not end. We all know or don’t know that the jehad between evil and truth is at its hight, Non-Muslims are preparing forces for Dajjal and Muslim mujahedeens are preparing forces for Hazrat Mehdi. Believe me this is the real truth, go into the signes of Qiyama and you will know what I mean.

    We just have to keep Saber and keep on asking Allah’s pardon and pray for ourselves and our future generations, who are going to see more difficult situations, Allah bless us all more ameen. Jazakallah.

    Was’Salaam and Allah Hafiz
    a message from a louzy muslim, please pray for me.

  • Kashif


    There are many problems in Education Department

    Reports said that most of the funds from international community UN USA UK and many more countries come in Education

    But there is no scope of Great jobs in Education Department Specially in Punjab
    From the last two decades this Education Department is under attack by the Governments
    All the Govt. since 1988 has not do any thing for the progress and development of Education system
    But they tried after each Govt. next Govt. tried to experiment with this Department

    The Teachers of Education Department of Punjab Can’t do anything because they are the victim of these Experiments

    Salaries of the teachers are like the peons and Grade 1 employees

    Even the Labor and private Labor Employee get all the facilities like Medical, Social Security, Death Grant, and other facilities according to rules

    But the Highly qualified teacher / Called now Educators not get even the reasonable salaries

    The system is too bad but if you don’t give anything and facilities to teacher how can it shows results

    There must be a strong action by the Supreme Court of Pakistan or High Court of Pakistan to make sure that teacher’s rights must be given

    I must say that if the teacher Economic Problem doesn’t solve the Country Economic problem will not be better

    A teacher can give you result if he is financially in good condition. He has no burden in his mind and he will devotionally teach the Students

    I think Main Shahabad Shareef who promises in his election Campaign that teachers Salary will be equal to Judges.
    He said in a Public Meeting that he will do the teacher salary = Judges Salary

    He must act upon his promise now And He still say and many even most of the politicians says that Education is the back bone of Pakistan

    • From

    • Kashif As ad

  • parvez

    Oversease pakistanis example is like “look bussy do nothing”. But this not ment by negative.

    if oversease pakistani realy want to do somthing for poor pakistani people so prove this. such as they can guid and help to how to get student or immigration visa with minimum and low cost. because herein pakistan so many agents who are working here but all they are making money and help foriegn embassies to submint visa fees and they refuse easiy every poor people.

  • khalid iqbal

    i am the student of international islamic university my recommendation are we should reduce our raw expenditure and remove political decentralization.salam pakistan

  • Hyder

    Hi all,

    i am not an overseas pakistani, but i am doing research on them. my thesis is under completion. i wanna tell u people that dont underestimate yourselves in the level of services you provide to pakistan. my findings of research reveals that overseas pakistanis do benefit pakistan’s international trade and inflow of foreign direct investment in pakistan.

    so besides remittances your role is benefitting pakistan in other ways that people normally ignore. moreover it is you people who facilitate the unemployment problem in pakistan by facilitating the migration of pakistanis to your host countries.

    there may be more benefits that i myself dont know. so keep it up. btw dont be so pessimistic about future of pakistan. in my view when a nation gets to so low position then eventually it will rise again INSHALLAH.

  • Overseas Post author

    Minhas sahib
    I have forwarded you comments to State Bank of Pakistan for their response, in the mean time please tell us which Bank Branch in Lahore you tried to open an account, because State Bank may ask for more information in this regard.

  • Minhas

    Please some one should tell Mr.Tarin that since Pakistan is begging overseas Pakistanis to bring foreign Exchange into the country, I went to open account in foreign currency in many different foreign Banks in Lahore none of the bank opened my account since I was holding big amount of foreign currency’s draft. Every Bank I went to the staff demanded proof of income from me, I told them that I am a foreign passport holder and I trade stock on-line and do not work for any one it is like self-employment but they kept insisting me that they have to full fill the requirement of State Bank of Pakistan so they can not open my account unless until I don’t provide them a proof of income. I could not open account and came back to my foreign country without opening an account. You believe me I am not jocking.


  • Shahana Unais

    I would request all overseas Pakistanis to make sure that they vote in every election in Pakistan (you have dual nationality, get your origin card and be ready to vote through embassy). Choose right persons for assembly, true representatives
    of public. We have to get rid of these political-con artists.


  • Ibrahim Rasheed

    Hello Hi,
    I m From Peshawar Pakistan.I m a student in peshawar.I want to going to Uk for study But no Sources Avilable Here. I request to all of u.Please Help Me.


  • Mohammad Wahib Yousaf

    I just read a statement by Analyst Ikram Sehgal. In it, he says that the Pakistani leaders are a bunch of “comeback kids”, and that the young politics students in Pakistan “have not learned any lessons”.

    Whenever you look at a country, and it has problems that give the impression of never being irradicated, people say: ‘This is…’ In Pakistan, there’s always been cycles of dictatorship, poverty, corrupt politics, wasting taxpayers’ money, unfinished and de-commissioned regeneration projects like abandoned housing and construction areas, half-tarred roads, no traffic co-ordination, sub-standard education systems, no welfare systems and literally no comprendable ‘intelligence’ agencies.

    It was only a week or two ago that Sri Lankan cricketers were attacked on our soil. When I look at the crumbling, unstable situation of this country, compared to the West. I can’t help thinking… T.I.P…This Is Pakistan.

    In order to rejuvenate this land in the eye’s of it’s creator, Allah-Taalah, and the founder Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, there needs to be equal rights, welfare to all citizens in need of help, an audit system to keep checks on where government money is going, a proper modern (western) health organisation, a ‘Transport Sector’ of the government to clean up the roads, build safe junctions and crossings, enforce speed limits,…..essentially…

    Essentially, Pakistan needs to revive its youth by westernising while maintaining the ‘Freedom of Religion’ that its founder envisaged. I hope I have inspired and opened minds and hearts on this.

  • taariq M. hassan

    Pakistan was doomed from 1947. Now it is in a complete tailspin.
    Give the area west of the Indus river to Iran and Afghanistan . India should take the rest back and introduce martial law until the nutters with guns and beards are sorted out.
    When, not If, the Taliban take over Pak. there will refugees who once ran from India in 1947 to PK ; running back to India
    The irony is amazing.
    . The two nation theory is rubbish. We are all desi and want the basics in Life. Pak . as a state has failed on every basic level providing its people with a future. Religion is a personal matter ,it is not a state matter nor should countries be divided by race, religion or even hairstyles.

  • Aftab Hussain

    Dear Friends,
    Before we can even discuss about making any meaningful investments in Pakistan and or attarct oversees investments one cannot dispute the fact that the criminal laws in Pakistan are very laxed.  Crmminals walk the streets freely without any fears or repurcussions and go about their daily lives of hurting innocent people.  I believe that all of would agree that personal safety is a major concern for anyone residing in Pakistan or for that matter any part of the world.  If one feels that his life and the life of his loved ones is not safe then he or she would be reluctant to live their let alone make an investment.  So before we even talk about making any investments in the country I think we need to talk about how and we can do to change the crimminal penal code in the state of Pakistan and to conform with the curren dire situation in the country.  I believe it is time that a movement should start independent from any political party at the grass roots level and forcefully, yet peacefully, lobby the provincial government and then the federal governmentt to our stated cause.  All peaceful means should be utilized, such as the media, colleges and universities, word of mouth and peaceful campaigns to change the crimminal laws, close loopholes, bring laws up to date and make punishment for crimminal activities fit the crime.  I sincerely believe that if such a movement were to be organized from the grass roots level then within a short frame of time we will be successful.  I know we all would agree when I say this that investments would start pouring in if the investors were assured that their physical safety and their capital investment are in safe hand.

    Thank you! Please leave any comments, suggestions or ideas on what we can do to organize such a movement against the corrupted laws of the country.

    Aftab Hussain 

  • ansar kazmi

    Dear friends,

    We as a group of people living in Saudi Aarabia, Jeddah providing assistance to students who completes their secondary level education in Saudi Arabia and their parents wants them to go back in pakistan and complete the remaining parts.

    Our problems here that most of universities and good institutions are not giving attention to us and they ask huge amount from the parents for the admission which is very difficult for them to handle it.

    We are first Institute to provide services to our Pakistanis on very low rates and make our maximum efforts to get admission for them.

    Our request is to Higher Education Department/Ministry to help us a Overseas Center to send more and more students to Pakistan rather than they decided to go any other country which is lost to pakistan.

    Other universites, Institutes gives us discount/commission on sending them students and they feel very happy to receive them. But out pakistanis institutions feels burden and openly say No place for them and alternatively most of the partents decides to take their children to other countries, like Malaysia, Phillipine,UK, India etc.



    E-MAIL :


  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Friends

    More than one year ago when I decided to setup this blog site, my primary aim was to provide a platform to overseas Pakistani friend where they could communicate with each other to discuss and find solutions to their problems. Although this blog site has become very popular within a short period of time but the basic purpose for which this site is meant, is still missing.

    Being away from our homeland we face many difficulties, we need to know about educational institutions of good repute for the education of our kids, we need to know about safe investment opportunities, available in our country, and so on. There is a lot of information we are always looking for.

     By sharing our knowledge and experiences about different matters of mutual interest, we can be of great help to each other.

    Moreover, we have to do something for the betterment of our country but the problem is that our governments are inefficient and do not understand that by motivating overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan, they can overcome most of the financial problems, Pakistan is facing today. At individual level, most of the people want to do something good for their country but do not see any opportunities to help Pakistan. By discussing these matters in detail, we can find ways to help ourselves as well as our beloved country.

    All the overseas friends are invited to indulge themselves in the discussions by asking questions and answering to the questions from others.

    Best regards to all

    • Noreen Haider

      I am running an organization for the education of underprivilaged children.

      After the devastating earthquake of 2005 in AJK anf the Northern areas of Pakistan I worked in AJK for one and a half years.

      I found a trust there by the name of Sawera Foundation which was running schools for orphans.The Sawera (meaning dawn and light)Foundation Trust has been running the schools for twelve years. It mostly relays on charity and philanthropy from Pakistan and other parts of the world and the schools were doing well but the worst possible tragedy occurred in the shape of the 2005 earthquake which totally devastated the whole northern region of Kashmir and NWFP in Pakistan.
      The schools were demolished and twenty nine students died under the collapsed buildings. After the earthquake the brave and courageous children and staff have picked up the pieces and the schools started running again in makeshift tents and then temporary shelters soon after the earthquake. But even after three years of the disaster the children are still studying in temporary shelters. Because of the massive disaster the funding to the school has dried up and it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue the quality education of our children in severe financial crunch.
      However despite all this we have the mission to provide the best possible education and better opportunities to all our beautiful children studying in three schools because these are not ordinary children. They are our heroes. These are the bravest, most courageous young people and a source of inspiration to us. They have seen and gone through some of the worst possible crisis in life one could imagine but have braved on. I salute these great human beings and young heroes.

      After the earthquake of 2005 I have developed a bond with them and since then have continued to help them in everyway I can for their continued education. These are children of victims of the conflict between India and Pakistan in that region. Most of them have lost one or both parents and live in camps. I have continued to write about them through the year and my latest article about them, “country roads take me home” has been published in News recently and you can access it at
      It has been extensively reproduced in many newspapers around the world. Please do find time to read it.

      I want to start a comprehensive programme for the continued education, welfare and sustainable livelihood of their families. If any overseas Pakistani organization is interested in helping with the education of these children do contact me at

      • alamhashmi

        @Noreen Haider, dear nice to hear that u are doing a lot good for the children of the Pakistan.. i m running a NGO who is responsible of providing the electricity to the far flung areas and if u need any assistance i can do something for ur school please do let me know

  • Overseas Post author

    Azim Sahib
    I very much agree with you that our main problem in Pakistan is education and awareness of the masses. At the same time I strongly believe that with the emergence of independent electronic media, we are on the fast track in educating our nation and unlike Europeans whom it took centuries to reach that stage, we shall achieve these goals within ten years time. Despite all the unrest, bloodshed and inequality in our society, there is a lot of hope at the end of the tunnel. Our individual as well as collective efforts to achieve these goals have a lot of importance and that is what this website is aimed at. Once again I request the visiting friends to share the responsibility of spreading knowledge and awareness by participating in useful discussions.
    God bless you all

  • azim

    I read all 23 comments. Every body has different ideas.

    We on the downfall because of lack of education.

    I have seen. One person living in Englad. He is rich and his blood brother in Lahore is a poor person and can not afford expanses of education of his children. To help Pakistan, you must determine yourself to help educate the children of your relatives in Pakistan. Do help them get their higher study. You will feel satisfaction. If so do for non relatives also.

    In this way we can help Pakistan. Corrupted leaders come because the people are not educated.Don’t blame leaders. Blame people and you are one of the people.

  • M Farooq

    HI every one

    Well, there is no point just to talk and blame corrupt politicians. We have to work together in order to restore the self respect and honour of a Pakistani. I think we should support Imran Khan, for his clear stand, cause, and vision. Please Join Pakistan tehreek e insaaf. We need to fulfil a target of 5000 oversease members who could support PTI and run a campaign within their community.
    the website is and for the overseas pakistanis living in UK, the website is please come forward and join PTI


    Patriotism of Pakistanis could be tested any where in the world by asking them to help their country in rainy days but what about super class of people (richest fuedals, industrialists, drug lords and above all the politicians who successfully run the highly profitable business of politics in the Pakistan. An estimated rate of profit in Pakistani politics is 1000 to million per cent, details can be calculated by politicians increasing wealth. Majority of Pakistanis living abroad are labor class and highly skilled professional. No body give them money for nothing. They have to work hard for it. Some of them are businessmen who also work very hard to earn their fortune. There is no favor or nepotism in open markets of the world. After all these hard work they should give money to the country because few people of super class have taken country wealth abroad. I have lived and worked in Middle East and visited Europe and now living in USA for last 10 years, I found average Pakistan more patriotic that upper class of the country. We are ready to come forward again and will help/ invest in the country but this upper class should be stopped to taking national wealth abroad and participate accordingly in saving and investing in the country. At present two richest group of politician in power, they should provide the biggest share instead of going for begging to the rich nations. The richest nations are not rich by begging but by hard work. The upper class should go and observe how hard Chinese are working, come to USA and observe how people work and live here.The government of Pakistan should imediatly issue foreign currency investment bond offering good rate of return still better than IMF and world Bank, We Pakistanis abroad will buy with their savings and it will be a great help. The bonds should be gaureneted by international authorities The editor of Pakistan Times is a talented lady who invite us to write these comments. Pray for the country where majority population is helpless in front of few exploiters of supper class of rich politicians and defense forces have no choice but to defend them in the system. All the best. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI, Advocate & I.P. Attorney, presently residing in Florida state of USA.

  • Angry Ayaz

    YO YO YO YO,

    Hi everybody, my name is Angry Ayaz and i just want to say i love Pakistan!! I came to Pakistan first time in 2006 and i love Pakistani Lassi. You cant get lassi from London like you can in Lahore!


  • zubair khan


    what we need is not another pot for overseas to put into to bail out all the corrupt leaders we have done is the time for the so called leaders to dip into their own pockets and fill in the gaps made by them and their collegues amount of aid given to pakistan from all over the world mounts to enough to build a new country, however we cant even enjoy a normal life with enough electric to go round never mind anything else, shameful we have everything that we need in our own country all we need is someone to listen that leads and listen to the cry’s i dont know how they sleep at night, but allah will judge them we cant please leaders wake up and look around, crime, prostition, corruption that is the only avenue that are better off with the services we have been receiving no light can be shread on anything else you fucking bunch of losers so called muslim you dont even know what been a muslim is selfish leaders and their fucking elite lifes what a waste, its about time that the goverment gave back to the people it suppose to represent.

  • Mohammad Afzal

    Individual contribution to uplift Pakistan may sound to be good. But what do you do when the rulers take 250 people for Umra at Gov. expense, hold meetings in Dubai, live in London and rule Pakistan! If rulers bring in their assets to Pakistan, we do not need to beg from IMF or others.

  • shenazsaid

    i wud like 2 request contact number of the chief minister complaint cell an contact numbers.
    Also any i wud b vry grateful if u cud let me no when is then next meeting to b held when the chief minister himself will b present. As i wud like to speak wit thim on direct contact.

    thank u, plz contct me on my e-mail address as i am in pakistan at the moment, cud u reply to this request as soon as possible.


    Mrs S. Said
    Please check your mailbox. (Moderator)

  • memon

    please ,please,
    we should do everything possible to keep zardari from being the president of pakistan in sept elections.
    what has hapened to our country??? how can we even consider putting the guy in power who stole more than $ billion from the coutry and now wants to be the president.
    shame on us for even thinking about suporting him???

    • Hassan


      although at the age of 24 years old, i was given the oppourtunity togo to pakistan for a company i worked for,
      i jumped at the chance ” thinking its a muslim country
      ” i was wrong about that”,
      Any way to cut it short there were about 250 local pakistanis who were hired and were working for this company, , out of these 250 with 95% having some sort of degree,
      out of all these there was one person who was totally honest and follwed the rules, the rest as they say were oppourtunists, they would be either back biting or talking behind other colleges backs, leg pulling as they say, even stealing, these were people who were getting a very good wage, and much higher than the average salary in pakistan at the time,
      “what does that tell you about the mentalaty of pakistanis,
      funny thing is that the ones that were the least qualified for the high positions were the ones that made the most noise that they should be given the lead managment roles, “amuzing is it not???
      I would really like it if people would gather there information before splating away and pointing fingers at either pakistanis or over seas pakistanis,
      Yes we are all pakistanis, but please dont blame people for your mistakes because weather its zardari, benazair, nawaz or any other of the elected lot, there all the same ,
      and why is that well because you the people being “not so good” corrupt and so on,
      and where are these leaders comming from ,
      yes there comming from the people so if the people are corrupt they are likely to pick leaders from them selves, “corrupt”

      Are there people who can get the job done in pakistan ,
      “yes most likely there are very good “inshallah” people in pakistan that can do the job”.
      But most people are not left alone to do the job, to much corruption is wide spread, if a honest person does move in, he or she is mocked, and laughed at,
      The average person is not allowed to get on with there life, you people will not even let people to get married according to the islamic sunnah,
      unless a wedding is huge and outstanding you cuss people silly,
      you keep grudges and fight amonsgt yourselves on minor little petty things which one should not even waste time on , you have so much envy and jealous of people.
      Democracy will not work, that is for sure, and if you think it will take your time, it hasnt worked since pakistan was made, and will not work, and the longer you think it will work you will just end up destroying pakistan which is all very well and for one quiete a few countries will be happy for that, and hence they want you to and push you to have democracy, “democracy is not the answer”

      take responsibility for your own actions, and stop wasting your time blaming others , unless you accept the truth “Islam” you will not be sucessful,
      better for you is go on learn about your religion islam , and by that i mean you learn what the translation is
      “and this is not that my imam said this and your imam said this, or that my father told me to do this, and so on,
      “it is with facts and evidence from the Quran & Hadith”
      It will inshallah open your eyes to all your problem,
      Are you man and woman enough to accept the truth,
      “May Allah guide us all to the truth and make us better muslims

  • Irfan

    I think every ones does comment great deal of knowledge and information , but it all really boils down to one thing. Having a right attitude and behaviour and it only comes through ISLAM as real means of strict code of conduct rather than shieled to make money out ot it.

    its not about money or overseas pakistani, we are looking and observing the view in material way, iam not suggesting coservative views, iam just pointing the thing, the way it should’ve been done. Pakistan, it seems as course of collusion between Islam and islam it self. We perhaps look at other Islamic countries rather than looking @ west.

    material wealth is not all out important factor, we must ensure to strengthen the Human Capital of Pakistan which would be the greatest most pivtol factor of all in Future.

      • liaquat khan

        hi the mony we r sanding to pakistan stop it milan of dolar we r sending n thay r eting 36yrs gone we going down n down stop the mony thay will be bank crapt n all dakoo will run away thats all we have to do now

  • Jamil

    Talk to any one here in England and they will ask you “Why do Pakistanis vote for the same corrupt politicians despite the fact that they know they are corrupt? Don’t they have anyone else in their country?”

    Their officials and politicians take out huge loans from international banks in the publics name and feed the public a few bowls of rice to vote for them and the public sells its future. Hence the interest on these loans is greater than their budget on education. So the governments prints more and more rupees to exchange it for any new dollars or pounds coming in. If the over seas Pakistanis did not send money to Pakistan, its economy would have collapsed long ago.

    They export very little and import a lot. If you do not sell any thing, but buy a lot you go bankrupt. Its as simple as that. You also have to attract customers to your shop. Currently people feel unsafe going into Pakistan. There is a perception that it is a land with no law. You can not sell any thing until you produce some thing. To produce something you need industry and companies. Companies need educated honest people with the ability to think, innovate and solve problems and a stable business friendly environment to thrive in. Not an environment where your out goings in the form of bribes are too high as it is an indeterminate cost. Building up an economy is like planting corn in a field. But currently Pakistan has big weeds growing in the field. So big that a bulldozer is needed to remove the big tree weeds before even the tractor could go in, before the seeds the small companies could be thrown in. Until the public in Pakistan organises it self and says enough is enough and stands up for its rights and stops voting for corrupt people their situation will remain the same. Most over seas Pakistanis do not have an opportunity to vote in elections in Pakistan. For better or worst, Pakistanis in Pakistan decide their future.

    I was standing as a presiding officer in charge of a polling station in Halifax in West Yorkshire in England last year. A 90 year old English lady said to me “We worked hard to get the right to vote and decide our future. We are appalled by reports of some Pakistani politicians doing fraud with postal votes in England. We do not want our country to become like Pakistan.

    I was born in the UK and I decided to invest in Pakistan. My father bought some land in District Mirpur, Azad Kashmir in 1979.

    Then about 10 years ago I sent my father to Pakistan to build a building
    there so that I could teach kids software programming and set up a
    software development centre there.

    It is a four story building with shops at the bottom. We collect the rent
    from the shops and every one in the area know that it is our land. It has
    been our land since 1979.

    We have all the documentation to prove that it is our land. But in the
    land registry in District Mirpur they changed it onto some one else’s
    name. Their records show that it was on my fathers name and then they
    altered it. This situation has been going on for many years now and until
    it is resolved I can not afford to invest any more money there to install
    the computers and the furniture and hire the staff.

    It is taking me years to put my own land back on to my name in the
    district Mirpur records. In the same amount of time software companies in
    India have grown to employ hundreds of thousands of people and earn their
    country billions of dollars in foreign currency earnings.

    In District Mirpur over 80% of the population lives in the UK. If any area in Pakistan could be developed it is District Mirpur. Due to the fact that so many people of Mirpuri origin live in the UK there is a lot of money there. If Mirpur was well governed that place could surpass Dubai within a few years. It has a lot of intellectual capital (in the form of educated youngsters of Mirpuri origin who live in the UK) and a lot of financial capital.

    But there is institutionalised corruption there. They take away the land of poor people and of Pakistani expats and are involved in a lot of corruption. Until the public in Pakistan organises it self and says enough is enough and stands up for its rights, becomes honest and stops voting for corrupt people their situation will remain the same.

    • Aziz

      well said .. the number one problem in pakistan is its curruption from the moment you step off the plane you regret ever coming to that place

  • Iqbal

    i like to buy saving certificate please let me know how to purchase these iteam.
    Is ther any arrangement for oversease Pakistanis.
    your early reply will appriciated.


    • Overseas Post author

      Iqbal sahib
      I think Pakistan National Savings do not have any branches outside Pakistan. You can ask a trusted relative or friend in Pakistan to buy certificates on your behalf. For more details about different schemes, please check the following website.
      Best Regards

  • Islamabad Property Guru

    A lot of benefits are generated by overseas pakistanis in the property market. As a property developer in Islamabad, we are involved in the construction industry in Islamabad and have found that it is mostly Overseas Pakistanis who are willing to provide the funding for large projects and are also the majority of the buyers. The benefits to the local economy are noticeable. After the projects have been completed, most of the properties are rented in the local market at lower than market rates also by the overseas pakistani buyers.

  • Mahmood

    Let’s provide small suggestion how we can began step by step. I strongly believe that overseas Pakistani are willing to invest in Pakistan period.
    Just take one sector only.
    Property/Housing/ and or agricultural real estate etc. Any Pakistani who so ever have no other interest or knowledge of industry are ready to invest in Pakistan in a very short notice on above sectors.
    The Government of Pakistan should come up with attractive and favorable policy guaranteed secure solid investments no fraudulent if and buts – adopt clear cut policy and show the upfront prices under the government protection and security for their investments – Just USA and Canada

    Open sector in all major cities:

    Plat – 1 1/2 3/4 1/4 kanal = price so and so
    House we build for on above = price so and so
    the above will be delivered upon full payments on or before 200?.
    I’m sure this alone sector will not only create many many jobs for peoples of Pakistan and also build bridge – permanent links with overseas, who look back to their homeland country from time to time and visit periodically and delivered the portions of their contribution to their country.
    The above will be serve as a seeds for the further and major investments in future within these groups of people.


  • Nasir Mahmood

    Adnan, You make some good points and raise some good questions. You are generalising a little too much though so let me try and answer some of your questions.
    The majority of pakistanis who have returned to Pakistan transfer their money using LEGAL means through the banks. This is so that their money is seen as white money. Those that transfer the money through illegal means are doing so because their money is NOT white and they are unable to put it into a bank in the UK or America as the authorities will ask where it came from and whether tax has been paid on it.
    Pakistanis who are settled abroad have a VERY GOOD reputation in the most part since they are amongst the most educated people there and have jobs and careers and professions and they contribute to society. The BAD reputation comes from the illegal pakistanis who cannot live there or work their or study there legally. I don’t classify them as overseas Pakistanis.
    A HUGE amount of money is sent to Pakistan by overseas Pakistanis and this money is used by their relatives and is spent IN PAKISTAN thereby helping the entire economy. They come here and they buy property or build new properties and they are unfairly charged much more for everday items by local traders and shops because they are seen as easy targets. On the OTHER hand, our politicians and elite businessmen choose to buy palaces and business and property abroad and send their children to schools in other countries and live like paupers in Pakistan refusing to spend much money here.
    Finally I’d like to say that when you grow up in a well ordered country where all the systems and law and order are clean and proper, you cannot understand a place like Pakistan where even if you want to pay taxes, you are forced to pay bribes instead to corrupt officials who tell you that this is how things are done here. When you try to do ANYTHING where government or officials are involved you end up being asked for bribes or treated very badly just to carry out a simple task. This is what you may be referring to as SPECIAL TREATMENT. Yes, overseas pakistanis DO expect that when they deal with people here they are dealt with fairly and politely since they are doing a LOT for the country…they don’t HAVE to come here or spend their money here and many who have received bad treatment here refuse to ever come back and that in itself is a great loss to Pakistan.
    Next time you meet a RETURNEE, perhaps you could be nicer to them and fairer to them and give them special treatment and tell those around you that without these people pakistan would be much worse off.

    • Hassan

      @Nasir Mahmood,
      My dear you should get your facts right before making coments on this topic, instead of listening to politicians or people who just say i heared it from so and so,
      If i may point out to your comments about transferring money thru banks, as per your comment being white money, and those that choose to do it thru, private shops, you have your facts wrong,
      just because the pakistani government so i have been told (“that they only want money transfered thru banks”) nonsense to say this is white money, this can still be bad money.
      If anybody wants to send money to pakistan thru a shop or a private person, there is no big deal,
      I think you have no idea about costs, involved when sending thru banks, i have my own buisness, and some of the costs charged by banks are like “gangsters” they can charge anything from £25 to £50 and thats just for transferring charge, and then they will give you a rate which is no where near the market spot rate, means could be ruppee 2 to ruppee 10 less ,, (they want to make money on your money”
      and thats not even 1 part of it, if you want to try to send money to UAE, saudi arabia, generally middleeast mostly they want you to do it thru USA,
      So you want to tell us about white money and black money,
      we are defaulted by banks, the “banks legally , thieves, ”
      Give it a break, because the more you dig for all this its dirty all around,
      I dont see any problem with transferring moeny thru shop or money transfer agents,
      1, they give a better rate than the banks
      2, they dont charge any where like the ridiculous rates the banks charge,
      £30 can mean approx ruppess 3900, “@ 130 a pound” so do you really want to loose that money ,
      well you maybe be rich, but there are alot of people out there who live on less than per month,

  • Overseas Post author

    Amir’s comments reflect the psyche of the poor and neglected Pakistani. Although overseas Pakistanis are not responsible for their problems and majority of overseas Pakistanis themselves belong to the same neglected class. The only difference is that, by some means they get a chance to go out of their homeland where they have better returns for their hard work and are able to save some extra money. In reality the money sent by Pakistanis abroad is like blood stream in Pakistani economy and it helps to reduce the problems of the poor. In order to safeguard their hard earned money, most of the people prefer to invest in properties because there are no other options available for them. This money can be diverted towards industrialization of the country but that is government’s job and our governments do not have the ability to plan and implement such policies.
    There are a lot of overseas Pakistanis who are well trained and capable of helping the government but they do not have any influence to do so and their money as well as expertise is not being utilized by Pakistan. This is very lengthy subject and I shall leave it for other friends to add their view point but I would like to ensure Mr. Amir that his thinking is wrong, overseas Pakistanis love Pakistan and Pakistanis more than inland Pakistanis and they are not responsible for their problems.
    God bless you all

  • Nasir Mahmood

    oh and I forgot…Aamirs comment reminds me of a comment the George Bush made….He suggested that prices of food in America were going up because Indians are getting richer and eating better food leaving less for the rest of the world…!!! WHAT A MORON !!!

  • Nasir Mahmood

    Overseas Paksitanis do NOT increase prices in Pakistan. It is the CORRUPT officials who are REPEATEDLY “VOTED” back into power and continue to RAPE the country and sell off any assets that they can and yet the Pakistani ppl still stand behind the likes of Benazir and Zardari knowing full well that these people took away BILLIONS from the country.

    The increase in prices of everything is a worldwide phenomenon. I was talking to relatives in the UK and Holland and they are very worried. Bread and other basic food items have increased in price by almost 100% in the last 6 MONTHS in Europe!!

    The problem here in Islamabad is that people just like to complain and find scapegoats instead of looking at what is happening all over the world. Fuel prices are increasing WORLDWIDE as are FOOD prices due to the use of food items to make alternative fuels. Inflation is RAMPANT everywhere because of the use of INTEREST in every aspect of life.

    The local Pakistanis are the biggest problems with the country because they spend their ENTIRE lives trying to find ways to leave Pakistan causing a huge drain in terms of skills, labour and capital.

    • Adnan

      Overseen Pakistanis definitly show their concern but practically they are doing nothing great for Pakistan except criticizing.The overseas Pakistani should analyze themselves 1)Arent most of them transferring the money through illegal means to Pakistan? 2)What they are doing their to introduce our country and help to improve the reputation of Pakistan 3) Sometimes they even hesitant to declare their nationality? 4)Do they celebrate national day there? 5)Overseas Pakistanis are not Tax payers to Pakistan, then why they are expecting of being facilitate when they come here? 6) They even dont bother to cast their vote.7) It is possible that I am unaware of the role overseas Pakistanis are playing for the betterment of Pakistan so please can any overseas Pakistani inform me about the role. Please dont mention the indivisuals but as the whole community there.

      Adnan Siddiqui

      • ahmad

        Please improve your knowledge as overseas Pakistanis are sending more than US $ 6 billions for u to import cosmetics and bullet proof cars.

  • Aamir

    Overseas Pakistanis role not good. They increase price in Pakistan. All overseas buying property and make poor Pakistani more poor. Why they not work in Pakistan and live like other poor people?

    • Najeeb Khalid

      First of All Asalam Alikum to every body , Pakistan is going in a very critical condition and we overseas & domestic Pakistanis can help our country to get out from these current issues by : If each person (Pakistani) living in or out of our country donates 300/= Rs or more than that , we can achive many goals because the population of Pakistan is above 16 Corore this we can do every month but we should have a sincere Government also, the govt of our country is making the poor people more poor and has finished the middle class b doing this the CRIME ratio is increasing. Plz for ALLAH sake dont worry the citizens of Pakistan.
      By generating funds we can stand on our legs and never ask for AID from anybody.

      Najeeb Khalid
      Human Rights Citizen Committee Int’l (Regd)

      • B. Shah

        This is good calculation. I have a proposal too.
        Note the World Commercial Banks failed and go bankrupt.
        Why not have a POOR MANS BANK. I have a detail proposal
        in this regards.Those interested to have details
        Can contact me. I will also post the details shortly

        B. Shah

      • alamhashmi

        @Najeeb Khalid, its nice to see that we all are concerned of the national issues but don’t you think we have talked enough on the subject and this is time to do something practical.. i m having a project in hand for which i m running out of resources can we do a lot to the people of our poor land with the amount which is so little for the community living abroad and changing the fate of these people.. please contact me on 03316540753 if u are intrusted at all to help these poor people


        @Surryia Mahmood,

        Asalam u Alaikum
        Itz me Abdul Basit from islamabad pakistan
        Miss i get ur email from a site..
        i want ur help if u can

        i am participating in essay writing competion
        The topic is
        “Current Situation of Pakistan and Role of yougsters”

        Can u plz give me essay on this topic..only 2 days left in competition..


    • Haroon

      @Overseas, You Just go through the contents of the discussion and will find that every body feels that he or she has the right solution.
      Every nation must have some consensus. Consensus is the basis of statehood. As long has that state has the consensus it prospers and as the time passes different interpretation start because of the requirements of time.
      Do not forget that no Idealogical State Ever Survived more than 100 Years. Soviet Union Was Based on Socialist Ideology and gone like a wind. Israel and Pakistan are the only two states left. We were living on that land and will keep living on that Land Known as Pakistan. Pakistani Nation has two Choices: Shut their Mouths and Start Teaching their Children with out Demanding. When their Children will Prosper Pakistan or any other Place where they will be living will prosper. Prosperity is the collective benefit of collective efforts. Who knows more than Overseas Pakistanis? What is our Productivity in Pakistan as compared with Developed nations. Some people think Zardari is Devil, Some think Musharaf Was Devil, Some think Imran Or Nawaz Sharif are their saviors. But the problem is weather Nawaz Sharif Or Imran Khan or Even the Best Person on this earth can not help them because they DO NOT KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT and think that they know every thing.
      They want to Export but do not understand that for exporting they need customers and if people living in Pakistan are afraid of even going out then who will come to buy from outside.
      They have found now USA, Zardari and Musharaf as Devils and Imran and Nawaz Sharif are their saviors. Let them live as they do think because THEY ARE NOW REAPING THE BENEFITS OF JUSTICE FOR EVERY BODY AND TRUE DEMOCRACY. RULE OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. LET THEM LIVE IN THEIR NEW FOUND HEAVEN. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THEM AND WASTE YOUR TIME

    • Dream City Gwadar

      @Overseas, If you are really Lovers of Pakistan then make strong Pakistan’s Economy and Lead Pakistan via Investment in Pakistan.
      The best opportunity in Pakistan investment is in Gwadar – The future of Pakistan:

      Government of Pakistan and Baluchistan are sincerely working to find ways and means to Make Gwadar the Dream City were People work and enjoy peaceful living.

      Following steps have been taken to give boost to Pakistan economy:

      Gwadar EPZ industries get 10-year tax exemption:

      * Industrial units in EPZ allowed to sell 50 percent of their produce locally:
      ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday notified a tax exemption on profits and gains of any industrial unit in the Gwadar Export Processing Zone (EPZ) for a period of 10 years.

      The exemption will commence from the time the industrial unit is set up or begins commercial operations.

      The FBR also notified that industrial units established in the Gwadar EPZ would be allowed to sell 50 percent of their produce in the local market, compared to 20 percent previously.

      The remaining produce can be exported as per the producer’s preference.

      Earlier, the industrial units located in the Gwadar EPZ needed to export 80 percent of their production for availing tax exemptions and incentives.

      The FBR issued SRO 606(I)/2009, which amended the Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance and added a new clause, 126-D, after clause 126-C.

      The FBR also issued a notification SRO 612 (I)/2009 that amended the Customs Rules.

      According to newly-added clause IV, the licensee may procure duty-paid input goods manufactured locally in addition to duty-free input goods for the production of finished products.

      If duty drawback and rebate of federal excise duty are admissible on exports of such finished products on the basis of standard duty drawback and rebate notification, the value for claiming duty drawbacks and rebates would be the products’ value less the value of the duty-free input goods.


      1. Makkah City NOC : 01/04/IND/ GDA

      2. Habitan Shelter NOC: 05/05/IND/GDA

      3. Prince City NOC: 11/07/IND/GDA

      4. Dream City Gwadar NOC: 12/IND/GDA

    • Muhammad Naveed Arshad

      All overseasies Pakistani iz to mush love then Pakistani-Residience bcuz they r so far from pakistan that’s y they love more.

    • Farid

      This is totally right. I have been reading all these comments and I believe the answer is so simple: Islam. Please brothers the answer is Islam Islam Islam. All balochis Sindhis punjabi Pathan have only Islam in common. We talk about our corrupt leaders and point fingers and yes part of the problem is that, but we never look upon our own shortcomings. Do we cheat? At a personnel level. On a exam maybe. There are many fake doctors out in Pakistan who have bought their degrees. Islam forbids cheating. Isnt,t cheating corruption. Do we lie. Is it not corruption. Do we deal interest. Do we back bite. Is it not corruption. How can we be mad at government when we partake in these haram and unlawful acts. No Imran khan or zardari can force you to help you to change or with these basic morales. They dont tell you to stop cheating and if they do, citzens won’t listen. Only Islam can help Pakistan. Because when Islam is implemented 100 percent people will stop.. willingly. And that is when corruption end. we need to go back to basics. Many won’t even realize this but nationalism is haram. Being too proud of being a Pakistani is essentially nationalism. We need to back to history and see that we are one Muslim ummahh. What is Pakistan? it is a country that was build to create a safe haven for MUSLIMS from India. The borders are sewn by Britain. Pakistan is nothing. Before we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims. But there is hope because Muhammad swt said there will be Khalifah! That unites the muslim ummah. IA we will stop worrying about Pakistan and take care of ummah. Islam brothers Islam. “To change the world we have to change ourself first” famous quote said by so many. I hope and pray to Allah to lead brothers an sister toward right path