Book Review:Women and Economy 14

Women and Economy: The Politics of Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is one of the key social and economic development objectives articulated in today’s world, almost universally aimed and advocated for. The last two decades have witnessed the debates on women’s economic empowerment becoming increasingly popular and taking over the international development stage, in seemingly convenient ways which leave some critical questions unanswered. This piece of academic enquiry aims to question the conventional wisdom on this subject by critically analyzing women economic engagement and its implications on their empowerment. The underlying objective of this research is to inform the gender and development discourse with first hand experiences and conceptualizations of grass root women about both economic participation and empowerment and their inter-play with each other. About Bushra Zulfiqar Bushra Zulfiqar is a writer and development activist from Pakistan. Studied from the London School of Economics, she has been an advocate for the welfare of minority groups, particularly women and children. Her upcoming book “Contemporary Pakistan” is due for worldwide publication in the fall of 2011. this book is available on Amazon as well

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  • Sidra Iqbal

    Respected sir,

    I wants to en light the one of the major issue for women. will you help me? i am one of the student. In colleges & universities affairs and love is a normal thing. but some boys get negative advantage of it and black males girls. And even some girls have to lost there every thing. its the issue for which we cant launce complain in police becouse of the respect of parents. There should must be an walfare society or some department regarding ladies or such kind of issues.

  • sidra iqbal

    Another thing i wants to say. girls who are from lower middle class they dont even have enough stamina or knowledge to handle such kind of things. and the sons of eliet class ruin them. its the voice of womens by me. I also one the victum of it. i dont know what should i do. one of my classfelow is blakmaling me. he have my pics which he got form my email id. he is saying that he will spead them or mix them or put them on facebook. its the matter of izat. now i dont know what should i do. he is a blackmaler and he had ruin many girls by doing this. or otherwise he said that do what ever i will said. i am one the middle class girl cant say any thing to parents because they are already against my study. and cant complain in police because if the police will come on over door then its not a good sign for the honer of my parents. i dont know what should i do. is somebody here who will help me?

    • robin hood

      do not be afraid, i got all solutions to get u out of this situation. Please send me an e.mail om ibrahim.pathan at hotmail dot com.

  • Sidra Iqbal

    Will some one help me? i am in great trouble. but i dont want this that my parents will know all of this. One of my class felow is blakmaling me.

  • Syed Qasim Ali

    A.O.A kasi hain sidra? i hope you are very well.. ALLAH apko salamat rakhay. Ameen.
    My Name is Syed Qasim Ali . i belong to Lahore Iqbal town, i doing a job, dear mene apki sari story read ki hay mujhy sun kr boht afsos howa hay k log kis tarha hamary muashray ki izzat k sath khailty hain aur unko black mail karty hain.????
    agar ap mujhy us shaks ka addres ya koi ata pata ya koi bhi contect number dain to me shayad apki koi help ker sakon akhir ap hamari izzat hain….. aur hamay chahye k ham apki izzat ka khayal rakhain…. mer E-Mail ID hay ap us per mujh sey contect kar sakti hain qasimpir512 dot gmail com
    Thanking You,

    Best Regards.
    Syed Qasim Ali

  • send sms in pakistan

    a.a i have approached here after facing greatly typically democratic situation that we are standing in a queue waiting for our turn but the influentials get their work done with an upper hand and you can just watch and act as SUMMUM BUKMUN. I am here to complain about the opf educational rules that are merciless enough not to let any deserving person avail his chance.
    why it is so that secretary appointed in a big city can say so openly to you that no sir, there is no need to do his work.the people of small cities turn to big city just to get big city allowance.
    opf authorities are not solving my problem.but a lame option is given to me which is harder than the present one.
    and an otherwise message is said to me instead ‘to quit’.
    i dont know what to do?

  • send sms in pakistan

    No doubt this is a cool book but there are some issues in this book which are not written correctly. I would like not to discuss them over the internet on a free platform due to certain reasons, but if anyone would like to have a word, I am available.

  • sajid hussain

    Asalamoalakum sir there is some miss justice with me at modal high school teh & district khanewal(Punjab) near Jinnah library. Sir pleas help me in that case i challenge it in complain cell but no vain. Sir i was only M.A library science at that school but they did not carry educators policy like 5 numbers in interview they increase it to 40 mark and less my education marks as well as. Sir The candidate who select belong to khanewal city and I requester belong to remote area of khanewal. He is only B.A education. I Request to change that policy. That seat is of library assistant (BS-07). Its selection was occur in 2009 and after that my will is going loss and I cant study no more science that time and I DO my M.A library science from BZU (multan) regular I send mail on chief minister face book but no reply . Sir I again request to change that discriminate policy as it could not occur next time again with some one new when you make merit policy pleas put it on all departments like educators policy when unemployment is in large condition these kinds of acts dis hart very much. I also request that chief minister should give new post of librarian in schools especially in district khanewal(Jannoby Punjab) near multan where lots of libraries with there equipment waiting for librarian and librarian as well as .Especially when new educators are going to select appoint librarian also with them because books are damaging in various schools with out labrarians. Chief minister is going to select various seats in vast scale physical instructors and computer instructors and make various labs for theme where no sufficient man power as librarians in previous selection these seats were go back without filling on. I can’t understand that policy where thing is need not give them but where not need give theme much and more in spite of spend much and more funds computers labs are not needed results provided. My age is over 30 and I am getting over age now so pleas help me. Sajid Gillian 34/10r Teh & district khanewal via kacha khu . ALLAH HAFIZ


    Women bear almost all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family in the third world society. Yet, they are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility. The vast majority of the world’s poor are women. Two-thirds of the world’s illiterates are female. Of the millions of school age children not in school, the majority are girls.
    Women account for one-half of the potential talent base of the population throughout the world. Women either from rural or urban areas can play a significant role almost in all economic and social activities if they are provided equal opportunities to have access to resources, information and freedom of action in the society. In future, a nation’s competitiveness would depend significantly on whether and how it capitalizes on its female talent.
    Community Enterprise & ‘Women Development Organization
    CEWDO, since 2005, has a unique standing and a mission among civil society organizations in Pakistan working exclusively on women empowerment and development, the most effect tools for social and economic change in society.The CEWDO mission is to combine rights-based action with personal development of the women to support them with mobilization, advocacy, research and capacity building for future leadership and to enable/encourage them to participate independently and more actively in the economic and social development of their families, community and country.