Economics of education and skill By M. Osman Ghani Human capital is a vehicle of nation building through which social, cultural and economic upbringing and development are passed on from generation to generation. At the national level, education and human development make a productive and skilled labour force, thus, the …

17 Lahori students top worldwide CIE list

* O-level students urge govt to improve education system, introduce new disciplines * Students slam extremism LAHORE: The British Council on Thursday held an award distribution ceremony to celebrate Pakistani students who scored achieved the best results in the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) 2007.

Security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons

The grossly exaggerated threat of nuclear terrorism together with the hype created against Pakistan’s nuclear assets, and labelling it a potential threat to the international security, is a singular achievement of the “terrorism industry” that mainly comprises, the US politicians as lead players alongside bureaucrats and the US media.

Panacea for the prevailing economic ills of Pakistan

by Rakhshanda Khan Rakhshy The growing economy of Pakistan has gone through a very big setback during the last few months and its stability and robustness is being threatened due to the events in the recent past. Also these events have left a lingering sensation/impression in and outside the country, …