Political promises revisited —Mariam Mufti

The parties agree that political development in the form of democratic governance will create the space for social development. However, there seems to be nothing to suggest whether they intend democratic consolidation and social development to be simultaneous or to precede one another

Kashmir and Kashmir Singh

Mir Adnan Aziz The valley of Kashmir is an emerald set in pearls; a land of lakes, clear streams, green turf, magnificent trees and mighty mountains where the air is cool, and the water sweet. Sir Walter Lawrence. Released from Kot Lakhpat prison, the now 67-year Mr. Kashmir Singh will …

Economic development in Pakistan

Fraz Akram Email: ranafrazakram@hotmail.com After the founding of Pakistani State in 1947, the Government’s economic policy concentrated attention on developing an economic infrastructure, achieving self-sufficiency in food, and developing export industries.

Pakistan: Leaders by inheritance

By Kunwar Idris PAKISTAN’S political parties have always been, now more than ever, vociferous in demanding, as the Benazir-Nawaz Sharif charter of May 2006 puts it, ‘undiluted democracy’. But the parties themselves hardly ever had even a semblance of democracy in their own organisations – now less than ever.