July 27, 2016



Ali display picThe whole of Pakistani nation observed 20th of this July as a Black Day in showing solidarity with the helpless people of the Indian Held Kashmir who have been facing all kind of atrocities at the hands of the cruel Indian army for the last many decades. The history of these cruelties is replete with so many examples of callousness and pitilessness of the Indian authorities against the Kashmiris but whatever the Indian army did in the last two weeks is really heart-rending. So many innocent young Kashmiris were brutally murdered by thrusting bullets directly into their eyes, so many young girls raped in presence of their parents and so many houses burnt to ashes along with their inhabitants; the whole of Kashmir valley was painted with blood, smoke and the cries of the crushed ones but unfortunately the international authorities on peace and human rights are all silent. They are even avoiding discussion on the fresh wave of atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Why is everyone silent, everyone dumb; no reaction, no protest at international level. It seems that internationally the Kashmir issue is being taken as some personal problem of Pakistan but fact of the matter is that Kashmir is not a personal problem of Pakistan; it is the problem of countless helpless Kashmiris whose lives have become a hell at the hands of ruthless Indian forces. Read More »THE CIVIL WAR IN INDIAN HELD KASHMIR