November 20, 2015


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Ali SukhanverStanding outside the scenario, it is always very easy to comment on a situation and analyze it without becoming a part of it. Same is the case with Balochistan. What is the actual issue of Balochistan; lawlessness, separatist elements, deprivation of the Baloch people, the negligence on the part of the past federal government or the indifference of the Baloch Sardars to the basic problems of the Baloch people? Various people might have various opinions in this regard but the actual analysis could be done only by the people of Balochistan.

The people of Balochistan complain that the federal government had never been serious in resolving their issues in the past. Every government gives importance to the Sardars and no doubt showers blessings upon them but these Sardars never share these blessings with the common people of Balochistan. There has ever been a serious lack of facilities regarding health, education and communication in Balochistan. The preciously beneficial Sui Gas is a source of providing energy to whole of the country but the people of Balochistan do not get any benefit of it. People are suffering from serious diseases because of scarcity of clear drinking water. Schools and colleges of standard education are few and far between and same is the case with roads and bridges. That is why the Baloch students have to proceed to Sind and Punjab for better education. No factories and no industrial projects are there to adjust the Baloch youth and to provide them job opportunities. In such a depressing situation rage and anger are very natural outcome.  It could be true that the people of Balochistan are very much dissatisfied with the indifference and unresponsiveness on the part of the federal and provincial governments and of the Sardars. But it does not mean that they want to be detached from Pakistan or they are seeking for ‘independence’ from Pakistan. Taking advantage of this scenario, various foreign supported elements are trying their utmost to change Balochistan into a blazing inferno but they have yet not succeeded simply because every Baloch heart is filled with love for Pakistan. Love never lets you say Good-Bye.Read More »JOURNEY TO HAPPINESS IN BALOCHISTAN