April 27, 2015



Ali Sukhanver “Targeting Mecca and Medina is the only way to save US from the attacks of the Muslims”, said Tom Tancredo, the US presidential candidate in Election 2007. Tom Tancredo belonged to the Republican Party. During his election campaign he earned a lot of popularity among the extremist strata of the American society by suggesting that the sacred Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina should be attacked if America is attacked. According to the various media reports published in different western newspapers of those days, it was not for the first time that Tom Tancredo issued such a conflicting statement.  Earlier in 2005 also he had expressed the same kind of opinion regarding attacks on the sacred cities of the Muslims. In May, 2012, the Daily Mail UK published a report with the title, ‘Bomb Mecca’. The report referred to a course organized for the young U.S. Read More »THE WESTERN DESIRE