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Imran Khan pushes Pakistan to unlock hydropower potential

Reuters MATTA: Standing on the balcony of his two-story riverside hotel, Bilal Mustafa enthuses about the inauguration of a micro-hydroelectric power station in his scenic town. “The cheap electricity from the station will boost the hotel industry in the area and slash the cost of running hotels and motels,” Mustafa […]


ALI SUKHANVER Life is going to prove hazardously disastrous for the Muslims and Christians of India in general and particularly for those who are unfortunately poor and destitute. The Hindu extremists are doing all their best to compel the poor Muslims and the Christians to embrace Hinduism and say good-bye […]


ALI SUKHANVER The Pakistani society is always blamed of having the blobs of terrorism, corruption, political instability and all type of lawlessness by the western and Indian media but a lot of thanks to God Almighty, this ‘lawless’ society is still very safe for the women. Though every year there […]

43rd NATIONAL DAY: United Arab Emirates: A Modern Age Wonder

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan The United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrates its 43rd National Day on December 2, 2014. The UAE remarkable multi-sector development is a modern-age wonder. Indeed, the nation has come a long way since its inception. Diversification of economy promoted massive industrialization in the country due to which […]