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December 2013

Tumultuous end to a whirlwind era

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* Justice Chaudhry’s retirement day hit by controversy over SC administration allegedly favouring a private TV channel by providing it with an exclusive footage of full-court reference

Romance between the media and outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry came to a tragic end on his retirement day, as the Supreme Court’s administration on Wednesday allegedly provided the video footage of the Supreme Court’s full court reference to one TV channel (Geo), and other TV channels started a campaign against the outgoing CJP. Read More »Tumultuous end to a whirlwind era


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Despite huge voices there is so far no answer as to from where came Rs. 5.5 billion recently paid for settling the circular debit. Was this through further extra printing of currency notes or taken/diverted from any other fund/source? Though Sheikh Rasheed’s question in the assembly was answered but according to Rauf Klasra the two page answer was complete with undesired technical definitions lacking any hint to the real question from where came this money.  Katrina Hussain the anchor commented, this might have been taken “from different funds.  Sheikh Rasheed still Read More »GOODBYE, MY LORDSHIP AND OUR TWO OVERSEAS FUNDS

Judging Chaudhry


IT is ungracious to take pot shots at someone walking into the sunset. But to refuse to take stock of the performance of a public office holder as remarkable as Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and draw lessons for the future is also undesirable.

In measuring up Chaudhry’s tenure as chief justice there are five broad areas that invite comment: judicial independence; suo motu powers; judicial appointments; judicial reform; and Arsalan Iftikhar.Read More »Judging Chaudhry



ali-sukhanver2The recent brutal killing of Molana Moavia, a leader of Ahl-e-Sunnat-wal-Jammat in Lahore is a proof that the terrorists have now planned to shift their battle-field from other cities of Pakistan to Lahore, the Provincial Capital of Punjab. Though the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan are doing their utmost to bridle the outrageous fiend of terrorism but the terrorists are also very well-equipped and very well-determined to make this nation a slave to their cruel desire. Let us wait and see who is going to win over this battle. But one thing must be very much clear that ideologies could never be imposed by force; minds are never a conquerable piece of land. Since the terrorists have weapons in their hands; they could Read More »SHIFTING THE BATTLE FIELD

Indus Motors unveils Toyota Prius in Pakistan

The Indus Motor Company (IMC), makers of different models of Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles in Pakistan, unveiled most-awaited Hybrid Vehicle ‘The Toyota Prius’ in an impressive ceremony on Tuesday.
IMC has introduced Toyota’s flagship Hybrid Car Prius with complete warranty, comprehensive after sales support and parts which will give much needed peace of mind to its customers unlike the used cars which puts consumer interest at huge risk. The Prius introduced by IMC is of latest generation and has been customised for Pakistan road conditions with improved ground clearance and robust suspension system.
The current generation Prius is globally known for its iconic shape and advance hybrid technology which enable its customers to achieve excellent fuel efficiency and enhanced performance with very little or almost negligible emissions. Due to these technological and environment-friendly attributes, Toyota has sold over 5 million Hybrid vehicles globally.Read More »Indus Motors unveils Toyota Prius in Pakistan

Implications of falling value of Pak rupee vs. dollar

Common man is visible sufferer
By Abdul Waris 

Regular fluctuations in currency market (both currency appreciation and depreciation of currency) is a matter of routine. However one has to express his concerns regarding recent sharp decline of rupee. There are certainly some positive aspects of this depreciation but they do not seem to exist visibly. However whole economy has been griped due to its dire consequences and the common man is the visible sufferer. Why has rupee gone down so sharply against dollar? it is a separate debate, which can be discussed on some other occasion. Read More »Implications of falling value of Pak rupee vs. dollar