May 22, 2013



ali-sukhanver2Though the nation is very much delighted over the continuity of democratic process in Pakistan but this feeling of joy and happiness won’t last longer if the tree of democracy does not bear the desired fruit. The list of the problems which this nation has been facing since long is not endless but it requires a lot of hard work, determination and above all a sincere will to resolve these problems. Unfortunately in the previous five years, the elected government wasted a lot of time in strengthening itself in the name of stabilizing democracy and nothing could be done for the betterment of common people and prosperity of the country. The PPP government could have delivered a lot to the people if the democratically elected representatives had behaved in a sensible manner. The situation today is the same as it was five years back. Ever increasing energy crisis, unemployment, scarcity of opportunities, a feeling of disappointment and depression and above all the uncontrollable wave of terrorism; in short nothing could be changed. The way the whole nation reacted to the inability of the previous government is very much obvious from the results of the recent elections. Same would be the fate of the newly elected public representatives if they did not learn a lesson from the past. The people of Pakistan demand nothing but peace and prosperity and both these desires are unachievable unless the menace of terrorism is crushed with iron hands.Read More »ANOTHER TYPE OF TERRORISM

Rigging factories reduce PTI victory

 By Jalilur Rehman

It were the rigging factories in the provincial metropolis and other parts of the country that began working in the evening on the polling day and reversed the results for winning PTI candidates. In the city Hamid Khan renowned jurist, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid known gynaecologist and Hamid Zaman a businessman appear to be victim of the rigging factories the ultimate outcome of which was their engineered defeat and victory of their opponent who belonged to PML (N). Interestingly the PTI leadership, their candidates, voters and supporters knew that rigging has been committed but how and when was not known to them. There are reports with documentary evidence and footage of the cameras that in the provincial metropolis some towering candidates of the skipper Imran Khan’s team have been made target of engineered rigging but still the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) seems to be unmoved rather reluctant for taking appropriate action in accordance with law to redress grievance of the victims. It is believed that all those constituencies where results had been delayed the political opponents of the PTI rigged the results through rigging factories. Read More »Rigging factories reduce PTI victory