March 7, 2013

Pakistan Army wants cleanup before polls

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Pakistan Observer report by Afzal Bajwa


Asserting as the only unwavering institution amid political transition, Pakistan army has urged upon political leader-ship to go for law and order be-sides accountability before general elections, well placed sources told Pakistan Observer.

According to the sources, the armed forces’ top brass believes that politically elected functionaries must be held responsible for the misgivings, lacking, and blatant failures on their part. “The army does not want to share the responsibility of the outgoing government’s miserable failure in the counter terror measures,” the sources added.Read More »Pakistan Army wants cleanup before polls


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‘The death toll rose to at least 37 in violence sparked by a controversial death sentence handed down against the head of an Islamic party for war crimes committed during the country’s 1971 war of independence’, reported The Los Angeles Times on the first day of this March. The paper further says, ‘Tensions have been running high in recent weeks as verdicts were announced in the trials linked to the 1971 war. About 53 people have died since the first verdict on Jan. 21.’ The blazing flames of artificially created abhorrence and hatred have started engulfing the musically magical and enchantingly peaceful fairyland of Bangladesh. Whatever there is happening in Bangladesh is nothing unexpected. After pushing Pakistan and Afghanistan into an inferno of terrorism and destruction, it was already expected that the international conspirators would turn their guns to Bangladesh simply because Bangladesh is one of the few Read More »NOW IT IS BANGLADESH