September 20, 2012


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Today the Muslims all over the world including Pakistan are protesting over a film which not only made fun of the Islamic teachings and preaching but also tried to (God forbid) disrepute and defame in a very derogatory manner the most honorable, respectable and no doubt the most precious man ever born since after the creation of the universe, the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but no one from the western world is willing to pay any heed to this protest. The whole of the western world is calling the making of this film ‘the freedom of expression’. Freedom of expression may go to hell; this was the title of an SMS which I received a few days back. “When the Muslims speak against the brutalities of the Blacks, the western Christian world calls it racism, when the Muslims protest against the atrocities of the Jews; the west calls it extremism, when the Muslims stress their women to observe ‘parda’, the same society brands this act as ‘gender discrimination, but when the western Christian world attacks the Read More »THE REAL FACE OF EXTREMISM