April 30, 2012




In this world of ever strengthening socialization, all time sky-rising graphs of education and ever increasing standards of moral values, liberty, freedom and independence are the terms which are very much talked of but very little cared for. The more civilized a country seems, the more involved it is in ridiculing all these terms. Today stronger is the one who has more courage and determination to challenge the liberty, freedom and independence of others. The 2nd May of every year would always remind the whole of this world how once a so-called civilized nation exploited the trust and belief of one of its faithful allies in the name of war against terror. The Abbotabad operation is one of the worst examples of human rights violation as well as of challenging the liberty, freedom and independence not of a piece of land but of the whole nation. The people ofPakistanwould never forget how their American friends played with their feelings and emotions and how they mitigated and humiliated all rules and regulations regarding diplomatic norms and traditions in the garb of the Abbotabad operation.Read More »DID YOU NEVER LOVE BIN LADEN?

How Obama fulfilled the dreams of Osama

 “The News” report by Hamid Mir

Osama bin Laden is history now but Al-Qaeda is still determined to make some new history. US officials have rightly claimed many times that Al Qaeda has become weaker after the death of Osama bin Laden but they cannot deny the fact that bin Ladenism is still a source of inspiration for the militants fighting from Afghanistan to Yemen and from Iraq to Palestine. Dead Osama is as dangerous as living Osama.

The Obama administration has foiled at least 8 terrorist plots on the US soil since the death of Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. President Obama can take credit of bin Laden’s death but he is not aware that actually bin Laden got the death of his own choice. It was his old dream not to be captured by enemy but to be killed by enemy and no burial in any grave.Read More »How Obama fulfilled the dreams of Osama