August 19, 2011

Spoonful of honey boosts energy

ANCIENT Greek athletes consumed honey to boost their energy and performance levels during Olympics events as it contains glucose and fructose, known to produce tremendous reserves of glycogen in the liver. Having a spoonful of unprocessed honey before bed can support your brain function. The fructose is stored as energy reserves in the liver, ready to fuel the brain overnight. Indeed, honey boosts the immune system and has an antibacterial effect internally and externally, helping the body to heal.Read More »Spoonful of honey boosts energy



Karachi, once the most prosperous, promising and developing financial hub ofPakistanis now at stake. The people ofKarachiare left with nothing but a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. Stray bullets and unidentified killers are ruling over this metropolitan city. In spite of their best efforts the provincial government, the police, the Rangers and even the leaders of various political parties have yet not succeeded in finding out the actual root cause of this blood shed. The city is turning to a land of horror and fright.Read More »TERRORISM IN KARACHI