August 6, 2011

Vote for Corruption is not democracy-a

By Qaisar Sultan


I have been searching for the answers to the present chaos and corruption in the government, military and judiciary for last three years; somehow we have learnt to live or be complacent with what has been choking and destroying the state. The fact is that the ordinary people do not really get involved as they have too many problems of their own. But what is incredibly uncharacteristic of the precise nature of democracy is the facts that our people vote for bad and corrupt leaders- once elected the elected politicians do not serve the interests of those who elected them. Some may argue that voters are under duress or under some kind of threat to vote for a party or a person; and the leaders they vote for belong to the feudal class who own land and businesses where the voters make their living from. Where there seems to be some truth in this view, there happens to be more than feudal reality of Pakistan- The political equity does not exist in the country. We rightfully argue why we do not have sincere, honest and competent leadership. The idea of the leadership is in the eye of the beholder. There is supposed to be a conscious awareness in the public and their set of values and choices are based on their free will. That idea of free will of people was totally fictional in the social contract that was understood by the rich landowners, military generals, religious politicians and anyone with ten cows (This a reference to Tutsi’s phenomenon where the Belgium declared anyone with ten cows a Tutsi). Right from the start, even before the formation of the country, Pakistani culture was not based on the association on economic concern of the masses; it was traditionally one way street. We can say that it was a political arrangement based on master and slave culture; those were the ways of this part of the sub-continent. The vast majority was not educated and was extremely poor; that allowed the structural basis of a typical tenth century European style aristocracy and feudal set up.  Years of practice and acceptance of an unfair society developed a system where they do not seem to have any capacity for a sense of justice and conception of good (Rawl’s mature theory of justice). Off course, the obvious thing for an individual to do is to look out for his welfare and the end that he seeks in his life. But in Slave and Master Culture the loyalties are so lopsided that we wonder why those people would do and support that is not in their best interests.Read More »Vote for Corruption is not democracy-a

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan devises new rating criteria for private universities

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ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has devised a new rating criteria for private sector universities by which all categories X, Y and Z will cease to exist and degrees awarded by universities/degree awarding institutions (DAIs) holding such categories will not be recognized by the HEC.Read More »Higher Education Commission of Pakistan devises new rating criteria for private universities

UAE Embassy organized a sociable Iftari program

By Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

SOS Village, Rawalpindi

Islamabad: UAE Embassy in Pakistan organized an Iftari program on August 3 in famous SOS Village, Rawalpindi for orphans. It was co-sponsored by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Charity Foundation. The SOS Village deals with welfare of orphaned children and unprivileged segments of the society in the country.Read More »UAE Embassy organized a sociable Iftari program

UAE Embassy Caravan of Iftari programs goes on

By Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Anjuman Faiz Ul Islam, Mandera

Islamabad (August 5): Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Charitable foundation and UAE Red Crescent Authority with the coordination of UAE Embassy in Pakistan are engaged with the series of Iftari programs in the country which will be carried out during the whole blessed month of Ramadan. A well arranged Iftari program was staged in Anjuman Faiz Ul Islam, Mandera in the evening, yesterday. The caravan of Iftari programs will be carried out in different parts of the country and will cover maximum charitable organizations, welfare institutions and centers. More than 400 students as well as workers, staff members and high management of the center attended the Iftari program.Read More »UAE Embassy Caravan of Iftari programs goes on

Bin Laden’s last laugh

By Khalid Aziz

SIMONE de Beauvoir, the French existentialist writer, was on the dot when she remarked, “If you live long enough, you’ll see that every victory turns into a defeat.”

With that in mind, one must inquire now what happened to the euphoria of the US ‘victory’ when the Taliban surrendered Kandahar on Dec 7, 2001. In 2004 and then again in 2007, Osama bin Laden said that he would bleed the US into bankruptcy, as he had done earlier with the Soviet Union. Today, it is quite clear that the military situation in Afghanistan is chaotic and appears to be failing.Read More »Bin Laden’s last laugh