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March 2011

TIME-By Qaisar Sultan

As we start growing old, we feel that the time is flying. Before you know it, another year just passed by; and we celebrated the birthday and a new year. Where does time go? Is it going to any particular destination or to an end? Is it a reality? Does time have soul? Time cannot be a thing. In order to have an existence, it has to come to an end. It has to be a changeable existence. The ancient thinkers thought that it is just an illusion. Sophist and Buddhists monk did not know the thermodynamic time-symmetry. That is why they only knew the past and very little about future- we do not know much about future now.  The non-stop change is measured by the clock and watches, now on our cell phones. I am surrounded by clocks- a watch in front of my bed, Read More »TIME-By Qaisar Sultan