March 11, 2011

IMAGES FROM BALOCHISTAN: A Tale of Promise, Prejudice & Potential

Bushra Zulfiqar

BALOCHISTAN is the most breathtakingly beautiful but equally bitter Province of Pakistan. Bleeding at the hands of a ruthless separatist struggle, ethnically targeted killings and with thousands of people gone missing, life in Balochistan is that of fear, violence and a blatant abuse of human rights. The Province which is larger than Germany and covers more than 44% of Pakistan, has huge deposits of gold, copper, coal, lead and other natural resources. It offers the most spectacular landscape of a tall, hazy brown mountain range, against gray skies with a peculiar chill. The social repression is further compounded by the stark levels of poverty, economic suffering and a consistent lack of opportunities to secure livelihoods. Contrary to the enriched mineral and natural resources that Balochistan has, its population seems completely denied of that wealth, doomed to go further down the drain. The Province has the highest prevalence of rural poverty in Pakistan (at 70%) and according to UN’s human development index, 10 out of the 20 lowest ranking Districts in Pakistan are from Balochistan. These are the places where 91% of the population lives. To add further to this depressing list of statistics, let me quote the World Food Programme, which has declared that 13 most under fed Districts of Pakistan are that of Balochistan. So ugly is the reality, which is a result of decades of political exploitation and injustices for the control of resources, economic deprivation and lack of a people centered approach to development.  Read More »IMAGES FROM BALOCHISTAN: A Tale of Promise, Prejudice & Potential



United Arab Emirates has been put on the armaments industry map by the successful holding of successive IDEX

It is one of the important lessons of all the splendid ancient dynasties and modern day wars for power pursuits that self defence is the best defence and relies on indigenous armaments industry always guarantees safety of the national strategic assets and protects the desired goals of foreign policy and socio-economic plans. It is also one of the key philosophies and curial factors of colonialism, communism, social democracy, imperialism or free market arena that weakness always tends to encourage aggression, subjugation, socio-economic embargos and above all political isolation. So a strong deterrence has become the symbol of survival in the hot pursuits of power, domination and possession in power struggle of today complicated world. Read More »INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE IDEX 2011