January 20, 2011

The Civil Discourse

By Qaisar Sultan

The brittleness of our thought process, especially in the matters of faith, makes us to suffer from an impenetrable barrier to reason. Instead of being tolerant to other faiths, there is a common desire to prove them wrong. We have witnessed the clashes of faith, resulting in deaths of millions. The history is full of heroes on all sides fighting to destroy other faiths, if they could. The pride in the killings with a sense of nobility and piety is beyond the ethical and moral norms of all faiths.  The display of arrogance, brawling and affront, anger and malice reduce us as people. What has happened to “O believers of the Book, be not unduly immoderate in your religion”-5.77.  It is the humility and understanding of other point views, no matter how outlandish it may sound, that gives room for reconciliation and appreciation of ideas opposed to ours. There is no Read More »The Civil Discourse