January 5, 2011

Pakistan’s Real War: Progress vs Poison

By Bushra Zulfiqar

What a beginning of a new decade! Only when domestic politics in Pakistan seemed murkier, jolting between continuity and coalition, the brutal assassination of Salman Taseer has come as a big, big blow. Tasser although a controversial figure had in the recent past courageously criticized the radical and fundamentalist elements in Pakistani society by supporting Asia Bibi and terming the blasphemy laws, black and discriminatory which had no place in Jinnah’s minorities respecting Pakistan. Few politicians dared to be as courageous even the famously infamous interior minister was quick in giving Government’s assurances of not tinkering with this fundamentally oppressive piece of legislation. A secular, progressive and key figure in Pakistan’s political scenario has been lost, lost to a mind set as from what it seems is a murder resulted from ideologically fuelled hate.  The People’s Party of course is using it as an opportunity to gain it’s lost ground and public sympathy by pointing fingers towards the PMLN.Read More »Pakistan’s Real War: Progress vs Poison