November 3, 2010

Slip and Sliding Away-By Qaisar Sultan

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One of the defining questions regarding the future of democracy in Pakistan is: Have we arrived to an impasse that may require the Hobbesian tradition of controlling disorder and chaos through a Leviathan, an absolute power- I am not suggesting unalterable idea of a military ruler. There is a breakdown of authority; and anarchy has taken hold of the roots of the state. The interests of the individuals and groups have superseded the viability of the country’s survival. Though we cannot ignore the minimalist ideals and practices of democracy; we are faced with the collapse of governance, accountability and fair representation of the will of people. The Lockean view of liberal democracy, ideally and Read More »Slip and Sliding Away-By Qaisar Sultan

The love of the loudspeaker

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By Hussain H Zaidi

 When the khatib of a mosque was asked what in his opinion constituted the most useful invention of science, his reply was “the loudspeaker”. If the same question were put to any other khatib, his answer would be the same.
In our society, there is a special relationship between a khatib and the loudspeaker so much so that it is difficult to think of the former without the latter. Just as a soldier needs to be a good shooter, a khatib must be a good speaker. And one can hardly be a good speaker without being adept at using the loudspeaker.Read More »The love of the loudspeaker

Indus Motors increases Toyota car prices from Nov-2010

By Moonis Ahmed

KARACHI: One of the auto manufacturers has raised car prices up to 2 percent on its different models following hike in Japanese currency Yen, which is now at a 15-year high against major currencies, Daily Times learnt Tuesday.

Indus Motor Company’s spokesman in a statement said that the retail prices of some Corolla variants including XLI and GLI models have been raised by Rs 29,000, which translates into a 2 percent increase; however there will be no change in Altis price. After this price hike the cost of Corolla XLI with an increase of Rs 29,000 has gone up to Rs 1,354,000 as compared to Rs 1,325,000. Similarly the price of Corolla GLI now stands at Rs 1,479,000 as compared to Rs 1,450,000 previously. Read More »Indus Motors increases Toyota car prices from Nov-2010