October 12, 2010



The flames of indignation and anger joined hands together with the feelings of insult and humility which the people of Pakistan have been bearing for a long time and ultimately transformed into sky-kissing flames engulfing the NATO supply tankers in Pakistan. These flames are the slogans redirecting to the world a very strong reaction against the western and particularly the US atrocities going on since long in the name of the war on terror against the peaceful people of Pakistan. The situation is going to be worse if the US policy makers do not review their policies in the region particularly the strategy of Drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan and continuously framing Pakistan in the acts of terrorism. This burning of NATO Tankers is though a reaction too late but it would add to the severity of situation if ignored. For the last many decades Pakistan has been facing a lot of problems as a result of the so-called imposed US war against terror. A shattered economy; frightening law and order situation, increasing burden over the security agencies of Pakistan and above all an unending series of trials and tribulations for the people of Pakistan; this war has very ‘kindly showered ‘upon the people of Pakistan  what they never deserved. Who is losing and who is gaining popularity in Pakistan; this is the most frequently asked question by different western surveying agencies. But none of them has ever tried to dig out the fact why hatred against USA in Pakistan is increasing day by day in an endless manner. If such agencies had ever tried to investigate the situation honestly, the things could have been altogether different.Read More »A GREENLAND FOR TERRORISM

Corruption or Resources

By Qaisar Sultan

Who says that the Pakistanis have not shaped some great philosophical debate? One of our democrats, Qayyum jatoi, who happened to be a federal minister, surmised a new theory of justice. Jatoi said in an emotional outburst, “All the groups- Sindhis, Pakhtoon, Balochi, Saraiki, and Punjabi- should get an equal share in corruption”- Rawls, after hearing this new revolutionary theory of justice, must be turning in his grave.  Who he thinks getting the lion share of corruption money? Jatoi’s boss, Zardari, is supposed to be on the top of the list. Most of politicians from Southern Punjab are as corrupt as any other politician in the country. But Jatoi was not talking about civilian corruption; he meant the corruption money of the military. Jatoi did not stop there; he continued his frontal assault, “We provide the army with uniform and boots, not to Read More »Corruption or Resources