October 3, 2010

Innovative generation of power in Pakistan

By Humair Ishtiaq

The national energy crisis getting worse by the day is causing serious heartburn at the domestic level and adding to the financial woes of industrial and trading classes. The worse part is that people across the board are beginning to lose hope on that count.

The highest offices in the land have been handing out assurances on a routine basis for the past ten years or so and there have been a lot of talk about diversifying the country’s energy mix and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels but with little change in the ground reality.

The frustration is mounting and is not without a reason. According to Economic Survey of Pakistan, energy shortages caused a loss of more than two per cent of the GDP to the national economy during the last fiscal year. The supply of petroleum products to the energy sector increased by a couple of million tons during this period, which, said the Survey, was “mainly because of a lack of adequate power supply” that forced the industry to use “more generators because of the prolonged loadshedding.”Read More »Innovative generation of power in Pakistan

Musharraf comeback looks remote

* Musharraf plans to contest elections by 2013
* No support for Musharraf by any politician, leader

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf has spent two years building a Facebook following and cultivating the media, but few believe his audacious plan to recapture power has any chance of success.

Aside from the small matter of possible death or arrest if he steps foot on home soil, there is little sign he can win over the politicians he alienated, the judges he sacked, his former underlings at the military or the Americans.
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