August 28, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Airblue cockpit had a third person

By Imran Ali Teepu

A team investigating the crash of the ill-fated Airblue jetliner on July 28 in Islamabad has detected the possible presence of a third person in the cockpit. Under normal circumstances, a cockpit is not supposed to have anyone other than the pilot and the co-pilot.

“The investigators have reportedly heard the voice of a third person in the cockpit of the Airblue jetliner,” a source close to the investigation told Dawn on condition of anonymity.

The voice has been extracted from the Cockpit Voice Recorder, according to the source, and the investigators were looking into various possibilities and aspects.
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Suppression and oppression give birth to depression; the worst of all psychological diseases. Most of the time violence is a result of depression. When someone feels that he is being deprived of his basic human rights and finds himself unable to raise a voice against that deprivation and injustice, he turns to violence. Unfortunately this resultant violence is being given the name of terrorism, in case of the Muslims all over the world. Militancy, extremism and fundamentalism; all are different forms of reaction born out of injustice and suppression. The so-called terrorism is nothing but an out come of oppression which the Muslims have been bearing for the last many decades. The Al-Qaeda , The Taliban , The Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and so many other organizations are different colours of Intifada;  an Arabic word , literally meaning  shaking off and usually translated into English as uprising or resistance or rebellion.


Toyota recalls 1.13m Corolla vehicles in N America

* Recall is fresh blow to automaker that recalled 10m vehicles earlier this year due to a faulty acceleration system

NEW YORK: Japanese automaker Toyota has announced the recall of 1.13 million of its popular Corolla vehicles in North America due to an engine defect that could make the car stop while it is being driven.

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, said Thursday the recall was issued for Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles built between 2005 and 2008 “to address some engine control modules (ECM) that may have been improperly manufactured.”Read More »Toyota recalls 1.13m Corolla vehicles in N America