August 26, 2010

‘Pakistan producing expensive electricity in region’

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By Mansoor Ahmad LAHORE: Pakistan is producing expensive electricity because of its dependence on furnace oil and lack of use of sources such as wind, sunlight and coal, a study of power generation capacity of different countries reveals.
According to World Coal Institute, 41.5 percent of global electricity in the world is produced through coal, 21.1 percent through gas, 16 percent through water resources, 14.6 percent through nuclear power plants and only 5.8 percent through oil. Wind, biomass and sunlight account for 2.3 percent of global electricity production.
World Coal Institute states that China produces 79 percent of its electricity from coal, India 69 percent, United States 49 percent, Germany 46 percent and Poland and South Africa more than 90 percent. Read More »‘Pakistan producing expensive electricity in region’