July 2010

Pak economy to grow by 4pc in current year: IMF

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ISLAMABAD: The International Monitory Fund (IMF) projected that Pakistani economy will grow by 4 percent during the current fiscal year, which will expand to 6 percent within the next five years.

The Fund released “World Economic Outlook” report on Thursday in Washington. The report said the growth of Pakistani economy (GDP) was 3 percent during the last fiscal year, which will grow to 6 percent in fiscal year 2015.Read More »Pak economy to grow by 4pc in current year: IMF

Late night call packages: Moral, immoral or amoral


My son talks to his friends all night on phone and he sleeps the whole day, I am an old man, still I have to go to the market to buy grocery” Rashid Ahmed, a retired govt. servant living in G-6, expressed his concern regarding late night packages offered by different mobile companies.

Asmat Ullah Khan, a senior citizen, living in Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, said, “It has changed our perception regarding everything in the world. It has corrupted the whole society. It was never that easy for a boy and a girl to talk freely, without any check. Now we have no control over the things that we witness happening.”Read More »Late night call packages: Moral, immoral or amoral

Fashionable dreams in Balochistan

* Army-run BITE providing free education, monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 to children

QUETTA: Mehtab Kanwal embroiders a women’s tunic, dreaming of a prosperous future as a fashion designer with a boutique – albeit in one of the most turbulent and forgotten parts of Pakistan.

Kanwal’s dream just may come true thanks to a free design course at a new institute where officers gave journalists a guided tour to showcase development projects undertaken by the military.
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UNO is doing nothing but simply taking care of the US’ interests in the world; it is the most common comment on the working of the UNO. All time supporting US strategies and policies, the UNO is continuously losing its credibility and repute. Particularly most of the countries in the South-Asian region are of the opinion that they must stop looking towards this world organization for the solution of their internal and external problems. The prejudice attitude of the UNO has compelled various countries to search for their new friends and sympathizers which could be helpful and supportive to them at every crucial juncture.  As a result of this chauvinistic behaviour of the UNO, we can find new formations and new groups of countries emerging out of this dismal situation. It is nothing but the consequences of the narrow-minded approach of the UNO that today Pakistan, Iran and China are painting a new picture with the colours of closeness and friendship based on needs and requirements. Iran is providing natural gas to Pakistan and China is enhancing its nuclear ability; simply a relationship based on caring and kindness. As a result of these favours showered on Pakistan, it would become very easy for Pakistan to release itself from the cruel clutches of the US dependence.Read More »FROM CHINA TO IRAN

A brand new state for Pakistan —Dr Mubashir Hasan

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The state, as we have it for the last 63 years, has manifestly failed to correct its gross asymmetry. Numerous repair jobs on it have not succeeded. Pakistan needs a brand new state. There has to be a transfer of power from the high and mighty to the low and humble

Describing Pakistan as a failed state is invalid and improper. The widespread corruption, lawlessness, killings, poverty and backwardness in our authoritative society only go to prove that what has failed is not Pakistan or its people but ‘the state’ in Pakistan. Article 7 of the constitution defines the ‘state’ as the federal government, parliament, a provincial government, a provincial assembly, and such local and other authorities in Pakistan as are by law empowered to impose any tax or cess.Read More »A brand new state for Pakistan —Dr Mubashir Hasan

Who is pushing Pakistan, India for talks?

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By Saeed Minhas

ISLAMABAD: Exchange of pleasantries and muted diplomacy between India and Pakistan over thorny issues such as terrorism, water sharing and cross-border infiltrations remained the focus of diplomatic bureaucracy in Islamabad throughout the last week.

The show organised by Interior Minister Rehman Malik in Islamabad raised lots of attention and probing by all diplomats, for the simple reason that a very vocal and critical figure from the Indian government, Home Minister P Chidambaram, was to make an appearance in the SAARC home ministers’ conference in Islamabad. Read More »Who is pushing Pakistan, India for talks?


MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN In recent times, Afghanistan has become the hub of regional and international power game. Hot pursuits of socio-economic dominance, geo-political superiority and above all geo-strategic presence have already made Afghanistan a flash-point of… Read More »AFGHANISTAN: A HUB OF REGIONAL GEO-POLITICS COMPULSIONS AND INTERNATIONAL GEO-STRATEGIC APPARATUS