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July 2010

Nawaz is mindless: Musharraf

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Dubai—Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that Nawaz Sharif is foolish and mindless and when he talks sense then he would respond.

Talking to media here, the former President said that he wants to return to the country and play his role in the country’s politics and take the country out of challenges it is facing today

He said that it is not the people who have failed but it is the government, which has failed miserably to control the situation.
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Pak-UK universities launch dual degree programme

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ISLAMABAD: COMSATS in collaboration with Lancaster University UK here on Thursday launched Dual Degree Programme (DDP) enabling the willing students to obtain a degree simultaneously from high ranking international and national university.

The DDP was launched at a local hotel. This landmark agreement between COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) and Lancaster University (LU) UK would allow 250 Pakistani students to earn an international degree from a high-ranking UK University in addition to their own degree from CIIT.

Initially, the DDP is being launched from Fall 2010 in the disciplines of Management Sciences, Computer Science and Electrical (Telecom) Engineering. However, plans are underway to include other disciplines as well. In this regard CIIT has announced opening of admissions for Fall 2010.Read More »Pak-UK universities launch dual degree programme

The benefits of singing — give it a try!

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Almost everyone loves music and whether you have a good singing voice or not, you surely love to sing or hum a song that takes your fancy. You can even sing out loud — it’s called ‘bathroom singing’ because you do it in privacy and what place could be more private? If by chance you are blessed with a good voice you can reach for the stars and become one yourself or remain down to earth and just entertain your friends and family whenever you feel like it.

After watching a very popular music show on TV last night it was noticed that the performers — musicians and vocalists — all appeared to be having a good time besides providing listeners with quality entertainment. It brought home the fact that music in all its forms is one of the best therapies for most ills, as it puts you in a mood to love rather than hate one another!
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The poor subsidize the rich in Pakistan, says report

Average worth of Pak MPs is $900,000 but only a few pay income tax
ISLAMABAD: Much of Pakistan’s capital city looks like a rich Los Angeles suburb, says a report published in New York Times. Shiny sport utility vehicles purr down gated driveways. Elegant multistory homes are tended by servants. Laundry is never hung out to dry.

But behind the opulence lurks a troubling fact. Very few of these households pay income tax. That is mostly because the politicians who make the rules are also the country’s richest citizens, and are skilled at finding ways to exempt themselves.
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Musharraf plans return, looks to Army for security

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Attacks Nawaz, Zardari policies

By Rauf Klasra

LONDON: Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf finally kicked off his campaign to return to Pakistan as he launched an attack on Saturday from Dubai against his political rivals — Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari — and their poor governance and said the Army would provide him security on his return within coming months.

Musharraf said if the military was under any constraints not to provide him security, he would raise his own private security on his return to Pakistan in the coming months to face both Nawaz Sahrif and Asif Ali Zardari.
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Power through steam turbines can address energy issue in Pakistan

LAHORE: Power generation through steam turbines is environment friendly and it lowers dependence on the national grid.

Chief executive officer of a private turbine manufacturing firm, Mian Suhail Hussain, said this while giving a presentation on power generation through steam turbines at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry here on Friday. One solution to curb the high cost of electricity and acute power shortage is to produce electricity through steam turbines, he explained. LCCI Acting President, Ijaz A. Mumtaz, and former LCCI President, Mian Anjum Nisar, were also present on the occasion.Read More »Power through steam turbines can address energy issue in Pakistan

Pakistan top on porn search: Google denies

ISLAMABAD: Google officially denied the accuracy of its search trends that declared Pakistan as the top nation searching for illicit material on the internet, according to Dawn sources.

Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan has also declared statistics regarding pornography in Pakistan as flawed.

Earlier based on these findings, a number of foreign newspapers and websites started humiliating Pakistani nation and even maligned the country’s name.Read More »Pakistan top on porn search: Google denies