July 31, 2010

US Congressmen Call For Resolution of Kashmir

Washington 29 July 2010:  The underway youth led, indigenous and spontaneous movement, non-violent pluralistic and resilient youth   for right to self-determination in Jammu and Kashmir is at a critical juncture calls upon the United Nations to ‘lead the effort to achieve a fair and lasting settlement of the Kashmir dispute’, were the opening remarks of Dr. Ghulam Nabi at the inaugural session of the two day Eleventh International Kashmir Peace Conference organizaied by the Kashmiri American Council/ Kashmir Centre and Association of Humanitarian Lawyers in Washington wall.
The conference held in glittering hall of the Cannon Building  in the Capitol Hill was attended by  large number of delegates from India, Pakistan, both the sides of Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir Diaspora from all over the world, United State’s thinks, Congressmen,  diplomats from various countries stationed in Washington D.C., prominent US columnists and opinion makers.Read More »US Congressmen Call For Resolution of Kashmir