February 2010

Smartphones under growing threat from hackers

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BARCELONA: Smartphones are under a growing menace from cyber-criminals seeking to hack into web-connected handsets, but the mobile industry has contained the threat so far, security experts said. Software security firms warned at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that the increasingly popular smartphones could face an explosion of virus attacks in the coming years.Read More »Smartphones under growing threat from hackers

Amazing Aali Jee’s Message of Love for You

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Justuju Tv proudly presents: Amazing Aali Jee\’s song of Love for You

Love Pakistan – Amazing Aali Jee’s Song of Love for You
Salaam, dearest ladies and gentlemen.

In the current power play turmoil, the time is to pay attention to the basics: Love Pakistan, Love all Pakistanis.

Listen to one of the most ideal Pakistanis: Amazing Aali Jee ….

نوٹ: اس انگریزی تعارف کے بعد اردو تعارف بھی اسی کے نیچے ملاحظہ فرمائیں
Note: An Urdu Introduction follows this English Text:

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 My moon is every body’s moon; this poetic phrase seems  no more limited to the expression of love between a lover and the beloved; with the passage of time it has become more appropriate and more suitable for the sincere and truthful lands like that of Balochistan. Located on the northern tip of straits of Hormuz, Balochistan has no doubt become ever body’s moon.Read More »BALOCHISTAN-THE HEART OF PAKISTAN

Coming alive to the cyber war threat

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By Momin Iftikhar

The world today finds itself in the twilight zone of warfare. The military capabilities that came into being as a result of industrial revolution are fast becoming dependent upon the innovations created by the Cyber technology. While the destruction oriented firepower weapons and paralysis causing mechanization based mobility were the dominant tools of the First and Second World Wars respectively, computer technology has emerged as the force dominating the scene of warfare in the twenty first century. Operation Desert Storm is considered by many as the fusion point of the two epochs.
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Federal National Council: Infinite Voyages

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Most recently, the Federal National Council (FNC), the legislative body of the UAE has celebrated its 38th anniversary of its establishment. The FNC stands for strong political commitment and dedication. It is icon of service, sensibility and sincerity. History shows that it succeeded to guarantee human rights of its citizen and protected the basic rights of minorities in the UAE. It is the matter of climate change or food security, labour law or women empowerment, alternative energy requirements or diversification of economy, education or health and the last not the least UAE’s sovereignty or its regional engagements/international participation, the FNC always stands first and protect the best interest of its country and people alike.

Historic Perspectives

The FNC was ideal combination of directly elected members and nomination but one thing is crystal clear that all work for the socio-economic prosperity of their people. By judging their contributions on all important national, regional and international issues we can easily understand that conspiratorial politics has no place in the UAE. They have firm belief in participation, progression, persuasion. It had its first session on February 12 that year. Read More »Federal National Council: Infinite Voyages


Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Under the visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates, the country is making new achievements in many sectors. Macro-economic indicators like heavy inflows of foreign direct investment, high ratios of merger and acquisition, institutionalization of IT, high levels of trust on government functions/entities, and the last not the least high economic freedom criteria the UAE has established new records of productivity, efficacy, and sustainability during 2009 despite the sever global economic recession and financial crunch. It seems that skies are not the limit for the ongoing socio-politico-economic caravans of the UAE leadership and people alike. Read More »SKIES NOT THE LIMIT

The friends of democratic Pakistan and United Arab Emirates

The FODP is an embodiment of our collective determination against the evil mindset; to protect our shared civilization; and to bequeath a better world to posterity (Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi)

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

FoDP and UAE

The Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) Public-Private Partnership Conference was held in Dubai on January 26. The UAE and Pakistan co-chaired the important forum for the first time in the region. UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan affirmed that the UAE is committed to advance efforts for development and stability in Pakistan to enhance the stability of the region. He showed great commitment for the contribution of the private sector in shouldering the responsibility with governments of member states of FoDP. Outlining the UAE efforts towards supporting Pakistan, Shaikh Abdullah told that the UAE hosted the meeting of senior FoDP officials in November 2008 and the meeting of experts in April 2009. He said that the UAE had pledged $300 million in the Tokyo donor conference in April 2009.

Shaikha Lubna Al Qassimi, minister of foreign trade chaired the last session and reiterated that the UAE would extend full support to Pakistan and its people. Read More »The friends of democratic Pakistan and United Arab Emirates