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By Muhammad Javed Majority of our Pakistanis keep praising the so called Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia.  My view is this is only the by birth respect we have inherited due to Holy places.   A court in Jizan Saudi Arabia has awarded 120 lashes to a Saudi having six wives […]

Amazing Jameeluddin Aali & Tayyeba Aali – Session II

Listen to Aali Jee, as to what does he think about himself as a Poet, Philosopher, and a Writer! What were his first lines of poetry. Is he a Sufi or a Nawab at his heart. Why his handwriting is so much “not good” The foods that he likes, and what does his wife (since 1944) thinks of his attitude towards family. What is his relationship with Khawaja Mir Dard. Why is he proud of that relationship! What struck him about Tayyeba Aapa in 1944, that he married her in no time …..