January 4, 2010

The highrise-demolition fallout

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Ahmad Rafay Alam

The Lahore Development Authority is in the process of demolishing illegally built highrises. It is doing this on the orders of the Supreme Court. More than anything else, this is the symbol of the burst property bubble of the mid-decade. Now, with competing statements coming from the governor of Punjab on the one hand and senior ministers of the government of Punjab, a massive oversight appears to be growing day by day: the protection of the tens of thousands of investors with whose money these highrises were built. This is a subject that has not been properly discussed, and deserves to be.Read More »The highrise-demolition fallout

Lahori anger hit the roads in 2009

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* Psychiatrists say intolerance, frustration and post-traumatic tensions cause street fights

By Muhammad Aayan

LAHORE: Walking on the streets, driving around or even hanging out with friends, hot-headed Lahoris got embroiled in more than 1200 street fights across the city during the year 2009, while 400 people were injured as a result of these brawls, sources told Daily Times. Read More »Lahori anger hit the roads in 2009



 The enigmatic dreamlike valley of the Indian held Kashmir belongs to the people of Kashmir; says the history. The Kashmiris are a nation, having an individual identity, a separate culture and independent traditional values. It might be the fertility of their lands or the geographical importance of their sky-kissing hills which are pouring out precious rivers that the independence of this charismatic land is always in danger. Not a single moment without fear .No peace, no security. Read More »A TALE OF DISHONEST SOLDIERS