January 1, 2010

Demystifying mysteries-

By Ayesha Siddiqa

The Pakistani media is playing its role by informing citizens about the threat posed by the American security contractor Blackwater. Every other day there is some news of suspicious cars being stopped by the Punjab police and the passengers being interrogated and then released under pressure from unknown and unnamed people in the government.Read More »Demystifying mysteries-

Campaign for accountability and reforms

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The process of accountability must start from those who judge and adjudge others. Any process of accountability that lacks confidence, transparency and consensus is bound to fail, even bounce back. For sustainable democracy, accountability of an all – through independent judiciary – is sine qua non. For an independent judiciary, the judges must be above the board – men of integrity, blameless, God-fearing and free from all internal and external pressures.
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Are Pakistan’s nuclear assets safe?

Rashid Naeem Khan

With the recent surge in the suicidal attacks in Pakistan, fears have been raised about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. The way these terrorists have carried out terrorist attacks all over the country, shows that they have the capability and can strike at will. However there is another segment who thinks that not only the activities of Taliban are posing a threat to the Pakistan’s nuclear assets, but the presence of organisations like black water on the soil of Pakistan is equally dangerous.Read More »Are Pakistan’s nuclear assets safe?

Year of fear takes its toll on Lahore’s art, culture scene

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* Theatres targeted, World Performing Arts festival cancelled
* No Lollywood film released on Eid for the first time
* Ali Zafar weds, Meera’s ‘marriage’ rules gossip columns

By Ali Usman

In terms of arts and culture, the year 2009 can almost be classified as “forgettable”, since most such activities were overshadowed by the fear of terrorism that gripped the city this year. Many events had to be cancelled or postponed and no international events took place this year.Read More »Year of fear takes its toll on Lahore’s art, culture scene

Pakistan’s appalling counterinsurgency

Rashid Naeem Khan

Pakistan is passing through the most critical juncture of its history. The economy is in shambles and terrorism is shaking the very foundations of the country. In the last two and a half years Pakistan has witnessed dozens of suicidal attacks in which thousands of innocent people including the former Prime Minister and leader of the ruling party have died in these attacks. Property worth billion of rupees has also been damaged. An operation has been launched against terrorism but no meaningful success has been achieved so far.Read More »Pakistan’s appalling counterinsurgency