December 2009

Entertainment Brigade set to revive street theatre in Pakistan

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Street theatre is probably the oldest form of theatre that exists. Majority of the current forms of performing arts stem from centuries-old street performances. One of the most unique aspects of this unpaid form of theatre is its socio-political intentions. Street theatre provides an opportunity to common people, who cannot afford to go to actual theatres, to enjoy performances without paying anything.
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Why DG ISI confronted Director CIA?

By Zahid Malik

After my four hour long informal interaction with Admiral Mike Mullen, the most powerful man in uniform and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the multi-barrel gun directed at Afghanistan and Pakistan, at the residence of US Ambassador on the rainy evening of April 6, 2009, I had in my comments mentioned that now the ISI was the immediate target of the US Establishment. Read More »Why DG ISI confronted Director CIA?



 Subjected to the law and order conditions in the coming years, the US authorities have decided to begin the withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan by the mid of 2011.This news might have been a ray of hope and happiness for the distressed people of the region if it were not accompanied by another reference indicating the arrival of new American troops in Afghanistan. As announced by President Obama at least 30000 more soldiers will be deployed in Afghanistan by the end of this year. On the other hand Gordon Brown, the British prime minister has announced the arrival of an additional 500 U.K. troops in southern Afghanistan next month. That would bring the British force to 10,000. The U.S commitment in Afghanistan is not open-ended; the philosophy behind sending new troops is nothing but a sincere attempt of training Afghan forces to take over the fight and allow American troops to leave , says the White House. President Obama has assured that his new Afghan Policy will put the U.S on a path toward ending the war, but no exact timetable could be offered in this regard.Read More »NEW AFGHAN POLICY

UAE economy strong, stable and sustainable

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

The leaders and high officials of the United Arab Emirates again stressed the strength of Dubai and UAE’s economies even as regional markets tumbled for a second day. The Prime Minister, Vice President and the Dubai’s ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that his emirate’s economy was “strong” and solid.”

The latest credit rating of the Moody said that the credit quality of the governments of Abu Dhabi and that of the United Arab Emirates will be unaffected by current ongoing Dubai World’s debt. “The recently announced restructuring of Dubai World’s liabilities is unlikely to threaten the credit quality of the government of Abu Dhabi and the federal government of the UAE,” Furthermore, both governments are rated Aa2 with a stable outlook. Moody’s said the UAE’s high investment-grade sovereign rating is boosted by its “robust external position,” backed by huge foreign assets held by Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), which it put at no less than 284 billion dollars.Read More »UAE economy strong, stable and sustainable

Saidpur Village-a popular recreational spot for tourists

ISLAMABAD: Preserving centuries-old Saidpur Village located in the foothills of Margalla is no doubt a remarkable effort to help revive the dying arts of the region and promote inter-civilisation harmony.

The place which has the footprints of various civilizations, including Gandhara, Greek, Buddhist, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial periods, is now serving as a popular recreational spot for both local and foreign visitors as various restaurants, picnic spots, art gallery and cafes have been setup to entertain the visitors.Read More »Saidpur Village-a popular recreational spot for tourists

First session of overseas Pakistanis Forum on 6th December 2009

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ISLAMABAD: The first session of overseas Pakistanis Forum, will be held on December 6, 2009 in Dubai for establishing sound business linkages between Pakistani manufacturers and expatriate Pakistani businessmen.

Pakistan’s Ambassador at Javed Malik is organising the forum, which will be chaired by the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, Dr Farooq Sattar.
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