December 20, 2009

Post-judgement politics —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi

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If the post-judgement political situation degenerates into a conflict between the PPP-led government and the opposition spearheaded by the PML-N, Pakistan can return to a highly dangerous internal confrontation. Such a state of affairs will turn the whole effort to check corruption and misuse of state authority into a head-on collision between the government and the opposition
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Govt to launch new investment scheme for overseas Pakistanis

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* FBR chief warns chronic non-taxpayers to pay their due tax by 31st

By Sajid Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: The government is considering to launch a new scheme for overseas Pakistanis to encourage them to invest in Pakistan.

Federal Board of Revenue Chairman (FBR) Sohail Ahmed stated this while addressing the business community at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday. Read More »Govt to launch new investment scheme for overseas Pakistanis