November 20, 2009

First Pakistani professor hired by Harvard

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BOSTON: Pakistani professor, Asim Khwaja, has become one of the first Pakistanis to achieve tenure at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Tenure guarantees academic freedom as well as job security. Tenure is offered to the best and brightest of the professors who show the most promise in increasing the university’s reputation through their research, books and unique ideas. Read More »First Pakistani professor hired by Harvard

Text of Nawaz interview with Geo News-PART II

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ISLAMABAD: Following is the transcript of the second part of Nawaz Sharif interview with Geo News.

Hamid Mir (HM): The impression one gathers from what you have said is that “the worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship.” Still there are many critics in Pakistan who are all praise for dictatorship but democracy is not visible even in their own political party. An objection is being raised about your party that Punjab chief minister and leader of the opposition in the NA met the army chief without seeking permission from you or the party, and that no action has been taken against them.Read More »Text of Nawaz interview with Geo News-PART II

World class cities- Ahmad Rafay Alam

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It’s difficult to describe what Arif Hasan does. He’s an architect and planner, based in Karachi, for sure. But he’s also a teacher, writer, social researcher and a thinker (rare in this country). I could go on to describe his experiences, qualifications, awards and so on, but then I wouldn’t have space to write anything else. Suffice it to say that when Arif Sahib spent some time at a workshop at the National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore earlier this week and delivered an open lecture on the concept and repercussions of the world class city (based on a paper delivered at a symposia held in Istanbul last month), I jumped at the opportunity to hear from a man who is, quite literally, the foremost expert in his field. I was lucky enough to have been offered an invite to the event and come out significantly more edified that I had gone in.Read More »World class cities- Ahmad Rafay Alam