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October 2009


 Muhammad Javed

In order to get not merely more remittances but also to fetch the Overseas Pakistanis (Ops) savings abroad, the Governments from the last 10 years, every six month or so announce this scheme or that scheme but the results are never nearer to the desired level. No doubt the figures of remittances must have increased credit of which the Governments take, nevertheless it is a fact that this increase is more due to exchange rates and secondly that from Middle East for the last some years a good number of expatriates are being sent back who then take their gratuity or end of service benefits with them. Read More »REMITTANCES, PIA ETC. ETC



  Pak-India friendship is the most essential and almost inevitable element for a long lasting and deep rooted peace in South Asia. The present warlike scenario along the Pak-India borders can adopt an altogether different look if the two countries put aside all their differences, ignoring the past and simply keeping in view the regional betterment.Read More »WATER TERRORISM

How to combat energy shortages in Pakistan

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By Aurangzeb Soharwardi

Pakistan is experiencing a huge energy crisis, which has jeopardised its economic progress and social development. Substantial electricity demand and supply deficit, depleting gas and petroleum reserves and dipping down water table are major concerns. Particularly, the electricity dilemma has posed a serious threat and requires to be resolved immediately. Besides maximum possible electricity generation, all measures for energy conservation have to be adopted, and one of the most important measures is to ensure the construction of energy efficient buildings with retrofits, smart designs, evaporative cooling units, radiant floors, high efficiency refrigeration and natural light arrangements.Read More »How to combat energy shortages in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: FIA sets up Special Cyber Security Task Force

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has established a Cyber Security Task Force in the wake of increasing threats to the cyberspace and critical information resources of the country.

FIA Director General Tariq Khosa on Thursday announced the establishment of the task force, which would be headed by Ammar Jaffri, Additional Director General Federal Investigation Agency.Read More »ISLAMABAD: FIA sets up Special Cyber Security Task Force

‘Flight 420’ brings laughter to terror-stricken Islamabad

The play ‘Flight 420’ on Thursday brought much awaited laughter to the capital facing terrorism with social and recreational activities at its lowest ebb.

“Flight 420”, the latest play of Kopy Kat Productions, staged at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) auditorium, is produced by Dawar Mehmood and directed by Shafqat Khan. Read More »‘Flight 420’ brings laughter to terror-stricken Islamabad