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 Muhammad Javed In order to get not merely more remittances but also to fetch the Overseas Pakistanis (Ops) savings abroad, the Governments from the last 10 years, every six month or so announce this scheme or that scheme but the results are never nearer to the desired level. No doubt […]


ALI SUKHANVER   Pak-India friendship is the most essential and almost inevitable element for a long lasting and deep rooted peace in South Asia. The present warlike scenario along the Pak-India borders can adopt an altogether different look if the two countries put aside all their differences, ignoring the past and […]

Pakistan’s Thar coal: a comparative study 4

By Kamran Riaz In Pakistan, people, who have absolutely no knowledge of an issue under discussion, tell conspiracy theories about it with such conviction that one starts believing that perhaps these people are narrating a firsthand account of acts to which they were eye witnesses. 

How to combat energy shortages in Pakistan

By Aurangzeb Soharwardi Pakistan is experiencing a huge energy crisis, which has jeopardised its economic progress and social development. Substantial electricity demand and supply deficit, depleting gas and petroleum reserves and dipping down water table are major concerns. Particularly, the electricity dilemma has posed a serious threat and requires to […]


All the visiting friends are advised to check how many SIMs have been issued against their CNIC, from security point of view it is very important to block all illegal SIMS issued against your ID card. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has developed a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) information system to […]