September 2009


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By Muhammad Javed

The learned Dr. Farooq Sattar the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis has recently told that in order to give representation and a voice to the Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) in the parliament, 04 seats would be reserved for them.  The question is, are the OPs already not in the Parliament? And what even the remotest better than the local people’s representatives have till today these already present shown?  In the parliament for the last quite some time always there are quite a number of Pakistanis who are living abroad, doing their business abroad, keeping all their savings abroad, have permanently settled abroad, have obtained foreign nationalities but are one way or the other present in the Assemblies in the name of serving the homeland. Read More »WHAT DID THOSE, THAT THESE WILL DO?

پاکستانی بچوں کو بچاؤ ـ يہ ھمارا مستقبل ہيں



We all are discussing Michal Jackson since many days? Did we ever try to check what is happening in our country?
Do you people know how many new born babies are being killed by new comers ( doctors) You don’t know I will tell you. I was in Allied Hospital (Faisalabad) there is Hassan ward where you will see more than 70 babies daily. Very cute healthy white babies are coming to hospitals for treatment but they are not going back to their homes. Their moms can’t take them in their lapes?? Our baby was admitted there for jaundice and he was very active baby in whole ICU ward then I saw babies are passing away all around me I got frightened and I immediately tried to reach JEO TV. I requested them to pls don’t disclose me and For God’s sake save these babies. GEO TV and Express team came there but they did coverage of their channel and GOVt did nothing for babies. Read More »پاکستانی بچوں کو بچاؤ ـ يہ ھمارا مستقبل ہيں

Each Pakistani evaded Rs 4,800 tax in FY07-08

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* Pakistan Tax Policy Report 2009 says tax revenue in 07-08 stood at only 10.3 percent of GDP

By Sajid Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: The World Bank has said that every Pakistani citizen evaded tax amount worth Rs 4800 in the year 2007-08, while the total tax evaded in the period stood at Rs 796 billion.

This was revealed by the World Bank’s (WB) Pakistan Tax Policy Report 2009 — Tapping Tax Base for Development released on Saturday.

The report has been jointly prepared by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Andrew Young School of Public Policy, Georgia State University.
Read More »Each Pakistani evaded Rs 4,800 tax in FY07-08

What motivates suicide bombers? —Riaz Hassan

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The causes of suicide bombings lie not in individual psychopathology but in broader social conditions. Understanding and knowledge of these conditions is vital for developing appropriate public policies and responses to protect the public

Suicide bombing attacks have become a weapon of choice among terrorist groups because of their lethality and ability to cause mayhem and fear. Though depressing, the almost daily news reports of deaths caused by suicide attacks rarely explain what motivates the attackers. Between 1981 and 2006, 1200 suicide attacks constituted 4 percent of all terrorist attacks in the world and killed 14,599 people or 32 percent of all terrorism related deaths.
Read More »What motivates suicide bombers? —Riaz Hassan

Pakistan National Investment Trust (NIT) set to launch two new funds

By Tanveer Ahmed

KARACHI: National Investment Trust (NIT) is set to launch two more new funds–NIT Government Bond Fund (NIT-GBF) & NIT Income Fund (NIT-IF)— the modalities for which are almost complete.

“Government has given us the go-ahead signal to launch these new funds,” Tariq Iqbal Khan, Chairman & Managing Director (MD) NIT told a selective group of journalists at NIT head office here on Friday.Read More »Pakistan National Investment Trust (NIT) set to launch two new funds

‘Breaking’ news —Shaukat Qadir

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We have been sliding downhill for too long, the slide must stop somewhere. Now is as good a time as any, and better than most, given a COAS who is bending over backwards to establish the principle of civilian supremacy

When I first read in the papers that the intelligence ‘Wonder Boy’ Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed (retd) alias ‘Billa’ had decided to open his mouth and that he had been running from pillar to post asking people to interview him, I decided he was best ignored. However, I did wonder what treatment succeeded in ridding him of the constipation of years and why. That the disease (or should it be treatment?) was bound to be contagious was a foregone conclusion; and even when asked, I refrained from comment except to ask, “what was unknown that he has now disclosed?”
Read More »‘Breaking’ news —Shaukat Qadir

Military or moral failure? —Rafia Zakaria

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Even if the United States is able to define military and political victories in achievable terms, its failure to respond to the moral questions imposed on them could ultimately be what determines this war’s outcome

This past week, General Stanley McChrystal, the NATO Commander in Afghanistan, submitted his strategic report on the war in Afghanistan to President Obama. The report, expectedly dismal, laid out the challenges that America, a continuing if shaky superpower, faces in Afghanistan. The bleak forecast offered by Gen McChrystal’s report follows in the footsteps of the Afghan elections, whose contested results gave NATO little to celebrate in terms of Afghanistan’s progress toward self sufficiency.Read More »Military or moral failure? —Rafia Zakaria

Pakistan pushing ahead with advance nuclear technology

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A new report claims that Pakistan is developing “more advanced nuclear technology”, while India has in recent days signalled the need for new tests – marking a growing arms race in the subcontinent.

Citing a study in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Telegraph said Pakistan is “pushing ahead” with a plutonium-based nuclear programme, superior to its previous reliance on uranium technology. Plutonium is easier to weaponise, as smaller quantities of the material are required. “Two new plutonium production reactors are under construction,” said the report. Read More »Pakistan pushing ahead with advance nuclear technology

Cromwell and Musharraf —Shahid Hamid

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Would it not be better to let bygones be bygones mindful of the old adage “grass may grow over the battlefield, over the gallows never”? The history of Cromwell shows that grass grew over the battlefields of the English Civil War, but not over the scaffold of Charles I

In recent days, the decision taken nearly 350 years ago by the restored ‘civilian’ government to disinter Cromwell’s corpse and to hang and decapitate his body has been cited by some in support of the demand that General Pervez Musharraf (retd) be tried for treason. It is claimed that this posthumous punishment for a general who had put Britain under martial law ensured that Britain was never again faced with a threat of military rule.Read More »Cromwell and Musharraf —Shahid Hamid

How Shujaat declined millions offered by Gen Aslam Beg

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By Rauf Klasra

LONDON: Former caretaker prime minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain emerges as the only top politician of today’s Pakistan, who had the guts to say “NO” to millions of rupees offered to him by the then Chief of the Army Staff Gen (retd) Aslam Beg to become part of a larger conspiracy to stop Benazir Bhutto from coming to power in 1988.

That decision is paying him off today when many political reputations are at stake for accepting the ISI’s slush fund. Talking to The News from Islamabad on phone on Tuesday, Ch Shujaat Hussain confirmed that he was offered millions of rupees by General Beg, but he politely declined the offer. Read More »How Shujaat declined millions offered by Gen Aslam Beg