September 2009



 The national flag of a country is no doubt the most sacred asset for a nation. A true patriot always considers the flag of his country more important than his own life. History is replete with the names of soldiers who sacrificed their lives just to keep their flag flattering. But there happened something just opposite to it in India on the 26th January, the Republic Day of India when a huge crowd of low-caste Indian Dalits raised the Pakistan flag in Meerut to protest against the series of atrocities they have been suffering from since long. They raised slogans against the Hindu extremists who have deprived them of the basic human rights. Although the leaders of the protesters were immediately arrested by the security agencies yet their novel way of protest became a hot topic for the world media. This type of protest by the low-caste Hindus on the days of national importance is nothing strange and new. Raising slogans against the Hindu maltreatment and atrocities, burning effigies of national leaders and copies of the Constitution of India, have become a cultural tradition on such occasions. Regarding the Dalit protest on the Republic Day of India, the world known Dalit activist and Professor of the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Surinder Singh Jodkha told the South Asia Tribune: “Such incidents are the manifestation of alienation and frustration. I cannot say that Dalits are safe in Pakistan or not. This is not the main question. The main question is if the Dalits are safe in India or not”.Read More »‘USCIRF’ SALUTES INDIA

Islamabad: OPF to issue 2,000 allotment letters on 16th September 2009

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) housing scheme would hand-over the 2,000 allotment letters along with plot numbers to the applicants here on September 16.

An official source told APP, on Saturday, he said that 30 percent the work of development has been completed and 70 percent work would be finalized by the end of March, 2011.

He said that 30 percent amount has been collected advance from the overseas Pakistanis.Read More »Islamabad: OPF to issue 2,000 allotment letters on 16th September 2009

Pakistan – Australian Growing Relationship

BY: Mohammed Ali, Canberra
It is not strange to find that many countries of the world have a love-hate relationship with Pakistan. Take example of America. History tells us that despite Pakistan proving itself to be the closest ally, response from the USA to Pakistan has always been characterised with significant ups and downs. Many European countries also fall in the same category. But there is one country, which is Western by all standards, yet it has never shown any mood swings to Pakistan. It has always maintained a steady relationship based on respect and equity, which in the recent years has escalated. This country is Australia.Read More »Pakistan – Australian Growing Relationship

Is India gearing up for a nuclear test?

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By Momin Iftikhar

Given the backdrop of the recently concluded Indo-US Nuclear Deal, the chorus of concerned voices emerging from India – and US, lamenting the purported “qualitative and quantitative” improvements in Pak nuclear arsenal is loaded with implications; worrisome not only for Pakistan but for the entire Region. Two reports originating in the US have laid down the ground work for the Indian scientific-military community to build upon and prepare a case for India to not only expand its already formidable nuclear arsenal but also pave way for further improvements in the existing state of nuclear technology including options for resorting to further nuclear testing.Read More »Is India gearing up for a nuclear test?

China will attack India by 2012: expert

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NEW DELHI: A leading Indian defence expert has projected that China will attack India by 2012 to divert the attention of its own people from “unprecedented” internal dissent, growing unemployment and financial problems that are threatening the hold of Communists in that country.

“China will launch an attack on India before 2012. There are multiple reasons for a desperate Beijing to teach India the final lesson, thereby ensuring Chinese supremacy in Asia in this century,” Bharat Verma, the editor of the Indian Defence Review, said.Read More »China will attack India by 2012: expert

Musharraf’s quiet new life in London

* Former president tells Guardian he is not in exile
* Starts lecture tour of US next Tuesday, focusing on his expertise about militancy

Retirement has been an unsettling experience for former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf, reports the Guardian.

His simple home in London, a sobering change from the pomp of his nine-year rule over Pakistan, is guarded by a team of retired Pakistani commandos and a protection detail from the Scotland Yard. The question is how long he will stay, the report points out. He told the Guardian, “I am not in exile.”Read More »Musharraf’s quiet new life in London


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By Muhammad Javed

The learned Dr. Farooq Sattar the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis announcing a three phase strategy has highlighted the new scheme for quicker remittances.  The State Bank of Pakistan and Ministry of Finance will take part in its implementation. Chairman Senate Standing Committee Mr. Chatta is satisfied over it.Read More »REALLY MORE REMITTANCES?


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 ‘Sophistication means the right choice of proper words at a proper place ‘says the world famous Pakistani linguist Dr.Nasir Jamal in one of his recent thesis on The Traditional Values of Languages in Cultural Hierarchy .He is presently serving at a university in Jeddah. A few years back he was awarded the degree of PhD by the Washington International University on his work regarding the teaching of English language in Third World Countries. The definition of sophistication by Dr. Nasir Jamal might be very close to reality in most of the cases but in some particular references the coining of proper words becomes a source of humiliation and disgrace for a sophisticated person. As we see the case of a very polite and cultured Indian politician Jaswant Singh, we get frightened. He is at present passing through the worst phase of his political career after appreciating Mr.Jinnah’s abilities and political skills in his recent book ‘Jinnah-India-Partition-Independence’. Congress and BJP both have not only criticized Jaswant Singh for praising Mr. Jinnah but also showed fierce political reaction by burning the copies of the said book and canceling his party membership as a punishment. It is not the first harsh reaction of BJP against its own leaders. Earlier L K Advani had also met the same fate for describing Quaid-e-Azam as a secular leader. The brutal attitude of the Indian politicians against Jaswant Singh has exposed Indian mindset against Pakistan and unveiled the real face of Indian democracy. Although Mr.Jaswant Singh is a man of very strong nerves yet the non-democratic attitude of his party may push him to a state of helpless depression. But all this hue and cry against Jaswant Singh is simply limited to a particular circle of Indian politicians; the hungry man of India has neither raised a protest nor shown any reaction on this superficial issue of Jaswant Singh.Read More »NO NEED OF MORE NUCLEAR TESTS- ALI SUKHANVER

Is America our friend? —Rasul Bakhsh Rais

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Our rational self-interest in this situation dictates that we help rebuild a stable Afghanistan, help end the war and deepen our relationship with the United States, taking it beyond the contingencies of Afghanistan

This is a wrong question that is often raised and debated in the media, academic and political circles. Why it is a wrong question? Friendship between and among states has a different quality to it, and has more substance and meanings than the conception of friendship between people. And it is not really friendship between states, but the totality of relationship — its nature, extent, diversity, depth and commonality of objectives — that matters. Otherwise all countries with which a country might have diplomatic ties could qualify as ‘friends’, with very rare exceptions.
Read More »Is America our friend? —Rasul Bakhsh Rais