August 21, 2009



 A huge country, ultimately scattering into fragments; India is going to be the USSR of tomorrow. One of the official think-tanks of China has advised the Chinese hi-ups to settle old scores with India   by breaking up the world’s ‘Biggest Democracy’ into 26 parts. Beijing should encourage Bangladesh to invite ethnic Indian Bengalis to abandon Indian nationality and work towards a united Bengali state. It has also been advised to use India’s hostile neighbors as well as the restive elements among the Assamese, Kashmiris and Tamils. These elements should be encouraged to fight hard for independent statehood.Read More »INDIA-THE USSR OF TOMORROW

The capital rumour mill-By Ayesha Siddiqa

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The capital is abuzz with rumours of a minus-one formula. Some are suggesting that there is a minus-three formula. Such destabilising stories were confined to the grapevine until the information minister, followed by the Sindh chief minister, spoke about them.

One must never undermine the power of the rumour mill in the capital. It works efficiently, especially when there is a weak political government, and causes nervousness. Read More »The capital rumour mill-By Ayesha Siddiqa

Why treason trial of Musharraf is not doable

Musharraf’s safety deal mightier than parliamentary zeal Army won’t be comfortable with its ex-chief’s humiliation; local and foreign underwriters including US, UK, Saudi Arabia guaranteed safe exit
KARACHI: (By Kamran Khan) When Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani hinted in the National Assembly on Wednesday that institution of a treason case against Pervez Musharraf was not “doable”, he was actually alluding to those unwritten assurances provided to the former military ruler from the ruling coalition, military leadership and Pakistan’s trusted international friends in the week that followed his resignation from the office on Monday, August 18, last year, according to most informed political and security sources.Read More »Why treason trial of Musharraf is not doable