August 19, 2009

Assiya needs help

Hi guys:

This is Assiya. Is there anyone who can help me in guiding right way to reach cyber police lahore? I’m from Fsd my x-husband is bothering me . he not only has ruined my life now he is senging my pictures in all over the world while using my Hotmail  and yahoo address. he is basically a frud man and also selling 2# medicines in lahore Slamat Pura while preparing in his home. He sits on net all the night also doing other crimes. he is searching working ladies and then he is robbing them w the help of his wife/ children. he has no home degree but he is rnnung  homeo clinic also.Read More »Assiya needs help

ISLAMABAD: A judicial controversy in the making?

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Govt considering reappointment of sacked judges

By Rauf Klasra

The PPP government is seriously contemplating the reappointment of judges who were sent home after July 31 verdict of the Supreme Court. The action is fraught with the danger of siring a fresh controversy which may put the government on the wrong side of the apex judiciary.

Talking to The News, Farrukh Shah, spokesman for Governor Salman Taseer, confirmed that a reference had been sent to the Law Ministry seeking legal advice on whether the judges sent home in the wake of July 31st judgement could be considered for reappointment. He refused to make any further comments.Read More »ISLAMABAD: A judicial controversy in the making?

First Pakistani satellite launch in April 2011: Dr Samar

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ISLAMABAD: Planning Commission on Science and Technology member Dr Samar Mobarakmend said on Tuesday that the first satellite of Pakistan would be launched in April 2011.

He expressed these views while addressing a three-day International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering, 2009, as chief guest. “The country has sufficient funds for atomic and space programmes, and Pakistan’s nuclear programme is not lesser than other nuclear countries,” he said.

He said the nation should have faith in its nuclear scientists and engineers. He said Pakistan had much potential and strong human resources, but the need of the hour was that they should use these resources by providing some proper direction to achieve the desired results.
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Successes and failures on the development front

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By Aftab Ahmad Khan

During the last six decades development has occupied the centre of the stage in reflection and action concerning man’s present and future; prodigious industry has been invested in it. Every generation in the past set goals for itself and registered at least partial success in attaining them; but the contemporary predicament of man and its awesome proportions have sharpened the debate in respect of both the finalities and instrumentalities of development. For over six decades the subject has been debated and examined from every possible angle. What appeared to be fail proof panaceas were accepted and tried. When their promise did not materialize there was some inevitable shift in paradigms and new strategies were experimented with.Read More »Successes and failures on the development front