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BY ALI SUKHANVER alisukhanver@hotmail.com       For the last thirty years, I am watching a revolver packed in a brown leather cover, hanging silently along a wall of the wooden closet, in my father’s room. It is German made, very delicate and highly sophisticated and certainly still virgin. My father never […]

Role of institutions in economic development 1

By Aftab Ahmad Khan No theme in the contemporary history of man has aroused so much debate and controversy as the subject of development. The subject has been explored and examined from every angle and in all its dimensions. There are conferences and seminars galore on development and every year […]

Zardari and the NRO 2

By Cyril Almeida CALL him Mr NRO. Asif Zardari isn’t the only beneficiary of that much-reviled National Reconciliation Ordinance, but he is the most high-profile. Widower of the woman who negotiated the NRO, regent of the PPP because his son is too young, master of the country because his ruling […]