August 6, 2009

The end of martial laws in Pakistan?

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By Ikram Sehgal

That his Nov 3, 2007, pre-emptive strike against the Supreme Court was illegal and unconstitutional was acknowledged by Pervez Musharraf soon after the event, and it was logical for the excesses of this blatantly self-serving action to be legally reversed. The Supreme Court “Short Order” will be a historic verdict provided the detailed judgment reaches its logical conclusion: accountability across the board.
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Pakistan is surely a land of miracles. Here impossibilities turn into possibilities, abstracts into concretes and dreams into realities; nothing is beyond the limits of Pakistanis. Be it the field of science or technology, politics or economics, the nuclear research, or the war against terrorism, Pakistan always comes up with a high head. The astonishing fact is that the whole world is busy in creating hurdles and obstructions in Pakistan’s way to its progress but the people of Pakistan are so determined and strong-minded that they never give any importance to the wind blowing against them. They are always ready to tame the wild forces.Read More »PAKISTAN–A FERTILE LAND OF PASSIONS