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July 2009

Dice loaded against Musharraf

Daily Times Editorial

24th July, 2009

The Supreme Court on Wednesday summoned General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf to defend himself in a case brought to the court by the Sindh High Court Bar Association against the validity of his November 3, 2007 declaration of emergency and the issuing of the Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) which effectively ousted 60 judges from the higher judiciary of the country.
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Difference between heart attack and heart failure

The death of Michael Jackson following cardiac arrest prompted questions of the difference between that and a heart attack. It is important to understand a few facts about the heart.

Its job is to be a pump, pushing blood around the body. It does this by ‘beating’ — squeezing the blood out and pushing it on its way.

The heart beats constantly because it has its own special nerves that start an electrical impulse for every beat, making the heart squeeze.

The heart is made up of a unique type of muscle and has its own blood supply, providing the energy to beat constantly.Read More »Difference between heart attack and heart failure

The Partial Justice – By Ali Sukhanver

The Mumbai Attacks have turned the Indo-Pak relationship to such a blind alley where there is neither a ray of hope nor a gleam of optimism. We may call it a dead -lock. The question arises; who is getting the benefit of this dead-lock; Pakistan or India? Whosoever is the beneficiary of these attacks is the actual master mind behind the game. Since just after these attacks, Pakistan has been facing a lot of turmoil; all guns targeting Pakistan. The Indian officials, the Indian army, the Indian politicians and the Indian media, all started blaming Pakistan and its Intelligence agencies for this grave massacre without any rhyme and reason. In a pretended rage and fury over this incident India halted all peace talks, all negotiations, to a stand-still position. The Kashmir issue, the water conflict, the attacks on Samjhota Express and the blood-shed in the Maligaon; all chapters closed. Now Pakistan has no way to express its grievances regarding any matter because the Indians turn a deaf ear to any complaint by saying, “The Mumbai Attacks first”. This stubborn behaviour of India is widening the already increasing gulf between the two countries.Read More »The Partial Justice – By Ali Sukhanver

First Pakistani to get OFID scholarship

Sameen Shahid has become the first Pakistani to win the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) 2009 Scholarship for a master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Her professional career includes work in Evaluation Research and Development with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Development from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
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Disruption and possible delays to UK Border Agency visa processing in Pakistan

14 July 2009:

 The UK Border Agency in London is responsible for making decisions on settlement visa applications made in Pakistan. The Pakistan team in London will be moving offices on 20 July 2009. There will be no change to the service provided by Gerry’s International during this time; but there will be some disruption to UK Border Agency visa application processing. There is a backlog of visa applications that the UK Border Agency is working hard to reduce.Read More »Disruption and possible delays to UK Border Agency visa processing in Pakistan

Tax reforms: Pakistani style


Tax reforms, initiated at the command and demand of foreign donors in 2000, failed to yield any positive results in the last eight and a half years. Every year since then we have had larger and larger fiscal and revenue deficits. Decline in tax-to-GDP ratio, huge revenue leakages and above all, tax exemptions to the rich and mighty have been the salient features of reform agenda!
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Pakistan rupee exchange rates and gold prices: 21-July-09

Dollar gains strength vs rupee

The dollar gained up grounds against the rupee in the interbank market, dealers said on Monday.

The dollar commenced the day’s trading at Rs 82.04 for buying and after incurring gains was changing hands at Rs 82.12 for buying and at Rs 82.17 for selling. Therefore, the rupee incurred a loss of 08 paisas. Similarly, the euro was also up versus the rupee as it initiated the day’s trading at Rs 115.65 for buying appreciated and was changing hands at Rs 116.87 for buying and at Rs 117.07 for selling. Thus, the rupee was low by Rs 1.22 versus the euro. Read More »Pakistan rupee exchange rates and gold prices: 21-July-09


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By T.H Shah


In a wake of heavy monsoon downpour in Karachi and Lahore, many casualties have been reported causing crushing blow to the victim families. At least thirty people reported to have been died and more than sixty injured due to last day heavy rain in Karachi. Though the monsoon raining is enthusiastically welcomed in Pakistan for it is harbinger of pleasant buffets of winds and rains in unbearable hot weather, but it has some sorrowful strings that usually remain invisible to the people because of absence of crisis management structure and ill-conceived city planning in the country. The death of these people in Karachi crops up many questions from sociological viewpoint as in Pakistan, large numbers of families depends upon the earning of one person who is the main source of livelihood for his or her family members. Obviously, the death has deprived the victim families of their main financial support and they are left with nothing. If the died ones includes anyone doing menial job or labouring for baking his or her bread, then the loss is extremely unbearable for the victim family.Read More »HUMAN RIGHTS PERSPECTIVE OF CRISES MANAGEMENT