July 11, 2009

The beginning of the end? Record $7.8bn remittances from Overseas Pakistanis: what next?

By Mushfiq Ahmad

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan proudly announced on Friday that Pakistan received the highest-ever amount of over $7.811 billion as workers’ remittances in 2008-09, beating the previous record of $6.451 billion of 2007-08.

Remittances have been rising for past several years, but this year’s increase has rung alarm bells in the country. People have expressed fears that Pakistanis working abroad might return home in large numbers owing to the recessionary conditions in developed countries, particularly the US. Also, people who had been working in UAE’s construction industry are coming back owing to the slump experienced by the real estate sector there. Read More »The beginning of the end? Record $7.8bn remittances from Overseas Pakistanis: what next?

Why children of Overseas Pakistanis are not allowed to take admission in public sector medical colleges of Punjab?

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Dear overseas Pakistani Friends

I have just now received the following message from Brother Abdul Rehman Rathore.

Dear Gentlemen,

I was seeing the rules of UHS (university of Health Sciences) for entry test for admission to government medical colleges of Punjab. I was shocked to see that the overseas Pakistanis are not allowed in public sector colleges, rather they are eligible for PRIVTE medical colleges only, what ever is their talent. So they are discriminated and forced to pay very high and also in PRIVATE colleges which have less prospects for passing doctors than those passed from public sector colleges. And not all overseas Pakistanis are very rich to pay very high fee amounting to about 4-5lacs.


Has overseas Pakistani Friends forum done any thing on this. Please inform because you have a big voice and need your support to eliminate this discrimination.


Thank you


Abdul Rehman Rathore

Saudi Arabia

All the Overseas Pakistani Friends visiting this website are requested to come up with their suggestions and recommendations to block this discriminatory act of University of Health Sciences or Punjab Government whatsoever. No matter where we live or work, we are Pakistani Citizens and have equal rights.

As a first step, we shall write a letter to CM Punjab and UHS administration, if they fail to resolve the issue, then we shall take further necessary stepsRead More »Why children of Overseas Pakistanis are not allowed to take admission in public sector medical colleges of Punjab?

Pakistani students wishing to study abroad, beware!

LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has raided the office of a travel agency, arrested its owner, and seized forged documents. The FIA seized a large number of passports, photocopies and original national identity cards, forged stamps of embassies, banks, doctors and officers, cheque books, bank statements, sponsor letters, letters of admission to foreign universities, work permits, letterheads of government departments, fake letters of embassies and international organisations, and other forged documents. Sources in the FIA said FIA Punjab Director Azam Joiya received an application from one Musaddiq Hussain.Read More »Pakistani students wishing to study abroad, beware!

Post traumatic earthquake Scenario of Kashmir

By Zafar Iqbal

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The shattered hopes of one and half million Kashmiris living in the earth-quake affected areas have again lifted by the heartening news of a recent agreement signed between China and Pakistan in order to reconstruct and rehabilitate three major cities of Pakistan controlled Kashmir. The billions dollars project termed “build back better” conceived from the Clinton Tsunami Slogan envisions the provision of modern life facilities in Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot and Bagh. The historically worst earthquake in region which claimed above 73,000 people devastated all infrastructures in three districts of Azad Kashmir. But, it is heart-rending to state the in spite of generous financial support from world community, the rehabilitation work in affected areas has not been started even after three and half years and it is still in limbo.Read More »Post traumatic earthquake Scenario of Kashmir