Nuclear energy a long-term alternative to Pakistan’s power crisis

By Chaudhry Kamran Naseer

The provision of energy is considered as one of the basic elements for both economic growth and a higher standard of living. Pakistan is currently facing a big crisis in the energy sector. And due to the gap between demand and supply of energy, many fields of the economy have been affected. There is a dire need to focus on electric generation to meet the increasing demand of electricity; this demand exists mainly because of the increasing population growth and to maintain a sustainable economic growth rate.

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Fish oil capsules could boost brainpower

Regular doses of Omega-3 fish oil capsules could boost the brainpower of youngsters and improve their concentration levels, says a study. The Newhall Park Primary School in Bradford, Britain, gave a daily dose of omega-3 oils to 34 of its pupils aged between eight and nine for about nine months and found improvement in their brainpower and concentration levels, reported online edition of Daily Mail. Continue reading