May 26, 2009

Kashmir Watch report

Islamabad, May 26:  Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Yaqub Khan is leading state to confusion, chaos and anarchy.

His rule is no different from his predecessor Sardar Attiq Ahmed Khan

Sardar Yaqub’s administration assumed office in January 2009, after ouster of Attiq Ahmed Khan through a no-confidence move.

Soon after he took power, Mr Khan promised he would administer justice, provide good governance, uphold merit, and rid the state from nepotism, favourritim, menace of deep-rooted corruption and Bardarism.Read More »Kashmir Watch report





Once my grandma baked a cake, covered it with a lid and put it in the kitchen window for drying. I still remember her crying, “Be vigilant, the rats might drag the cake to their hole.” Now, when I am a grown up man, I hear the ‘grandpa’ crying, “Be vigilant, the terrorists might run away with your nuclear program.” I feel a strange similarity between the cake and the nuclear program; both easily approachable; cake for the rats and nukes for the terrorists. The cake could never be stolen by the rats; how could be the nukes. God knows better why our sympathizers are so much doubtful about our abilities regarding the security of our nuclear program. They feel that we are innocent children, holding a toy in our hands and any one might snatch and run away with it .To be very honest and straightforward, the nuclear program is the most precious asset for the people of Pakistan. It is just like a dream based on hope and life. We, the Pakistanis know very well how to take care of our dreams. Read More »THE CAKE AND THE NUKES