Daily Archives: May 25, 2009

Tax proposals for Pakistan budget 2009-10 17

The Overseas Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) is an important stakeholder in the economy of Pakistan. It has prepared a brief report that takes a broader approach and focuses on long-term issues. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the recommended changes and the rationale for suggesting the […]

Pakistan Politics: Dissenters and ‘lotas’

By A.G. Noorani How can the law punish defectors without penalising dissent? THE ideal of democracy is firmly rooted in the psyche and aspirations of the people of South Asia. But its practice falls far short of what the founding fathers of the states of South Asia envisaged.   Alone […]

The Wali of Swat 2

Sunday Times quotes Wali of Swat as saying Taliban aiming for whole country * Says government should have sought his advice Miangul Aurangzeb would be the ruler of Swat had it not been brought under Pakistan rule in 1969. The family retained the title and a few palaces. Today, he […]