May 12, 2009

Remittances up 19pc as overseas Pakistanis seen returning home

KARACHI: Remittances sent home by overseas Pakistanis jumped 19 per cent year-on-year in April 2009 as the worst prediction of the government officials started to come true with more expats coming back clutching on to their belongings after losing jobs abroad.

Last month remittances increased to $697.52 million as compared to $590.7 million received in the same month of 2008, reflecting what employment agencies call transfer of capital mostly from the Middle East.

“Labourers in cities like Dubai, which has been hit by a property slump, are coming back in large numbers,” says Zohair Ashir, CEO of Access Consulting. “That is what seems to be adding up to higher remittances.”Read More »Remittances up 19pc as overseas Pakistanis seen returning home

Sufi Mohammad and Pakistan- Ikram Sehgal

For all practical considerations the Swat peace deal is dead. The Taliban refused to put down their weapons till after the implementation of the Nizam-e-Adl Regulations (NAR). When the government wanted to talk about Dar-ul-Qaza and Qazis, Sufi Mohammad became unavailable; he wanted a stop to the army action in Buner and Dir first. The ANP government went ahead with the setting up of Dar-ul-Qaza. Sufi Mohammad refused to accept the government’s nominees. Army action became inevitable and another peace deal went sour. Most of the people involved knew this conflict cannot be resolved by army action. What went wrong again?

Peace means more than the absence of war and an end to military action. For peace to be meaningful and lasting one has to establish an order acceptable to both sides: Sufi Mohammad and the Taliban on the one side, with the Swati people, the NWFP government and the rest of Pakistan on the other. The negotiations should have clearly defined the territorial and factual limits of the peace agreement. Read More »Sufi Mohammad and Pakistan- Ikram Sehgal

Shaheen Air to launch flights for Kuwait City, Muscat from Peshawar

KARACHI: Shaheen Air will launch its flight operations on two international routes— Kuwait City and Muscat– twice a week from upcoming Sunday, sources in the aviation industry told Daily Times.

The two flights will be started from Peshawar with airline’s 737-airfleets and are scheduled for every Sunday and Thursday to the capitals of Kuwait and Oman, official of the Shaheen Air, Farooq Nasir Khan told. He informed the launch of international routes is the part of airline expansion plans that will continue to add more international and domestic destinations in the coming future.
Read More »Shaheen Air to launch flights for Kuwait City, Muscat from Peshawar