Daily Archives: April 18, 2009

Mafia economics in Pakistan

DR ZAFAR ALTAF The country is short-changed on everything and yet the elite mafia keeps on getting ever more greedy and selfish. What is the eventual outcome of all this? Mafias abound on the scene. My definition of economic mafia is some one, who does much worse than a gun […]

Two presidents speak —Shaukat Qadir

If those providing assistance in the development of the tribal areas of both Afghanistan and Pakistan are governed by conventional wisdom and ignore the psycho-cultural apprehensions of the locals, their efforts, however well intentioned, are doomed to fail Within a span of 24 hours in March 2009, we, the people […]

The Islamist in my pocket —Rafia Zakaria

Packaging deals with groups like the TNSM, which clearly oppose all forms of democratic governance, in the trimmings of parliamentary legitimacy does not consequently transform the ideological agendas espoused by such groups It has been a triumphant week for Islamists in Pakistan. On Monday, the National Assembly passed a resolution […]

Islamabad: CWT offers scholarships for UK

United Kingdom based Charles Wallace Trust (CWT) offers scholarship opportunities in different disciplines for Pakistanis to focus on their professional development. Applicants as old as 50 years are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Preference would be given to those who have never had foreign study opportunities before. The trust is […]

Pakistan would have attacked India in 1998

Pakistan would have launched a full-fledged air attack on India in 1998 if India had tried to stop the Pakistani nuclear test at Chagai, Gen Pervez Musharraf was appointed the Army chief because he was a Muhajir and thus would not stage a coup and Aimal Kasi, who attacked the […]