April 16, 2009

Riba-Free Banking & Investment–By INAMULLAH ANSARI

Those who live on usury will not rise up before Allah except like those who are driven to madness by the touch of Shaitãn. That is because they claim: “Trading is no different than usury, but Allah has made trading lawful and usury unlawful. He who has received the admonition from his Rabb and has mended his way may keep his previous gains; Allah will be his judge”. Those who turn back (repeat this crime), they shall be the inmates of hellfire wherein they will live forever. Allah has laid His curse on usury and blessed charity to prosper. Allah does not love any ungrateful sinner. Aayaats—275—276, Surah—Al—Baqara, Para—3.Read More »Riba-Free Banking & Investment–By INAMULLAH ANSARI

Bogus foreign students free to flout new UK laws

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·         Determined terrorists can subvert security checks to obtain student visas

Thousands of bogus students are free to enter Britain despite new laws aimed at tightening controls on immigration due to weaknesses in the student visa system.

The Times has revealed that hundreds of colleges approved by the Home Office to accept non-European Union (EU) students have not been inspected by it’s officers. It has also emerged that the vast majority of non-EU students would not be interviewed by the Home Office but admitted on the basis of written applications and evidence of sponsorship, educational qualifications and bank statements. John Tincey, the Immigration Service Union chairman, said the failure to include interviews could be exploited by terrorists. Under the present system, universities, colleges and schools must register with the Home Office to accept students from outside the EU and must agree to alert the Home Office if a student fails to register, stops attending classes or if a course is shortened. The new regime came in two weeks ago and is intended to end a scam in which thousands of foreigners enrolled at bogus colleges to work in the UK.
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Pakistani project wins EU energy award

KARACHI: Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP), a project of Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), was recognised at the Energy Globe Award ceremony in Prague on Tuesday.

Reduction of domestic energy consumption by 40 per cent, resulting in 60 per cent less emission of green house gases from homes and decreased morbidity of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), pneumonia and other health related disease in women and children by 50 per cent are some of the benefits of the BACIP realised by over 150,000 people in Pakistan.
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Pakistani doctor ‘breaks world record’

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Renowned Pakistani Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Naeem Taj broke the world record in Laparoscopic surgery of oldest patient by operating upon a 107-year-old woman at Capital Hospital in Islamabad, says a press release issued here Wednesday.

The previous record for the oldest patient Laparoscopic surgery was of Dr David D Dan of West Indies who operated a 92-year-old patient.

Talking to media in the ICU of Capital Hospital Islamabad on Wednesday, Dr Naeem said that with the blessing of Allah Almighty, and assistance of Anaesthetists Dr Arshad Ali, Dr Tauqeer, Dr Saba Yousaf, Dr Nadia, Dr Naheeda, and Dr Fazal this landmark was achieved, in which 30 stones were removed from the gallbladder of the old woman.
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Pakistani style of crisis management

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Omar A Khan

Every conversation ends with a sigh and a feeble offering of “Chalo, Allah behtar kare-ga,” which more and more appears as a polite habit rather than a phrase borne of conviction.

Hope has taken another severe battering in the last few days and the thought of slipping away somewhere else is an increasingly tempting one. But the question is, where do we go from here? Have we reached the bottom of the pit with the sickening video images on our TV screens, or is there still some distance to fall?

Many people’s misplaced optimism is based upon the “progress” that the nation has made over the last few years. Art and literature, they claim, are flourishing like never before with Pakistani writers making a splash worldwide. Theatre appears to be making a faltering comeback and then there is the thriving music scene. There’s supposedly a revival of cinema in Pakistan to celebrate, and what of the burgeoning fashion and catwalk scene. The Kara Film Festival made a welcome return while there was no stopping those puppets which is in no way a reference to the Q-League. Currently we have a glut of International luxury brands arriving in Pakistan such as Jaguar motor cars and now there is a private jet rental service for the masses that may have the odd gazillion lying about. Medicine for the people has also seen dramatic progress; all you have to do is open any magazine to find advertisements of scores offering tummy tucks, liposuction, stomach stapling, buttock lifting, wrinkle treatment, anti-ageing injections, forehead lifting, nose reshaping, and once in a while, the odd polio drop. Read More »Pakistani style of crisis management